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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Getting Married in Brattleboro. Recommendations for Justice of the Peace or Other Officiants?

We have recently relocated to Brattleboro and are getting married! Being new to town, we are overwelmed by the choices of JPs and other officiants in the area. We have no history or familiarity with any of them. I was unable to find much online for most of the JPs in town, although for a few I did uncover some town involvement and newspaper quotes over the years.

These are the currently serving Justices of the Peace:

I'd expect we aren't alone in wondering who to call first; Brattleboro is a destination town, and  I'd imagine people visit here to get married, and have the same questions as us.


Help Needed For Elliot Street Pets?

Is there any need for pet food/care donations for the families displaced by the fire?


Major Fire on Elliot Street

Anyone have details on a multiple-alarm house or apartment building fire on Elliot Street? Smoke spreading for blocks around ...


Single Payer in Vermont?

Can anyone explain how the "Single Payer Medical Insurance" for Vermont will affect me. I'm so confused. Will it interfere with "Affordable Care Act"? I have MVP through my employer. Will I be able to pick my own Insurance? Someone told me that paying for my insurance will not come out of my paycheck and that it will come out of my taxes? Any truth to that?



Refrigerator Repair in Brattleboro Area?

Who do you recommend for refrigerator repair in the Brattleboro area?


Corn Maze?

Does anyone know of a corn maze in this area that's open now? It looks like the one in Guilford doesn't open until Columbus Day weekend. Thanks!


Brattleboro Area Electrician and Handyman for Small Jobs?

Any recommendations for electrician for small jobs? The ones I know either cost a fortune or don't arrive. Also, handyman for glazing a few new small panes. Thank you so much.


Local Eye Doctor?

Can anyone recommend a good eye doctor in Brattleboro? I just need an eye exam sometime in the next 2 weeks. Thanks!


Reupholsterer Wanted

Two people have told me about a reupholsterer in Newfane but I can't find any ads or contact info. Does anybody know a chair reupholsterer who does the whole deal- springs, stuffing, fabric- in Newfane or anywhere in the area?? Thanks in advance. 


Connecticut River Plume?

Here’s a satellite view of Yankee from MapQuest.

Observe the plume of water entering the Connecticut.

Does it contain any nasty stuff?


Anyone Near Brattleboro That Can Help Move A Piano?

Upright piano on first floor needs to be removed. Someone on freecycle will take it if I get it out of the house. Any suggestions for hale and hearty people? Thanx


To Free or Not to Free

Do they still charge you on the Brattleboro Reformer's website if you read more than a certain number of articles?


Linoleum Flooring


I need the linoleum (yes, linoleum) redone in two smallish areas - bath and laundry room floors re-done asap.

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Lucite Embedment

Was wondering if anyone out there can refer me to a source selling "do it yourself" Lucite or Acrylic embedment kits I can order to preserve a dried specimen in a clear, translucent block maybe 2" thick x3" wide and  6' long. The found object, a crayfish is very fragile but completely dried out. Is this a difficult process with mixing exact proportions while trying to beat the clock before it sets up and how do you avoid air bubbles, is it expensive and what accessories do you need to complete a project?? Thanks if you can help


Small Engine Repair in Guilford or Brattleboro?

Anybody have any recommendations on small engine repair (Weed Wacker, Chainsaw, Leaf Blower, etc...) in the Guilford/Brattleboro area?


How Do I Remove a Classified?

An item I had for sale has sold. How do I indicate that or remove the ad?


How To Listen To Brattleboro Emergency Responders Online?

Living on Main Street, a few times a day I hear police, fire and ambulances passing by. I've looked all over but can't seem to find a web-based way to listen to their scanner frequencies. I have an iphone scanner app that works well, but Brattleboro doesn't show up in the list. Does anyone know about a site or app that has local emergency responder scanner frequencies? 


Jeff's Basement Hours?

Does anyone happen to know the hours and days that Jeff's Basment in Dummerston is open? I've been calling for the last couple of days but no answer and no voice mail. His listing doesn'y give any info about his hours. Thanks!


Supposed Call from Microsoft Windows Trouble Desk?

I just received a call from California, 408-023-6901, saying they were from regarding microsoft windows having some problem.  I asked for a little more info, and he started asking to verify info about my computer, which I refused to answer, and said if there were a problem I would expect an email regarding this, and, unfortunately, I started to raise my voice, and he hung up.  Has anyone else gotten a call like this, and reported it to anyone?  Any other info?  Thanks.


Manning Court Martial Verdict - Is He REALLY A Spy?

Whaddayathink?  Are The Peeps awakening or not? I sense we've reached the tipping point ---- but my optimism has blinded me in the past.

Here's Julian Assange's statement on the verdict announced today by the judge in the Bradley Manning court martial.



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