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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Doug The Mailman Retires?

Say it isn't so!

Heard from a neighbor a rumor that Doug the Mailman has retired. This will be big news to a significant portion of town if true. It seems to be true. He hasn't been delivering mail for the last week or two.

Doug was the type of postman you thought of if you were casting someone in the role for a movie or TV.  Friendly, fast, up for short conversations and new tips, he handled the delivery of all those wonderful bills (and a few other things) since we moved to town.

He was reliable. One could almost set a watch by his delivery times. And the routine was well known. You'd see Doug and his truck on one street and know your mail would be there shortly.

Hats of to Doug in his hopefully-easier role as retired person. The years of service were greatly appreciated.


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Doug retires

Sorry to say, it is true. I just asked our neighborhood mail person and she said it was quite a surprise to them at the post office, also. As Chris said, Doug has been a wonderful mailman for us for many, many years. A wonderful personality and upbeat temperament; always nice to talk with. We most definitely will miss him. He had talked a bit this summer about retirement, but I had no sense that it might be this soon. He and his wife also lost their Australian Shepherd, Nora, this summer and have not found her since she went missing June 8 of this year. Who knows what kinds of things can feed into decisions like this. He's a really good guy! We do thank him.....


The Lost Doug

I spoke with him about the lost dog. A real tragedy. It wasn't so much that they lost the dog, but the vet/kennel did.

He had a real fondness for the animals on his route.

Thinking back, I bet it was when Dan owned the little store on Western Ave that I first met Doug. He'd be stopping in and the two of them would be catching up on neighborhood news. Always easy to join the conversation.


The vet lost their dog? God,

The vet lost their dog? God, that's horrible. We never had Doug as our mailman ( although our mailman is lovely) but he sounds like a wonderful man and obviously a well loved one.


Doug We hardly knew ye

I always liked Doug. Doug was the most dependable postman I have ever known. Doug is irreplaceable.


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