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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Facts You Didn't Want To Know

How many M&Ms are produced by Mars, Inc. (Mars Bars) every day?


Estimated to be over ½ Billion.

400 Million are produced in the firm’s American plants.alone.

(My nephew works there)


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Another amazing fact

From Vermont Public Radio this afternoon:

The Green Hornet is the grand nephew of the Lone Ranger.

It was from a quiz show. The question was "What is the name of the Green Hornet's Great Uncle's horse?' The answer was, of course "Silver".
None of the contestants knew the answer.

BTW, the photo of the Mars building is authentic.


BTW statement

Prove it, Sir.


clever candy

The M&M is really a clever food invention. If you take a handful of chocolate chips, the heat from your hand will warm the chocolate and cause it to melt. By coating them with a touch of hard candy on the outside, the melting is prevented... hence the slogan - they melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

It's a way to sell people chocolate chips by the handful. Brilliant.


more candy thoughts

Another clever candy is/are the edible dots printed on rolls of paper.

This came about from noticing that royal cookie frosting hardens up, and if one puts a number of drops on paper, they can be peeled off and eaten. Not much of a stretch to devise something to put a rows of dots down mechanically...


I loved these as a kid. Not

I loved these as a kid. Not the taste so much - there really wasn't any pronounced 'flavor" but I think it was the idea of getting so many at one time! I recently tried these little dots as well as some of the brightly orange colored " circus peanuts" - another of my favorites as a kid. Not surprisingly, neither of them lived up to my memories of how good they were. But, the circus peanuts do still have that odd banana like flavor which just seems cloying and artificial now. I'm guessing it was cloying and artificial tasting back in the 50s, too but seemed somehow delicious.



I bet you are right that the flavors have indeed shifted - corn syrup instead of sugar, artificial rather than natural ingredients, and other cost savers.

Circus peanuts - yes, odd banana flavor + old marshmallow texture = yum.


Circus Peanuts

I've enjoyed these all my life, but i never knew they had a name. Thank you, Wikipedia!


Peanut Party

Very much available in fine circus peanut locations throughout the greater Brattleboro metro area.


Oddly, I found both these

Oddly, I found both these candies at Beadniks! As you walk in the door they have a little assortment on the left hand side of retro candies. I can't vouch for how long each package has been there, though!


No need for Wikipedia

I think every kid who grew up in the 50s or 60s knew these were called circus peanuts -if you look at them closely you can see how they have the little indentations of actual shell peanuts and, of course the shape is somewhat peanut like.


Order your M&M's from Europe

I have read that the Europeans have banned (potentially) harmful color dyes used to coat M&M's.

Naturally, the US doesn't ban the dyes, so if you're concerned, especially for kids, order your M&M's manufactured from Europe.


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