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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

GMP Surcharge.

I know that climate change is a myth, but somebody better tell Green Mountain Power. They have just announced that customers will be assessed a 1 ½% surcharge due to increased frequency of major storms.


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Global warming fantasy

I just viewed a preview of the environmental film “Chasing Ice”. It is a very compelling documentary on the disappearance of Arctic ice. It will be released to theaters shortly. Don’t miss it.
I ran into a friend, a known doubter of anthropomorphic climate change, and I stated that Hurricanes Irene and Sandy together with the heat waves and firestorms of this past summer strongly suggested that Global Warming is real.
Au contraire, he remarked, and he referred to a website in which 37 noted climate scientists all agreed that it is a myth.
Then how do you explain what’s been happening, said I?
Simple, says he: God is punishing America for its homosexual agenda. He then quoted a biblical verse which stated that a man who lies with another man ought to be executed.
Well, sez I, I always thought that verse referred to a man who lies TO another man. And does it mean that Lesbians get a bye?
He didn’t appreciate that.
I then referred to his stock in Insurance companies, suggesting that he sell it, since the enormous settlements bound to result from Sandy will cause the stock prices to fall. Sandy’s toll is expected to exceed 8 Billion dollars.
No, now’s the time to buy said he, for that very reason. And when the government bails out the insurance industry, like it did with the banks, the stock will skyrocket.
God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world.


follow the money.

The surcharge is really to pay for those "smart meters" which tell GMP where the outages are.


Stupid meters

Smart meters were billed as a way to help lower electrical costs. They don't. They do provide more useful information to spy agencies, though.

It's easy and free to opt out. Call GMP today and say no thank you. Ask to have your smart meter removed.

Climate wise, the newest news is that the planet's temperature will not be rising 2 degrees C by the end of the century and causing major disruptions to everything we know. It will be rising 4 degrees C instead.

That means that the 2 degree destruction will be coming along that much sooner, and we'll get an additional 2 degrees by the turn of the century. We do it for the children, I suppose…. : )


Dammit, I have really got to

Dammit, I have really got to get a hold of the homosexual agenda.


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