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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Hearing at Retreat Farm Yesterday?

I was just looking up schedule at Retreat Farm and saw notice there was a hearing there yesterday. When you look at the map on the website it shows at least one new building up in the forest, and I know the plans there when I left were to turn the main barn into an upscale shopping area and cafe, and to add a lodge, and LOTS more parking right along our beautiful road across from the Retreat Meadows. There are some great things happening there but I'm afraid some public oversight and interest is needed to make sure the character and history are better protected.

The parking somehow got approved, because no one knew or commented about the adverse public impact. Some of the beautiful shade trees that provided character were cut down for that parking without any comment of which I am aware. I'm concerned that I'm not hearing anything about this and hope someone is following and investigating. I tried searching on town site for August 16 meetings and did not find one, but I may not be looking in the right place. Also, last I looked it was listed as non-profit on state business registry but did not have board members/officers listed to which questions and ultimate responsibility could be directed. Again, that may have changed.

More information or corrections anyone?


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This link might help


More development there is contemplated.

I saw maps with a cluster of buildings behind what's there now earlier this year, and asked about it. I was told they might want to build housing for conferences or other reasons, but not until about 2030.

If you look at the Town's website (or here) for when they renamed the road at the property (June, if I recall), the map was included.

(I personally expect steady development of all the property they own, based on what's happened so far. It might take a while... )


Long term plans will take a while

When Buzz Schmidt spoke at Rotary, it sounded like the whole thing will be spread out over a good many years, and of course the progress would be subject to funding. They want to enhance the kids programs more, which is nice. The cluster of buildings out back would be 3-bedroom cabins, if I remember correctly, which certainly sounded quieter and more nature-connected than staying in a hotel or motel.


Hey guys, show up at DRB

Hey guys, show up at DRB hearings! This recently went before the board. The town posts minutes and agendas on it's site. The hearings are a great place to voice your opinion.


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