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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Backpack Lost on Route 30!

For Route 30 commuters

Hi folks,

I believe I lost my son's backpack along Route 30 on Sunday on our way from Brattleboro to Townshend.  He is 6 years old and it has some things which are dear to him inside, his well loved stuffed animal and a string of beads from mom.  I am including a picture of the type of backpack that it is although his name is not Kyle.  If you find it please call me, I will be in your debt.




802 380 4997


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This is my grandson's back

This is my grandson's back pack that is missing. It's sad when your favorite stuffed buddy goes missing when you've had him since you were born. We are really hoping this turns up soon. Please keep an eye out if you're traveling this route.


still looking?

Any luck yet? I thought I'd ask to bump this up in the comments again.


We are still looking. My son

We are still looking. My son is going to go back over the route 30 path they travelled on his bike to see if it might be lying down on an embankment. We notified all the area police and State Police to see if anyone turned it in. No luck yet but we remain hopeful!


Why do you think Rt 30?

Did it bounce out of a car?


Yes. Fell out of the back of

Yes. Fell out of the back of my son's truck on the way to a friend's house.Didn't realize it was gone until later in the day.


Near Common?

I could swear I saw some sort of backpack or bag lying on the side of Park Place by the Common, might have been Sunday or Monday, not sure. You could look in the bushes or over the bank there, although unfortunately given some of the people who pass through the Common at night it may have been "appropriated" for their personal use.


Thank for posting this! My

Thank for posting this! My son is going to check that area on his way home from work. Hoping that even if the back pack is gone they may have tossed the stuffed animal, etc. Thanks again!


still looking

Thank you for the lead, BusyMom. I looked through the Commons park and into the embankment with no luck. It was definitely lost on Sunday and I believe a gust of wind carried it from the back of my truck on Route 30 when we were heading out to Townshend. I will put up a couple of posters in the Commons in case any of the folks who sleep there or spend time there might have seen it.


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