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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Brattleboro's Stump Square - Now With More Stump!

Brattleboro’s Stump Streets, formerly Forest Square, are succeeding in ridding the neighborhood of pesky trees. Our landlord has joined the in-crowd and has taken down a 150 year old maple tree with the encouragement of a tree cutting service.

They’ve nagged her for years and she finally gave in. The tree is in pretty good shape. They are out there right now being very careful to preserve all of the nice wood they are getting paid to harvest.

The tree was planted in the middle of the 1800’s by a group of Brattleboro residents that had formed a Shade Tree Association. They wanted to make sure future generation would have lovely shaded trees for cool, summer walking.

They knew that adding shade trees would be a long-term investment, raising the value fo the neighborhood.

Since we moved to the Tree Streets almost 15 tears ago, these old trees have come down at a steady rate. It always follows the same pattern: A tree service tells a homeowner horror stories about possible damage, and the homeowner capitulates. So much for the tree.

Brattleboro has no tree removal permits required, not is any replacement of trees called for. We are free to clear the town of trees, and have been doing a good job of it. Cedar Street used to have a shady, comfortable walk in the summer. Now there is little relief from the sun for long stretches of sidewalk.

This tree was born about the time of the Civil War. It stood through World War I and II, and moon launches.

The large trees of the neighborhood were one of the defining and attractive features of the neighborhood not so long ago. It’s all been lost. The few remaining large trees know their days are numbered. No one is making an effort on their behalf.

The maple out front had a bit of damage, but was solid as a rock in the wildest of storms. It provided shade, and had enough of a canopy to keep people dry in the rain.

Home to many a bird, it was also a favorite passageway for squirrels to get safely up to wires and across the street without dealing with cars.

So, here I sit, awakened at the crack of dawn by a truck and chainsaws, to cut down an old friend, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I feel so good!


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A better use of petitions...

Saving the town trees.


A few hours and a chainsaw


This Stinks

I'm sorry for your loss, it was a beautiful tree. :(



I'm especially pleased to be able to forever associate MLK Jr. Day with a chainsaw massacre of a 150 year old pal. : )


Not good, I respect the once

Not good, I respect the once longevity of this shade tree too and it seems the tell tale butt log cross cut reveals the trunk was pretty solid for an older maple, not sure what was going on with upper story branching (fork). Tree services sometime exhibit a conflict of interest in assessing tree health, but I hope I'm wrong for most instances.


Tree Committee?

Piping in as a non-Brattleboroer, & indeed very sad not only this tree but, as you've reported, previous ones in the neighborhood. A question & likely this isn't relevant but I know there's a TREE COMMITTEE in Brattleboro, some sort of branch, as it were, of the Town Govt? What is their function? & why wouldn't it be a good idea for them to have some say in what trees go down? (My recollection is that their mandate has to do with trees going up.)

Or, echoing your earlier post about Measurer of Shingles, or whatever your non-functional position is, is this a committee designed to "look good" but not actually annoy the establishment by actually doing anything?


I imagine insurance companies

I imagine insurance companies take some of the responsibilities for these drastic measures taking out a valued neighborhood tree such as this when they pressure home owners to take out large trees upon inspection that seem otherwise healthy but could possibly, I suppose in a severe storm, pose a threat falling on the insured home, car or property.

If a neighbor sees a leaner tree as a threat to his home he may request a tree be cut on an abutting neighbor's property, and if you did nothing about it I believe you become liable if it were to cause damage on his/her property. I've had to take two trees out because of this reason on both sides of my property and now my insurance company is requesting I take out another old oak which is perfectly healthy and I really don't want removed.


Ahhh . . .

This news makes me sad.


The season for planting trees is fast upon us

This Day in History
Plant a Tree. The season for transplanting trees is fast upon us. Much of the beauty of our very beautiful village is due to those by whose wise forethought shade and ornamental trees were either left growing in their native strength and loveliness, or were transplanted to our streets and grounds. Let us not neglect an example so worthy and beneficent, but each add our mite to a contribution so beneficent. If more shade trees are not wanted, plant fruit trees.


Infants grow up

You beat me to it... : ) I have a few baby oaks from a big oak taken down a few years ago, and will be looking for baby maples under the one removed this year to see if we can keep the family going.

I suppose in 2017 we can add... "and protect existing trees." Everyone thinks they are just taking down one tree. But it adds up.

I feel bad for Cedar Street. No good shade (like we had a few years ago) for another 40-50 years at least. Probably more, since few have replaced what's come down.

Keep waiting for some tree-cutting permit action from the Town, usually eager to get some extra income and do good things. Make it $200 to cut a healthy tree, and require replacement.


Brandi Starr, where are you?

"Town eager to get some extra income and do good things"

I am amazed this "Green" town does not have tree-cutting permits with hefty fees. Now, that would make a good Whereas Resolution. Brandi Starr, where are you?


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