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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Noticed Around Brattleboro

Time again for one of our round-ups of observations of changes in the Brattleboro scene. Here are a few things I’ve noticed over the last few days, weeks, and months. What can you add?

  • The first bit of new bridge over Rt.30 is visible, showing a light-colored stone-patterned support column rising from the West River.
  • The Brattleboro History Center on Main Street has a great display of Island Park materials. Photos and artifacts relating to baseball on the island, political events, the grandstand, the pavilion, and more.
  • The candy store across from the Coop is closed.
  • The dollar store near Price Chopper is no more.
  • Hannaford is almost finished with a complete store overhaul, inside and out. Just a bit of work remains before the newly-paved parking lot, new entryways, and redesigned and decorated interior are all done.
  • True Value hardware had their stone wall out front re-done. Each stone was taken down and put back, presumably tighter and with better lines.
  • New Mexican restaurant downtown is open. 
  • Blue Moose and their gift store relocated closer to the Latchis. 
  • A clothing and jewelry “trading company” is taking the former space of First Run Video in Black Mountain Plaza.
  • Brooks House had their open house at Gallery Walk and hope to be opening up for real in August and September.

What else?


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The candy store has been

The candy store has been closed for awhile. I never understood how they were able to stay in business as long as they did- it's a terrible location and -really- how much candy do you have to sell to pay the rent on a storefront?
We went there a couple of times before going to see a movie at the Latchis but driving by I never saw anyone in there.


Is that a New Mexican

Is that a New Mexican restaurant or a restaurant with New Mexico style fare?


more on Hannaford

I've noticed that Hannaford seems to be paying for their renovations with many prices receiving "upgrades" too!! I used to appreciate their considerably lower prices than Price Chopper. Now not as great.


I think the Chopper has been Cheaper for awhile

But it would be worth a price comparison.

Actually, it would be interesting to compare The Chopper vs Hannafords vs The Coop on the same day for the same organic items.


Be sure to check out the new

Be sure to check out the new "Compare" signage at the Co-op. These are products that have been priced to compete with the chain stores.



Sunday around 8pm I went to friendlies .. lights on, employees inside; but the door wouldn't open. One of the waitresses came out to say that a couple of hours earlier, they received a call to immediately close the restaurant. No explanation was given and no prior warning to employees. According to the waitress the phone call came "out of the blue" .. "we got a call that said we were to close the restaurant immediately. Oh, well - I'm moving, anyway."
I saw a couple of other employees inside.. cleaning up behind the counter. Nothing like going to work one day and finding out before the sun sets .. with no warning .. that one no longer has a job. Nasty little trick by "Friendlies".. to string everyone along til the final hour when they could have given some amount of warning.. but looks like they wanted to make sure they had every worker there on that, their final day. So not fair, and definitely not friendly.


Many 'chain' restaurants

Many 'chain' restaurants close this way - no notice to the public or their employees. The previous Bickfords did the same thing - some employees never even received their final pay check.I'm not sure what the thinking is behind these abrupt closings - maybe someone else knows?- but it is certainly a terrible and unfair way to treat the people who worked for your company.


Pizza Pizza

New pizza/ice cream/italian place ready to open - Ramuntos.

Also work being done on the old Pizza Hut buidling but not sure what is going to move in there.

Sheep are back at solar hill.


Urgent Urgent.... Care

Have heard that an urgent care center has received a license from the state to open up at the old Pizza Hut location. Apparently they wanted to operate as a insurance or cash only entity but the commissar in Montpelier said no unless they take Medicare and Medicaid.
It will be very interesting to see how it competes with the new E.R. at the hospital as this isn't affiliated with BMH.

I certainly hope the hospital doesn't face the parking garage syndrome.


Interesting news

Thanks for letting us know, Mr. Mike.

Sorry about the commissar forcing them not to toss elderly freeloaders, like me, with Medicare out into the gutter.


Interesting news

I think their point Steve was that they wanted to be paid up front so they could actually be profitable unlike most hospitals today that are not getting reimbursed by medicare and medicaid.
You know, like the one that just closed in Pittsfield Mass.
They wouldn't throw you out. You would pay for their services. Like everything else in this world. What a concept huh? Then YOU would go for reimbursement of YOUR money.


North Adams Regional Hospital

Not Pittsfield. And it never actually closed. And I think you'll find that Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement isn't on the long list of problems with NARH.

SVMC in Bennington has gone from a $17 million deficit in 2009 to fiscal health in less than 5 years without throwing the elderly and the poor under the bus.

But it's true, Medicare and Medicaid could both be improved for both doctors and patients.


Electric Vehicle Charger

Not sure how long it's been there, but there is a charger for electric vehicles behind 15 Grove St., the building that houses The AIDS Project, Brattleboro Time Trade, and SEVCA.


Parking garage

There's a couple of brand new chargers recently installed in the Parking Garage. There's another up near the Hospital, but I think it's private.


The candy store across from the Coop is closed

Reminds me of my boyhood in the Bronx where we had an INSTITUTION called a “Candy Store”. Yes, they did sell candy, particularly “penny candy” which really did sell for a penny. But they did much more.
First of all, they sold tobacco. Cigarettes were probably the item they sold the most.
They also sold novelty items many of which changed with the seasons (like balsa wood airplanes).
Then (and most important to us kids), they had a fountain. They could make all kinds of sodas and malteds. From a 2 cents plain (which cost 3 cents) to a “coke” (5¢) to a sundae or a full-fledged ice cream soda with whipped cream.(25¢).
They also sold sandwiches.
There were no booths or tables (for that you had to go to a “Sweet Shop” which usually had a juke box and a dancing space).
You had to sit on a fixed stool at the counter.
The Pièce de résistance was the “egg cream” which contained neither eggs nor cream. It was essentially a chocolate ice cream soda without the ice cream, but…it had to be made in a certain way:
You had to use a classic Coca-Cola glass.
Start with 1 inch of chocolate syrup. (It had to be “Fox’s U-Bet”. Anything else was heresy. Hershey’s was unthinkable).
Then add an inch of milk.
Stir with a long-handled spoon. (Had to be long-handled).
Then add seltzer. (NOT club soda). This had to be a very thin, high-speed stream that could only come from a special fountain machine. All candy stores had them.
There’s a neat short novel called “The Old Neighborhood” by Avery Korman in which he describes the egg cream ritual.
Tho we didn’t know it at the time, candy stores were also bookie joints.


Slow growing season

It is a slow growing season. Many plants in people's gardens are so far behind where they might be at this time in June. In our garden, everything is just waiting for the sunshine and heat to finally arrive and move things along.


And more

New solar farm being installed between Exit 2 and 3. You can see it from 91 pretty easily.

New circus equipment on Putney Rd behind ReNew bldgs.



When I was downtown today I noticed that there is a new frozen yogurt shop going in one of the Brooks House spaces. That will be a nice addition to downtown. I've always wondered why there wasn't an ice cream/ frozen yogurt place somewhere close to Main St. Anyone know what else might be going in there other than Duo and the college?



Brilliance plans to return, I'm pretty sure.


Lawn Furniture Gone from River Garden Patio

I've noticed that unfortunately, there are no longer any tables or chairs on the River Garden patio. There used to be several pieces of lawn furniture.


Even More

Old Pizza Hut building becoming new home for ClearChoice medical facility.

Hermit Thrush Brewery coming to 29 High St.


and more...

Verde closing.

At the Oasis closing.


Oh, no..I will miss Verde's.

Oh, no..I will miss Verde's. That was a great place to pick up a gift and they have (had) a wonderful selection of children's books. More empty storefronts.


Me too

I'll miss Allison.
Now I feel guilty not going in there more...


And more...

New Restless Rooster restaurant coming to Elliot Street.


Restaurant Row

Wow...Elliot Street is getting to be quite the "restaurant row" of Brattleboro. It's nice to have some more choices about where to eat although I still wish there were more ethnic food choices. But Milagro is very tasty and fun and the pulled pork sandwich at Hazel is delicious.



Don't know if they moved, or what is or is not going on, but Barrows next to the Whetstone brook on Main Street is empty and has a for rent sign in the window.


They're on Depot Street

Where Merrill Gas was.


Noticed what's still here

Mystery on Main Street
Amy's Bakery


New apparel store on Elliot St

There's a new women's apparel shop on Elliot next to Brattleboro Books. I seem to remember the word Divinity in the name but I could be wrong. Good to see something finally going in there.


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