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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Bruce Lisman?

Newly announced Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lisman is calling for a two-year moratorium on new industrial renewable generation projects.

He calls solar arrays “eyesores”. I suppose he sees beauty in nuclear and fossil fuel generating stations.
What is his real agenda?


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Too big to fail!

From his web page:

"I moved through the ranks, during my 40 year career, to become Co-Head of Global Equities at Bear Stearns Companies, a position I held for twenty years. In 2009, I retired from JP Morgan Chase & Co as Chairman of their Global Equities Division. "


Bear Stearns folded in 2008. J.P. Morgan Chase bought them.

In 2013, J.P. Morgan Chase paid the largest corporate settlement for wrongdoing - mostly at Bear Stearns. $13 billion in penalties for their wrongdoings.

Chase has assets of $2.6 trillion, of course, so billions are negligible penalties.

(Chase, btw, financed Enron and helped underwrite WorldCom. Remember them?)


Indian Point

The second photo is of Entergy's Indian Point plant in NY. The smoke is from a transformer fire which sent thousands of gallons of oil leaking into the Hudson River


Real agenda?

He's obviously trying to tap into the rising tide of voices that's railing against Gov. Dumblin's ill conceived renewables build out.



How old are you? 12?


I'm 13 thanks

If you don't think there is a significant backlash developing against wind and solar development in VT, you haven't been paying attention.

As for Dumblin, he was quite a disappointment to the left, wasn't he?



I was pretty impressed you were able to find something he's accomplished during his term. : )

He did help a bit reminding people there is a southern Vermont, but didn't do much else.


Thanks anyway

The last thing we need is another corporate shill.


Why Yes

Yes because Socialism has done just wonders for your state.


Yeah, stupid socialism

Wait, what socialism? Shumlin has been a good Republican who cut the social services budget, raised the regressive fuel tax, and refused to raise progressive tax rates on the wealthy. Plus, he wasted millions of taxpayer money on contractors to create health care system that props up the profits of private insurance companies. He's a Republican wet dream!



There’s a long, honored and well-developed tradition of Nimbyism in Vermont. As soon as someone says “let’s”, there’s an ad-hoc committee being formed to oppose it, no matter what follows “let’s”
We all want energy, but it seems that some will oppose any efforts to obtain it. Renewable or Fossil fuel – it makes no difference.
Witness the opposition to Yankee.
Likewise, the proposal for a new biomass plant in Vernon was dropped due to opposition. A new proposal for a pipeline to generate power from gas is on its last legs as well.
Pipelines anywhere in the state are always the diablo du jour wherever they surface.
How about Hydro Quebec?
Well, the dams are in a foreign country, so no-one deems too upset. However, there are Vermonters who are vocal in their condemnation of the loss of habitat for the First Nations who lived there, hunting and fishing for centuries.
And there’s opposition to any form of transmission line to bring that power to us, whether it’s above ground, buried or underwater.
There’s a current movement to generate hydro power from existing flood control dams such as Townshend and Jamaica. However, when WRBEC attempted to do the same thing 20 years ago, opposition popped up like mushrooms after rain, killing the project.
We have, however, recently found out that “Wind Turbine Syndrome is real! It’s caused by a virus, and the virus is transmitted by word-of-mouth!
Did I forget anything?


Wind Turbine Syndrome

WTS is based on junk science, just like the crackpot theories that explosives brought down the World Trade Center.

But people what people end up believing usually has little to do with the actual science.


Actually, WTS is real and measurable.

It’s not based on junk science, nor any kind of science at all. It’s not produced by the turbines, either. It is a “nocebo”, a product of the observer’s negative reaction to the turbine.
I knew a woman who developed all sorts of symptoms when her neighbor erected a large “dish” in his yard in order to receive cable channels via satellite.
The one problem was that the dish had not yet been hooked up. It was nothing more than a large piece of plastic.


Just curious

Is microwave radiation safe? That's the one that keeps me up at night...


Just say No

I say anyone who opposes wind,solar,nuclear or biomass stop being a hypocrite and just do us all a favor and get the hell off the grid. Then the demand will drop and it won't matter since supply will be up and demand lower.


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