"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to." - John Ed Pearce

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Heading South: How to Avoid I 91 Construction in Springfield?

Is it worth getting onto Route 5 south to avoid delays? If yes, how and where do I get on and off route 5?
Should I take Mass Turnpike (90) to 5 south? Get back on 91 at Agawam? Thanks.
Theresa Maggio


Screensaver Question

Does anybody know what this beautiful crop is?


Minecraft-Loving Gamer Magazines?

My nephew is into video games. For those of you with pre-teens, are there any video game magazines that are popular with younger gamers? Minecraft, Sonic... that sort of thing?

If you have (grand)kids into Minecraft, could you ask them for present suggestions for me. Thanks! Any advice is welcome.


Brattleboro In-Town Toy Drive?

Does anyone know if there are any toy drives going on around Bratt this year?


Looking for 3 Yards of Manure Delivered

Can anybody out there deliver three yards of manure of any kind, including stall litter, to my garden in Williamsville? If you have manure for sale and can deliver it, please e mail with an estimated cost. Thanks MY e mail:  info@theresamaggio.com  .


Missing a Book?

Maybe we have it! We have just come across a copy of "Light as Life" by B.K.S Iyengar in our Main Street Lobby. It is currently at our Information Desk with Bernadette!


Consider Brattleboro Police & Fire Projects Separately?

In our meeting last evening, members of the Brattleboro Town Finance Committee introduced, and then tabled until a subsequent meeting, a motion to recommend to the Town administration and the Representative Town Meeting that the Police & Fire Department renovations, modifications, and additions be considered separately on their merits.

Members of the Finance Committee would appreciate public feedback and ideas. We noted that several public informational sessions are scheduled. We hope that clarity on the issue will emerge over the next few weeks.


Old Eyeglasses Collection Box?

Hannafords use to have a collection box for old eyeglasses and they were passed on to a Lions Club. They no longer do this. Does anybody know if there is a collection box somewhere else?


BSL Requires My Mobile Device Number Or Else

Today my online banking site told me I had just three chances to give them my mobile device or I would be cut off from electronic access to my funds. What the HECK?? Is this happening to other people at other banks?

I will pull my money out if they insist. This is the message I get:
"You are required to provide your mobile device phone number below. If you do not complete this requirement within the maximum number of opportunities allowed by your financial institution (3), your log in will be blocked. If you are prompted for text authentication, your screen will display a button to send a passcode to your device and an entry field into which the code must be typed. Once authentication has been completed, the transaction will process."


Very Old Vinyl Records

I have 3 boxes of very old (1920's 78's and forward) vinyl records that are in unknown condition, though likely not the greatest.  Before I throw them out, I thought I would make one final inquiry, to the great minds of ibrattleboro, as to whether or not there might be some possible use for them.  I have been assured by several pretty reliable sources that they are not aware of any people or places that would want them.  It seems just wrong to me that there is not a use for them, either through some creative recycling purpose or as records, but it appears that is the probably case.  Please, if anyone has any possible ideas, let me know here. Thanks so much!!


Swap Shop Open Today? ( Saturday 31 Oct 2015)

Hi, can anyone tell me if the Swap Shop at the dump is open today, and/or what is the Swap Shop's winter schedule? Thanks.


Looking for Non-Abstinence-Friendly Alcohol Counselor

Hello Brattle-friends,

I'm hoping to find a substance abuse counselor to talk with who is open to non-absinence approaches like harm reduction, moderation and so forth. I'm looking for someone who can meet me where I'm at, take my goals seriously and be non-judgmental and non-pressuring. Any ideas or recommendations anyone may have would be appreciated.

Thanks a million.



Ayurvedic Practitioner Recommendations?

Would really appreciate recommendations for an ayurvedic pratitioner. Brattleboro area preferred, but will travel anywhere in New England to get excellent care. It would be a big plus to find an ayurvedic practioner who accepts Medicare. 

In addition to the recommendation, it would be particularly valuable to understand why you have made a particular recommendations.



Anyone Notice AT&T Cell Reception Worse On Route 30 North Of The Covered Bridge Recently?

Not that it's ever great along the Route 30 corridor, but suddenly my phone isn't picking up signals in places along there where signals had actually improved starting last winter.  Maybe a tower or minicell is malfunctioning?


Brattleboro Parking Rules

Does anyone know if there are town regulations about taking up more than one parking space on a public street? There are 2 public parking spaces directly in front of my house. One of the tenants in my building insists on parking in the middle of the spaces- making it impossible for another person to park in front of or behind her. This is not an occasional occurrence- she does this 24/7 and often does not move her vehicle for days at a time. It makes it impossible when anyone comes to visit and for deliveries of any kind. I get medical transportation to all of my doctor's appointments and the van has to either pull onto a side street or park in the middle of the street. It's particularly difficult when I am on crutches - which I currently am.


Home Depot?

Hey, does anyone know what's going on at Home Depot? The For Lease sign is still on the building, but there are construction people Doing Things inside...


Brooks Library, or Brooks Memorial Library?

I've always called our library the Brooks Memorial Library, think that "Memorial" was part of the name. More recently I've seen official library announcements in which it is called, simply, Brooks Library.

My question: which is it? Was the name officially shortened? Was it never as long as I thought?

I like to use the right name, but also don't mind shaving off a few letters from a frequently-typed phrase.

What say ye?


Curious - Why No Carnivals With Rides in Brattleboro?

I was driving by Bondville yesterday and they were having the Bondville Fair, complete with rides such as Tilt a Whirls, Scramblers, giant slides, merry go rounds, and a Ferris Wheel and it got me thinking: Why doesn't Brattleboro ever hold a carnival, with a midway, rides, food trucks, games, and so on?

No handfuls of tickets, no stepping over power cables, no sound of generators, no sight of colorful lights at the edges of every ride or booth.


Short Distance Moving Around Brattleboro?

Does anyone know of someone  I can hire to move one couch out of my Oak St. place and take it to the dump and move another couch into my house from West Brattleboro. I'm sure there must be somebody in the Brattleboro area who does this kind of thing but I haven't been able to locate anyone. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Kris Alden


Our Town's ?

What's the latest on the skatepark, haven't heard much about this in awhile?


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60 degree temperatures in Brattleboro in February are