"It's about time that governments feared the people instead of the other way around." - Henry Rollins

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Brattleboro Selectboard Special Meeting Scheduled - Appointment, or Employment, or Evaluation

The Brattleboro Selectboard will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 4:00pm in the Selectboard meeting room at the Municipal Center. It is expected that the Board will enter into executive session at 4:00pm to discuss an appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee.

Jan Anderson
Executive Secretary
Brattleboro Town Manager's Office
(802) 251-8100

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014

2. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee


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Rowing along

"an appointment or employment or evaluation of a public officer or employee."

That gets all the ors into the water...


transparency, people

Had this said, "Brattleboro Selectboard meeting rescheduled", it would have been much clearer.

Furthermore, it would have been quite courteous to include the regularly scheduled 6:00 meeting will be replaced by a nonpublic meeting of whomever was in the room at that time, thank you very much.

Why, Jan did you tell us what the meeting could have been or may be, but not exactly what it was??

not cool


Not in place of - in addition to

This meeting was not a replacement for the regular SelectBoard meeting -it is an additional meeting to , apparently deal with some sort of nebulous employment issue.


Regular Meetings

Regular Selectboard meetings are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month.

If it had said the regular meeting was rescheduled, it would have been incorrect, and not clear.

This special meeting was warned, so the public could be in the room if they so desired. They wouldn't be allowed into executive session unless invited, but the meeting is quite public.


which way is up?

Are they headed for shallow or deeper water? you decide....


Why am I the only one responding?


Is Haarp now in place for nims? in place for ndaa??


Please read up on these links so we all may become aware and stay communicative in the public process.

Are you part of the resistance or the solution ?

If no one responds, then the answer is clearer than before.

Everything is masked as our freedom.

We won't know what we had until it's gone.

You can help in knowing the truth, writing letters, talking about it and acting on it.


shiver to the grundy sub

*The context of buffalo elbows smacks my shoelace with aplomb. All of the limes are sweeping the floor adjacent to the package.


urinate fish ball rice noodles.

Let us all work together to create a warm and enjoy a warmth. Close proximity to me, warm your. All is not what a real value, you cannot through hard work and hard to get.


Thank you

Thanks for your kind responses, I was a week too early, but am ready for what is to come. I am pleased to see that I am not the only one responding and also am grateful that we can work together to stay informed!

I apologize for my initial confusion and reactivity to what I had erroneously thought to be true. phew!


As for for the fish ball comments and the grundy sub,

I am unclear as to what you are referring to, let me know how I can help you through what it is you are concerned with.
It is my intent to remain as transparent as possible, this is something we can look forward to....thanks, again.


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