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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Does Anyone Know What Happened To Cathy Barrows?

Cathy Barrows has been our Animal Control Officer for many years but she no longer is. Questioning at the Police Dept. brings "I don't know" answers, as does asking at the Town Clerk's office. Seems hush hush to me, but I think the public should know what happened to this loyal and knowledgable woman after so many years in the position. Does anyone know?


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Did they hire someone else or

Did they hire someone else or do we just not have an animal control officer anymore?


From what I've heard, we

From what I've heard, we don't have an animal control officer right now, the police are filling in...which is just trouble in the making in my opinion. After the Green Street School dog incident of several years ago.


animal control officers

After reading this I approached a police officer who confirmed that Cathy was gone, disposition unknown, not certain if she would be replaced, that decision is up to the police chief, and I would guess possibly the select board as well. I asked the officer if every cruiser carried the equipment necessary to transport or apprehend an injured or stray animal and the answer was No. The officer was cordial, but did not elaborate on the situation. The officer did concur that there are a lot of animal control issues in the town.
Given the amount of violent crime, hit and run fatalities etc, it is absurd that the role of animal control officer has been designated to the police. Animal control officers are usually trained animal handlers, which we know all to well the police are not.



Maybe she was just fired, you know, just let go sort of speak?



It seems an opportune time for more training for police officers who may have to respond to animal related calls. Brattleboro has (or had not so long ago) some police officers who are very concerned for animal protection.

The ASPCA also recently handed over their law enforcement division to the NYPD, which has been very controversial, with some problems already being reported http://bigstory.ap.org/article/aspca-closes-storied-enforcement-unit-nyc.

I believe the ACO position has been under budgetary consideration for quite some time.


Sage advice from Adam Sandler

The number of "lost" dog posters around the country really disturbs me. If there were this many "lost" children it would be a national crisis and the parents (i.e., "owners" of children) would be scrutinized like nobody's business. If a dog, or any loved domesticated animal (key word here being domesticated) is capable of getting "lost" in the first place (and they are)why are there so many "lost" animal posters out here in the world? I submit, a bit of practical advice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwZBMH3VOfI


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