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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

At Sea

Recently I was greeted in town by someone, somewhat familiar, and in connection with the skatepark. It was an awkwardish moment, maybe I’m reading into it.

There was a bemused smile from them, and some sympathy for what must be my lassitude. Though I’m no longer directly involved in BASIC, it was like I was a Methuselah of sorts, and since the building of the park is an uncertainty, given the biblical span so far, would my longevity hold until the park was realized?

Then math got a hold of me.  Not the math of my kids going from toddlers to now moved out of town. Or their friends whom I knew as kids and I still see here skating, adults.  The math was that a hundred and thirty thousand dollars more is needed to be raised, and at the rate of 5000 a year, which seems about the average, it will be 25 years until ground is broken. 

My corporeal destiny a quarter century hence is not the point.  The Point is that it’d be super sleazy of this town to not get this done, and at this point I have my doubts. If the selectboard is apprising themselves of this matter at this juncture, and not just gladhandling the situation, I think it merits exigencies and new approaches that may not now be in place.

It feels like I've been writing stories about this on here going back to the Flood. Noah's, not Irene. Just as I'm seen around town in light of this project, it's hard for me to not see the town in the light of how this resolves.


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Tick tock

All very true. The last board patted themselves on the back for a job well done regarding the skatepark. To their credit, the did get a site and permits have been approved. The clock on the permit is ticking, though...

Now comes fundraising, and this is where Carol Lolatte has been very helpful for all the other recreation projects in town. For the others, she truly hustled to help put together funding packages.

She's done some baby steps with this project - it seems she was waiting for permits before committing her time and energy - but the time has come.

At the last mtg, Lollate was asked about the Withington Fund - the town's go-to source for rec funding. She said that money was pretty much reserved for projects at LMP (and a few other spots) and she implied that there was an enormous sum of money there for the Town to tap into. I would not be surprised to see $50-100k from Withington this year.

I think the dog park folks should join in solidarity, and demand that both new parks open at the same time. It will be a bit awkward for them to have the add-on dog park long before the skatepark that inspired it. We don't build hot dog stands, then hope a ball field is installed nearby someday, maybe.

The permits have been in hand since last fall. Grants take a bit of time. Perhaps in a good faith effort the Town could give an update, and BASIC could show the plan to get to the total before the permits run out. If there are a series of grants that will reach the total by some known date, it would relieve many to know it.

Perhaps some fundraising experts from the West River Park could offer to volunteer for a short while.


Goes with SAYIng, because without saying it goes away

Your are also speaking truth. A few buoys would make it easier to have that ship come clean into harbor.

When is the expiration date for the permit? Does anybody know? What happens if that marker is passed? And how many people even care if the clock runs out? This is what I meant by, 'I have my doubts'.


act 250

I'd ask someone to be certain, but I recall hearing something like the act 250 permit is good for two (maybe three?) years. Then reapply/extend....


More money

Another $70k in grants slated for the next Selectboard meeting.

Carol digs in and goes full steam when the time is right, and it looks like the time is right. In other words, it looks like the project is now really in the queue.

Which, should also be a hint and reminder to everyone in town to pitch in if they haven't already done so.


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