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Incident in New Hampshire?

I was traveling West on NH Rt 9 about 11 this morning, when more than several NH State Police cars passed me with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Anybody know wassup???


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Reformer says the police were

Reformer says the police were responding to a possible dead body in a home.



So they need 8 squad cars to look at a dead body?
Must have been bored.


Well, when you have a body

Well, when you have a body with wound to the neck and a suspect took the person's vehicle and fled, that might warrant a few cops to secure the area, conduct interviews and try to jump on the situation.

Why so dismissive when you had no information on the situation to make a judgement as to whether the police response was appropriate?

Do you have any relevant experience to make such determinations?


I monitor this daily

as I live on a main road in Brattleboro. Honestly the amount of crime that must go on in this town must be legendary as the police sirens can be heard on average twice a day. And three or so squad cars arrive for the most minor of incidents. I guess people have to justify their paychecks.


This did not happen in

This did not happen in Brattleboro. It happened in Chesterfield, NH. And, according to later reports it was not a "minor incident"- someone was stabbed and the alleged assailant escaped in the victim's car. Police were looking for them. I'm guessing it takes more than one police officer to search an entire town and surrounding area.



Looks like a guy got into an argument with his father, fatally stabbed him in the neck and split with the family car. Apparently spotted near Port Jervis, NY (where NY, NJ & PA come together).


So 8 squad cars seems

So 8 squad cars seems appropriate now, eh?

Not "Must have been bored"?



And while the 8 State troopers are putzing around in Chesterfield, the alleged perpetrator is sailing through Pennsylvania. Crack Police work!

They knew the car. If it were going East, they would have intercepted it on route 9.
They should have had other PDs staking out I-91 both ways and Route 9 in VT & Rts. 7 & 84 in NY.
They had radios, you know.

It WAS seen near Port Jervis, but officials down there didn't know the car was involved in a crime.

They'll get him, I'm sure of that.
But they should have had him by now.


I bet if the police had known

I bet if the police had known that you had such a fool proof plan they would have asked for your help. But, hey....maybe next time. It's not like murders are in short supply in this world.



Yeah, hindsight's pretty good, isn't it?



They caught the son in South Carolina yesterday.
He has been charged with second degree murder.


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