"It's about time that governments feared the people instead of the other way around." - Henry Rollins

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Area 61, In Brattleboro, Plus, Of Course, Another UFO in Vermont

Seriously, I took this photo in Brattleboro, of Area 61, as it is clearly labelled in the photo. There is no other identificiation, and there is barbed wire to keep people out. 

Also, there just happened to be a UFO flying by when I took the photo. What else can we sumrise than that this is a government facility storing you know what, or holding the remains of "you know who"s ?



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This really is in Brattleboro . .

This really is in Brattleboro, not far from the Marina.



An honest hypothesis is not the same as a baseless rumor.

One logical explanation of the Area 61 mystery, is that it IS a government managed super secret facility. That is not a rumor, it is pure speculative FACT !



Not really impressive even for a fake. Why are you so intent on impressing these fake photos on us?


Area 61 is not a fake

Area 61 is not fake. You may not want to live in a town with what appears to be a secret government facility, but there it stands. It is better to face reality with courage, than to deny it, or proclaim it false.

However, we understand your scepticism, given that there have been many faked photos of brick houses on the internet in recent years, as photo shop and gimp make it rather easy to whip up a phony image.

As to our motive in alerting the public as to its existence, we have nothing but the highest motives, with goodwill to all. “Pugnans desperatio cum humor!!!”


“The Life and Adventures of Bockley Wickleheap”

A Yokel who suddenly appeared on Harris Street told me and my friend, who I cannot name, that Rolf is complying “with the wishes of the town in order to keep them content, however unreasonable such wishes might be.”



This is what someone actually said?

This is what someone actually said?



Absolutely. I swear to Godd!


In silent defense of Rolf's work to keep us informed

My comment supporting Rolf's work was deleted, so I stand in silent support.


Whatever it was, thanks

And, I compliment you on your excellent taste in what to believe, and what evidence to accept in support of that belief.



You bet. I see humor in more things than some people would think, even tasteful beliefs


Area counts

Hate to be a killjoy but the numeration of top secret government facilities obtained by FOIA clearly shows you may be operating under false assumptions.

The Area 50's are relegated to ET and paranormal activity, to wit:

51. Grey aliens
52. Invisible Lifeforms
53. Seances and Teahouses
54. Moon rocks
55. Time travel and worm holes
56. Kombucha processing
57. Authors of Shakeperean plays
58. Chemtrail routing
59. Late night talk show host grooming

The area 60's are devoted to more mundane matters. Like widget storage, traffic cone stacks, common core condundrumming circles, and barbed wire fence surplus.


Personally, I would take a drone to area 56

Personally, I would take a drone to area 56, but only if no one would be hurt in the resultant explosion.

Meanwhile, though, I think you might consider the fact that even if your information is correct, that it would be perfectly sneaky to hide alien remains that belong in Area 51, for example, in area 61, ESPECIALLY if it is labelled as being for something as mundane as barbed wire. Besides, doesn't it seem somewhat odd that there was a UFO flying right by Area 61 ? Not to be too sarcastic, but robots may or may not dream of electronic sheep, but I doubt Grey Aliens are keeping space sheep on the moon, so, they probably don't need any barbed wire, you know?

Besides, if you look at Area 61 on Google earth, you will notice something very peculiar.



Something really weird happened

Last night, as an inter-galactic spacecraft hovered about Brattleboro, everything suddenly became half of its previous size. Six foot men were suddenly 3 feet tall, but if they measured themselves they could not tell because all the rulers and tape measures had shrunk to half size, so that the markings for inches were only a half inch apart. Yard sticks became 18 inches long, but you couldn't tell because if you tried to measure a yardstick with a tape measure, the tape measure had the same inaccuracy.

This morning, just before 8 a.m., everything reverted to its normal size, leaving no trace of the really weird thing that had happened last night.


This is fascinatiing

and not only fascinating, but unfalsifiable, which at the University passes muster as true.

However, can I ask, with all respect and no doubt as to the veracity of your discover, how you came to be aware of it ?


How I knew

A spirit I was channeling, named Little Jeffrey, told me what had happened.


Ok, good enough for me.

Who am I to judge your experience as either valid or not ?

So, guess that means that it is valid.

I wonder if that shrinking thing that happened is the reason I feel a crink in my neck?


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