"Great minds have purposes, others have wishes." - Washington Irving

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles were first used commercially in 1947. They quickly became popular with both manufacturers and customers due to their lightweight nature and relatively low production and transportation costs compared with glass bottles. However, the biggest advantage plastic bottles have over glass, is their superior resistance to breakage, in both production and transportation. Except for wine and beer, the food industry has almost completely replaced glass with plastic bottles. (Wikipedia)


Amy's Closing?

I heard that Amy's is closing. Is there any truth to this?


Avi's Hotdog Cart?

I've noticed that Avi isn't downtown yet with his hotdog cart.  I miss him, even though I rarely eat hotdogs.  Things really aren't the same without him! Anyone know what's up?


What's Going On At The Old Spic & Span?

There’s been a lot of activity at this building (Across from the Firehouse). Last week saw a huge delivery of building materials. Last fall, they put on a new roof. Today they seem to be taking it off again. Are they planning a second floor?  The guys there say it's going to be an arts center of some sort.


Looking for a Van De Graaff Generator To Rent/Borrow

Here is by far the oddest and coolest thing I have searched out locally. I am looking to rent or borrow, (will not have time to make) a Van de Graff Generator.

Does anyone out there have a lead on one?


Looking for 2 People and a Truck in Brattleboro

Sometime in the next 2 weeks I am getting a couch from a house in Brattleboro. I need to have my old couch moved out of my apartment and disposed of- taken to the dump, I guess. Then I need the new couch moved to my house. Looking for recommendations for someone who does short distance moving for a reasonable price and could do it with just a couple of days notice.

I have tried Brattleboro Time Trade but no luck yet.

Two strong bodies needed -both couches are heavy.


Two Simple Questions

I understand that last night the DRB was to vote on opening the Harmony Lot tunnel to auto traffic again.  Does anybody know the result of that vote?

What were the final results of the "Safe and Secure" poll you did Chris? 



PAYT Mailing

PAYT mailing came today with a colorful glossy insert. That can't be cheap. The "instructions" say that each trash barrel can only weigh 40 lbs. or it won't be picked up.How does one determine exactly what their trash barrel weighs? The bags come in 15 and 32 gallon bags but each tenant will be throwing out different things which will weigh different amounts.

So, do we all invest in "trash barrel scales" to make sure we are in compliance with yet another rule? Should each person have their very own trash barrel - perhaps color coordinated with the yellow and purple PAYT bags? Oh, wait..that might make it too difficult for the drivers to easily identify or perhaps would confuse those neighbors who are actively asserting peer pressure to make sure we're all in line.


Brattleboro Silk Screener Recommendations?

Can someone in the iBrattleboro community recommend a quality silk screener for T-shirts? I'm looking for someone who can print with the Boston Red Sox lettering/font. Thanks, y'all!


Looking For a New Primary Care Physician in Brattleboro

I moved to Brattleboro in 2010 am am required by my health insurance to have a PCP (primary care physician). The first physician I found to be my PCP retired. The second just told me she is closing her practice. So for the 3rd time in 4 years I am looking for a PCP.

I have a challenging health condition that cannot go untreated. I am looking for suggestions for an MD or NP. I prefer a woman, and I will not go to Brattleboro Primary Care. Any ideas?


Disappeared Bench & Rock

I noticed today that the bench and the huge painted rock on the Dottie's and Experienced Goods side of the bridge are gone. Anyone know why they were removed, and when they will be put back?


Recording of Pete Seeger at BUHS?

Pete Seeger played at the BUHS Auditorium in 1989 or 1990.  Anyone know if there's a recording of that event?


Ice Dam Removal Near Brattleboro?

Does anyone know of someone who does emergency ice dam removal in Brattleboro? I have been roof-raking, but I have Ice build up on my gutters and have developed a small leak. Thanks.


Transportation Question

Hey, all you travelers out there: Anyone know the most expedient way to get to Brattleboro via air from the west coast ? Is flying to Boston and then taking the shuttle the best way? Thanks!


Inserting Horizontal Lines In Word Documents Quickly?

There must be someone in Brattleboro who knows enough about Microsoft WORD to answer my question.

Normally, when you want to quickly insert a horizontal line into a Word document there is a keyboard shortcut to save you time.

Example: To put a simple divider line between two paragraphs in a document, just type 3 dashes — and hit
‘Enter’ immediately.


I Had A Dream...

I had a dream last night and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was in my dream.  I swear I have NEVER dreamed about him before.  So, this is what happened in the dream:  he agreed (there were other people there in the dream) that the F-35 Strike Fighter Jets should be based in South Eastern Vermont (where there is no huge airport right now, but this was a dream), rather than in South Burlington, Vermont adjacent to the Burlington International Airport.

So, my political question is this:  Would the people of south eastern Vermont want the F-35 Strike Fighter Jets based there, or would they be just as deeply opposed to these horrific killing machines as the people in Chittenden County?


A Landlord's Responsibility?

Does anyone in the ibrattleboro community know exactly what a landlord's legal responsibility is in terms of shoveling steps and walkways on their property?

The house I live in is managed by a local 'property management" and any time there is a major storm on the weekends he never has anyone come to shovel. Currently, my walkway is like a skating rink -there is no way I could safely walk on it-especially since I now have to use a cane.


Best Air Pump In Brattleboro?

It's time to put air in my tires. Since it is impractical to try them all, I thought I'd ask you for your opinions on local area air pumps.

Has any service station out there installed any new, innovative air pump machines? Have there been any technologiocal advancements in recent years? Where is the best place to fill tires? Any good deals?

Up until now I often stop in at one of the stations near Exit 3, but I don't have to go there if there is a better option.


Net 10 Phones in Brattleboro?

Does anyone have experience using a phone from Net 10?

If so, can you rate the reception and coverage around town?


Resolving Problems With A Naturopath?

Does anyone know of resources to facilitate an honest discussion with a naturopath for a patient who prefers to keep it "in the family," rather than making a formal complaint?


iBrattleboro Poll

Brattleboro is considering a second sidewalk snowplow. That snowplow