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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Cameroon Has A Shot In The World Cup

My personal interest in Cameroon goes all the way back to 7th grade, when I had to write a report on this west African country. Ever since then, I have kept up on the news on Cameroon, and that includes their world cup team, the Indomitable Lions. As this article points out, this year they are combining the famous German defensive love of precision, with the fast run and attack strategic style more commonly adopted by African teams. The combination is proving powerful.

Of course I will be rooting for the US team, but I am hoping that Brattleboro's connection to Cameroon, ( via the on going fund raiser for the farmers who grow some of the best coffee we drink here), might find some others watching and cheering this exciting team this summer. I myself will be drinking Cameroon organic ice coffee, and watching the game downtown. 


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I will be wearing my Cameroonian Soccer Jersey.

You can get one by donating to the indiegogo campaign for the benefit of the Cameroonian farmers.



great combination

Coffee & soccer - aahh. Always root for Ghana myself, for wholly personal reasons, but who could resist the Indomitable Lions? And I'm hopelessly addicted to Cameroonian coffee. As I am not set up to do $ transactions over my wonked out connection, have planned to donate at the shop when I make my next foray into the metropolis next week (weather, wood cutting, truck, etc. permitting). Possible to get a jersey that way as well? Not that it will matter, but would be nice. Thanks.


CBridge, I am sure that there is a way

Hello CBridge,

I am sure that there is a way. I have written Ellen and Pierre Capy for asking for a solution. I am sure that we can make something work.

Now, how did you get interested in Ghana? I mean, I know they have had an exciting team, but did your interest start first with that team or with the country ?


Thanks, Rolf

Through a Ghanaian I met in London, where he was studying at LSE; he was the first person outside of my family I had spoken more than a few words to in over a year. We started talking on the street & kept it up for two days. Then, of course, I got interested in the country, & in west Africa in general - source of the greatest music in the world as far as I'm concerned. And my late husband lived in Nigeria for a few years. Afraid I haven't kept up with things in a serious way in recent years, having pretty much withdrawn into the woods, where conflict & death at least take forms I can understand. Sorry not to have anything more interesting to tell you. M.


Well that was very interesting

Life has such turns and we never know what is going to come to us and become an interest in our lives.

Hey, I heard back from Ellen, and she said that they have the jerseys at the roasting shop. The roasting shop is behind the Key Bank, (and has a lovely view of the River that few get to see).

And if you get a jersey, you don't have to wear it if Ghana is playing, but it would be fun to wear them downtown during the game. I think Kiplings had the game on last time.

Anyone else out there want to meet up for the World Cup? I will literally be betting on Cameroon. Any takers ? It would be fun at any rate, whether they or I win or lose.


Great -

& thanks again. Will try to get in tomorrow. And of course I'll wear it; my sentimental fondness for Ghana after all, goes back half a century & was never exclusive.


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