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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Holiday lights at the 5/9/91 Roundabout?

Just thought of this as I was driving around the Roundabout this morning.  One day in December when I was driving by, there were a few people in the center of the roundabout setting up what looked like big stars full of lights.  But then they weren't there the next time I drove by.  Does anyone know about this?  Did some people set it up without permission or encounter a lack of electricity?

For perspective, I was involved in the past in the Putney Road Business Association, which became the North End Business Association, which has now been pretty much inactive due to lack of leadership and shortage of volunteers.  We used to do the luminaria around the intersection in the 90s, and for a year or two we put lights on the (at the time very small) trees in the middle of the roundabout.  We had an arrangement with either the town or the state for electricity.

Been thinking it would be nice to return to holiday lights there, but not how the current logistics would work out, not to mention willing donors and volunteers.  Rotary Clubs maybe?

Also thinking that it is badly in need of weed removal.


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It would be fitting for a Rotary Club to be responsible for a rotary. : )

I bet a little solar panel or two hidden in there could power some lights.

(I've always wanted to to a sitcom about a family living in the center the rotary at Exit 3)


From what I understand, the

From what I understand, the North End Business Association was asked to take them down as it was seen as a distraction. The stars would have looked lovely there..



I could see them being a distraction for some drivers,( but not that much more than all the other stuff at the intersection.)

Many still don't use the rotary correctly.

Drivers should always move to the inside lane, unless immediately turning right at the next road off.

Staying in the outside lane for any longer is dangerous to everyone else expecting things to go correctly.


Keep 'em guessing, or the element of surprise

It would help a lot if people would use their turn signals!


correct use of a rotary

"Drivers should always move to the inside lane, unless immediately turning right at the next road off" but the signs say different, and... it is a very small rotary at exit three with very little time to be switching lanes or even to signal.I mean of course you are going to be making a right hand turn!


It WAS the North End Business Association!

Temporarily, anyway, like in not even a whole day. What happened was, some past members of NEBA are trying to get the organization going again. They had stars made to match the star theme of the downtown decorations. Someone from the State came by and told them they are not allowed and to take them down immediately. Apparently the state people who were okay with the past lights are no longer around, and the new people don't know anything about the past history of permitting lights. Maybe with more planning and paperwork next year...


Holiday excesses

The roundabout is a fast moving, multidirectional transit where fast decision making helps to navigate the turns. Having holiday lights there has no real purpose, other than more feel-good, electric using assimilation. Drivers and passengers do not need the distractions. They certainly don't need to be reminded it is a holiday period. Holiday excesses are pervasive as it is.


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