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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Hey, I have heard rumors of a program starting up in Brattleboro called solarize.  The rumors say it is about bringing the cost way down for home solar electric systems.  Does anyone have information?  I can find nothing on the town website or on iBrattleboro.


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Solarize is a grassroots phenomenon

"Solarize is a grassroots phenomenon to help homeowners and small businesses overcome the financial and logistical barriers to installing solar energy. Started in Portland, Oregon in 2009, it has since spread to hundreds of towns across America and is responsible for thousands of rooftop and backyard solar arrays. Solarize involves a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more homes and businesses sign up.The Core Elements of a Solarize project are:..."
Read full text: http://www.brattleboro.net/


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Vidda's quote was from
to save y'all a moment or three.

The time for solar is now. For reasons beyond me, a few years ago the price of the film required to a make a solar panel functional dropped to one-tenth of its former price, and the film is the major maintenance cost as it is far more sensitive to weather events than any other part of the system.

Install, maintain cheaply, and you give GMP's local monopoly on electricity something to worry about. I just wish I could get my building management to entertain a second sentence regarding the matter, but homeowners who read this have no reason to not do the research and likely reduce their costs.

I have not been part of an implementation of solar energy, but clearly the Town has as well as whoever owns the array just north of Canal just east of BMH. I do know well-skilled, highly-motivated persons who alerted me to the price drop and understand the technology, its history and prognosis, so if someone requests technical assistance I'll do what I can, just e-mail hajm@mail.com and wait no more than four days.

Even an oddly over-cloudy climate such as Brattleboro's will generate something close to self-sufficiency for buildings (but not vehicles--yet). The cost of initial infrastructure investment is unclear (and likely volatile in the moment), but the long-term gains are now clear as blue sky.

Please, please jump on the solar bandwagon.


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