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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Noticed Around Brattleboro - Summer 2017

Another edition of "what have you noticed recently," in which you can report on the smallest of small things. You know, those things that make you stop for a second look, or that you mention to others when you get back from errands. No detail is too small.

As always, I shall get you started:

- NECCA is using their new circus building.

- Harmony Lot is getting refinished.

- A new McDonalds is rising from an empty lot.

- BS&L is reworking space to accomodate financial advisors.


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Brattleboro Taxi has closed.

Brattleboro Taxi has closed. Terrible news.


Parade of humanity

Fred and I were sitting at an outside table at The Works sipping our delicious Boylan Company Blackberry Soda* spotting out the continuing return of the summer day tourists/daytrippers. He lamented the disappearing faces of some of the old timers, like ten little Indians. But we noticed the incidence of exposed tanned flesh from shoulders to feet, minimalist clothing and some real cutie pie eye candy of both genders.

(*You can find Boylan bottles at Amy's also of Root Beer and Blackberry Soda. The Boylan Bottling Company dates from 1891 and is located on 43rd Street in Manhattan.)


Love Boylan Sodas

When North Country Natural still existed, they used to donate whole cases of it to nonprofit organizations for events. Great stuff.


Storms Brewing

There seem to be an unusual number of thunderstorms happening this summer, and parts of roads being washed out. Is this the predicted climate weirding manifesting on a local level?



There are at least two video crews in town filming people for shows/specials? about Brattleboro.

This is causing some to see an opportunity for a Health care protest at the parade tomorrow.


Tiny house

Avenue Grocery being split in two... owners to live in part of it.


North End Market

North End Market closing (is for sale/lease).

I overhead someone talking saying that the cheap beer and cigarettes in NH was a reason. (I's also guess that having a grocery store, wine store, and many fast food outlets in the immediate vicinity, coupled with an old-looking storefront, may have also contributed. My guess...)

With all these properties for sale on Putney Rd, I hope that at least one smart developer puts in the next store on floor one, with a few floors of housing above it. We need to better use the space out there to combine business and living - which would create more of a downtown feel to the strip.


Yes, and

I bet the sewage overflow didn't help.



Not sure it made it across the street... this is the little place between the motel and fast food stations, east side.



Oh, never mind. I fermixed them with North End Butchers.


And now North End Butchers

I believe North End Butchers has now closed, so... you are right, sort of, in a premonition sort of way.


One Downtown is All Brattleboro Needs!

How many downtowns do we need? One of the things I love about Brattleboro is its simplicity, at least compared to cities. I think Putney Road should be returned to farmland. (Is that even possible??).


Then what happens to all the

Then what happens to all the businesses that are on Putney Road?
What happens to the hundreds- if not thousands of people employed in those businesses?
Most towns have a concentrated downtown area and then additional
shopping/ business areas. Our downtown has changed so much that it's almost
Impossible to get the most basic needs there. Most of the
businesses are geared towards tourists.


Mixed retail and housing

The Putney Road Master Plan of 10+ years ago strongly advocated for mixed use development, such as the model of retail on the ground floor with offices and/or apartments above. It also called for more bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly designs for the road. Apparently the funding is finally going to come through for some of the road upgrades... eventually.

Some people will complain about the traffic-calming measures included in the plan (roundabouts, narrower roadway) but that is all intentional. As of now, drivers go way too fast, it's like a drag race between the lights at times. Anyone trying to cross the road, or even walk along side in the sidewalk-less sections, is in great danger of being hit.



Surrounding the building at 17 Elliot Street.

As per the photo of July 5th by CGrotke.

I heard an informed estimate that just erecting scaffolding of that complexity costs ~$100,000.

I sure hope that they are using the opportunity to add insulation and tighten up the building's exterior air leaks, but a cursory examination during last Friday's Gallry Walk leads me to believe that they aren't.


The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone

As per an "inside" source from one of the storefronts - The fire escape on the building was damaged that it rendered it unusable (and dangerous) so, that decision led to the decision to do "pointing" of the bricks and that decision led to replacing third floor windows and upgrading the facade.


Overdue vacation!

The owners of my favorite pub in town, Kipling's, have just returned from their first real vacation in 11 years.

Their new summer hours are from 3pm onward, so I'm hoping this is a sign of solid business and Kip and Jill not wanting to run themselves too ragged any longer.


Only 11 years?

Cool. I've heard that people get vacations. That's where you stop working for more than a few minutes, right?

It would be great to get one someday! (I've never had a real one. Ever. Just visits to family.)


Surprise - trees being cut down!

A small forest (maybe 50 trees?) is being cut down near the Pespi bottling plant.


Building blocks

Giant granite blocks were stacked in from of the school on Green Street yesterday. (I think they were granite or concrete, didn't get up close.)



New roof for One Stop pet shop and neighbors....



What do we have left for Estey organ donories?, I ironically I almost bought one in Atlanta, Georgia at a yard sale for all of 75. when I lived there in the early eighties and it was mint with all the bells and toots and red felt, solid walnut but had no way to transport it back to Mass, I think it even had dual, turned candle holders to read the sheet music!


They were giving them away...

Two days ago:


I'm sure you could make an appointment to get one just about anytime.


Thanks for reply

Thanks Chris, I will check in.


New Drawing School

New drawing school planned for Brattleboro. : )



Jason taught at River Gallery

Jason taught at River Gallery School for over 10 years and
is now getting ready to open up The Drawing Studio!
A beautiful space nestled in the side of the Whetstone it is a welcoming and
well thought out studio. A wonderful library of all kinds of gorgeous art books; really great coffee and a teacher who loves and lives his craft.



Lack of an ice cream truck making the rounds.


change of owners

New ownership for Brattleboro Bowl.


Lamplighter project

Construction equipment at Lamplighter site.


Groundworks plans conming to fruition

I'd noticed all the motel units were finally vacated, and some signage had been removed. Groundworks' plans for the facility looked quite impressive, hopefully they can pull it all off. Hoping they can keep some of the nice trees between and behind the buildings, too.


West River Trail

Someone is claiming ownership of West River Trailhead at Rice Farm Road and has fenced it off. stay tuned. court hearing 8/21


Doesn't sound good...

I always wonder why people move to a trailhead, then get mad that people use it.

Someone near us tries make it look like a trail into the Retreat Woods is private by hiding it a bit.


Wheelchair victory

It's still summer, right?

Wheelchair users and people who appreciate smooth walking surfaces shall rejoice at the news that the sidewalk in front of the library and Municipal Center has been re-done. All clean, smooth, and drying as I type this.

Also, that McDonalds mentioned above opens tomorrow.


Victorian on Putney rd.

What is going on with the Victorian On Putney Road?? It would make a great restaurant like old Turbacks in Ithaca NY.


Squeaking one more in...

Restless Rooster cafe on Elliot St closed.


This makes me sad. It was a

This makes me sad. It was a great little place- excellent breakfast choices- great staff.
Seems like their lease was not renewed and the building is for sale.
Elliot Street has been the restaurant row of Brattleboro so it's too bad to see one be forced to close.


Steak Out

Steak Out will now be a dental office.


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