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Can Anyone Identify This Beautiful Tree?

Can anyone identify the species of this beautiful multi-trunked tree in the Common?  

It is approximately aligned with #38 Park Place and one of the crosswalks and, if you are looking into the Common from the sidewalk, it is straight back from the Memorial Tree Plaque.

Photos are from a distance and a close-up of the leaves (which is a bit blurry because the wind was blowing).





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It looks like a variety of Acer, the maple family. But that's based on the leaf in the lower right hand corner of your photo. A better still photo of the leave and bark would be helpful.
Did you check the alignment of the leaves? Maple leaves are opposite aligned.


Thank you. Did not check

Thank you. Did not check leaf alignment, but will look next time I am there.


Acer pennsylvania 'Striped Maple.'

thats my guess....


Thanks :) Formation of

Thanks :) Formation of trunks seems unusual for Acer, which is why I did not immediately consider it. I know they can be pruned, but I did not know they could naturally have a habit of multiple separate, distinct trunks.

Anyway, this tree is gorgeous and I want one, so I am trying to figure out what it is so I can try to buy one somewhere!


striped (or 'moose') maple?

Hard to tell from the photo, but the striping is obvious on those in "the flesh". I have tons of them growing like weeds in my woods, so if you find that is the tree, you're welcome to dig one up for free. The multiple trunks usually seem to result from cutting & regrowth (red maples do that a lot too). It's a long drive up here, & you might find some closer, but if you are interested, just email me.


I am definitely interested!

I am definitely interested! Thanks! Was going to email you in reply, but don't see any email address in your profile...


How big are the leaves?

I can't tell from the picture how big the leaves are -- my first thought when I saw this was that it is a catalpa tree, about which I know very little, just that they have very large leaves the shape of these. The leaves can be up to about 10 to 12 inches long. I have never seen a multi-trunked one, though, so don't know if that invalidates my thoughts. Catalpas have white flowers that bloom sometime around now.


Catalpas in Vernon

Drove down to Northfield on Rt.5 Wed. Passed muchas Catalpas in full bloom. Magnificent!


email re tree digging

Sorry about that - when the site was revamped, I needed a new password to get in. Didn't realize the edress was also missing. It's cbridge@localnet.com


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