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Is 5 Guys Coming to Brattleboro?

I have been hearing that 5 Guys restaurant is coming to the old Pizza Hut location. But then I just heard that they could not be approved for a big enough sign by the town, so they went packing.

Does anyone know anything about this?


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Doubtful about the rejection

No owners of a 5 Guys franchise have been on any recent Development Review Board agenda that I can see.

Also don't think sign size would be a deciding factor for the franchise. Other fast food places at that end of town do just fine with their signs.


I forgot to sign in when I

I forgot to sign in when I posted.

Chris - that's good news. I had heard that, and I'm glad that the record can be set straight so that misinformation doesn't go around.
And I agree, the other businesses don't have a problem on that road so I don't see why 5 Guys would. I will spread the word so people don't have the wrong idea.
It would be nice to see that Pizza Hut building get utilized since it's already there.


Too bad it looks like a Pizza Hut… : )

5 Guys wouldn't need much of a sign at all… their red, white, and black colors, and reputation, would draw people in, I'm sure.


I agree, that is such a

I agree, that is such a prominent location they wouldn't need much of a sign for literally the whole world to know they were there. That's why I thought the rumor going around was off and wanted to check here and see if anyone knew what the real deal was.

If anything, the roof renovation costs would be the deterrent, not the sign. With that roof, it will forever look like a pizza hut.


Welcome to Vermont?

I'm kinda surprised this discussion went like it did. I would imagine a 5 guys being treated like the Home Depot was. They're a chain right? And chains are evil in Vermont right?
Because they represent Capitalism.


Not for 5 guys

... maybe for 7 or 8 guys.



"STEAK" becomes "TEA"


Five Guys Would Jive and Thrive

I would love to see Five Guys open a restaurant in Brattleboro!!!


Five guys would do a great business

Why? Well they make a great burger.
Also,I think they would do very well out by exit 3.
It has been said the exit 3 intersection is one of the busiest intersections in VT, behind White River Junction and Burlington.
The town would be wise to encourage development and new businesses there as it would bring much needed $$$ to the town. Instead, many have protested about limiting commercial enterprise there. Downtown is great but the parking/traffic is a turnoff to visitors. Exit 3 is easy on easy off. The town is broke and the development of that area would more desirable than the 1 percent sales tax.


Does Brattleboro need yet

Does Brattleboro need yet another place to get a burger? How many pizza, Chinese and burger & fries restaurants can one town need? We have almost no ethnic food in this town (other than the many, many Chinese restaurants) For a place that views itself as a 'tourist' destination we do a poor job of offering much of a choice in cuisines. So much wonderful food out there - Cuban,Russian, Italian, Greek, etc, etc. And we offer more and more of the same old, same old. We don't even have a decent deli where you could sit down and enjoy a sandwich. Much revenue is lost because Brattleboro folks drive to Greenfield or Northampton, MA to find good ethnic food. Most people eat more than burgers or pizza - be nice to not have to leave town to find something a little different.


oh my

I have been censored! tsk, tsk...

@KAlden "De gustibus non est disputandum.."

Great restaurants will come to you if you patronize them.


You aren't being censored at

You aren't being censored at all, fishboy - at least not by me. My comment was not directed at you but at the idea of yet another primarily burger joint coming to town. In the past few years I've seen a few good ethnic restaurants leave town - for a variety of reasons, I'm sure. My post is meant to be my opinion on the state of dining out in town - when I spend my hard earned money to go out to eat I like to have the option of something a little more adventurous than a hamburger and fries. Or pizza . Or Chinese. There are some good restaurants here; Blue Moose; Fireworks, Three Stones. But not a lot of diversity in cuisines.


i sighted...

2 of the three you mentioned plus TJ's, Peter Havens, VT Country Deli, plus the Marina. There are a few others. There was a good one, forgot the name, that ran into some unnecessary static over a sign but its gone from the scene.

I ate at a place in Waterbury a few weeks back called Hen of the Wood, it was incredible, maybe the best restarant I have every been to in VT.

I find the majority of Vermonters just do not swing with ethnic food.


The People of Vermont

Wow. That's quite a statement and a pretty blatant assumption to make about the " majority of Vermonters" I'm assuming you have done some type of exhaustive study on all the people in Vermont and what their culinary choices are to be able to speak with such authority. You only have to see the many people standing in line to enjoy the diverse ethnic foods at the Farmer's market or to try to get a seat at Shin La or 3 Stones on a Saturday night to know that people here ( and in other parts of Vermont) want and enjoy food from different cultures. I've found that Brattleboro is a town of pretty adventurous eaters who would love to have some diversity in the local restaurants. Not everyone is happy with a burger or pizza. There are very few options for vegetarians or vegans to enjoy a meal out other than the new cafe. And even fewer options for anyone who wants/needs to eat gluten free.
It's a big, wide world out there with lots of delicious food from other countries to try. Just not in this town.


you got me

on the vegan one, that is quite popular in Vermont. But vegan food is pretty crappy in the usa. I could eat vegan in India all day or in Turkey, they do it right.
I am pretty confident in what I I said.
It is not an insult, but an observation. Perhaps I move in different circles than you do. Most of the people I associate with in Brattleboro are from VT or NH and 95% of them were born within 25 miles of here.

No, not everybody is happy with pizza or burger. And not many are happy with asian or cuban. Different strokes for different folks.

For whatever its worth, no , I was not born in VT., I am a flatlander. I have lived in 3 other towns in VT and visited many othes over the last 35 years. Shin La is good, I prefer Anun's, but thats me.


I agree that most restaurants

I agree that most restaurants don't know how to make a delicious vegan meal- many times it's difficult to even get a vegetarian choice other than the old standby " Pasta Primavera". We probably do have different circles of friends- although many of my friends are long time Brattleboro residents. Maybe it's just that I hang around with a lot of people who are vegetarian or vegan and it's much easier to find that kind of food in ethnic restaurants than in a typical "American " food restaurant. And, I agree that when Anon's closed it was a sad day for the town and for me !
I enjoy pizza and the occasional burger and I've eaten at Five Guys in DC and San Diego -their food is good. I'd just like to see some more thought put into the kinds of restaurants that are given approval to open in town; consider whether there's an over load of one type of restaurant. That's all I'm saying.
A few more choices would be nice. And personally, I'd kill for a good Cuban or Greek restaurant in town.


oh my

"I'd just like to see some more thought put into the kinds of restaurants that are given approval to open in town; consider whether there's an over load of one type of restaurant..."

you can't be serious....the restaurant police!


Not at all

Nope...not the restaurant police. But all new businesses have to come before the town for approval of licenses and permits. Maybe part of the process should be looking at whether a town is already loaded with many similar businesses. It seems like the more diversity in businesses that a place can offer the better off that place would be both in terms of revenues and quality of life.


I am afraid....

no business in their right mind would ever submit themselves to that kind of process.

With all due respect to your suggestion, it is naive approach to selecting a business.

Frankly, I believe my "blatant assumption" is far better reality check that your assertion that a food police or "committee of taste" would make the town a better place.

So here's my final sweeping statement. If by some chance 5 Guys relocates to exit 3, it will be the most profitable restaurant per square feet in Brattleboro, no, scratch that, in Windham County, no, no, forget that, in southern Vermont. It will contribute more to the town in taxes and employment for entry employment than your suggestion.


I think you read something

I think you read something into my comment that isn't there. Do you think this process doesn't already happen? The Selectboard approves or denies permits to businesses every year for a variety of reasons. I stand by my opinion that having a larger variety of businesses in any town is better than having a glut of one kind of business.When you visit somewhere (anywhere) you remember that place for what it had to offer whether that be natural beauty; first class entertainment; unique shops or wonderful restaurants. With the exception of the few restaurants I mentioned earlier in this stream Brattleboro is never, in my opinion, going to be known for it's dining experience and all the 5 Guys in the world isn't going to change that.
So, maybe 5 Guys or some other big chain restaurant will come to town - maybe they won't. It will still be a town with too many pizza places, too many Chinese restaurants and one more burger place and people will still continue to drive to other nearby states to find the food they want.


you wrote what you wrote....

and repeated it several times. You were very clear. And now you have added as a defense, that this is actually taking place now. Sure, the SB grants liquor licenses and permits are given to restaurants for operating in town, but nowhere is a permit/license grant based on the fact that it brings diversity, unless I am missing something. If that is true, that is really just awful. How dare you decide what gets to open based on whether it caters to your own personal taste or provides your idea of diversity.

I guess based on your assertion, Fireworks should have never been granted a license in town. Not only have they proved to be successful and draw people downtown, they do community giving nights. Clearly the town can absorb another "pizza place" because thats what people will patronize.

You need not lecture me that you are entitled to your opinion, of course you are and I welcome it. But what you describe as a glut is in your own mind. I believe the town could absorb another pizza and burger joint because that's what the majority of people that live and visit here want.

I would love to see all the things you mention, but this town is not Northhampton. This does not have the diversity of population that you might think it has like Keene, Northhampton, Amherst, etc. Maybe if you desire all these things the town isn't currently supplying, you should either start one on your own or move. In the meantime, this town is going broke and needs revenue. That is the biggest probem facing this town, not a lack of diversity of restaurants.

Finally, I do believe in the theory of "build it and they will come." But I will add to that, build something people want not on what your opinion what people want. You might find my opinion distasteful, but i am looking at this subject as a realist while your opinion is based on your own personal wants and needs.


I don't find your opinion

I don't find your opinion 'distasteful' - it's your opinion. I may not agree with it but I still feel you're entitled to express it. So much hostility over me expressing my opinion that I'd like to see some different cuisines in town. It's really a little comical.
I never "dared to decide what gets to open" based on whether it makes me happy or not. That's a really silly statement for you to make. There's lots of things I'd like to see happen here: I'd like to see our roads get fixed; I'd like the traffic lights in downtown to work more effectively; I'd like to have this be a place where small, independently owned businesses can thrive. Those things probably aren't going to happen anytime soon nor do I expect there to be a half dozen ethnic restaurants opening up in the next few years. But, I can still wish that those things would happen.
And, by the way, I love Fireworks -as I stated previously-it's one of the better restaurants in town. I certainly don't consider it a "pizza joint" by any stretch of the imagination. yes, they serve pizza but also have a very nice menu-as you obviously know.
Believe me, there are many people in Brattleboro who do not want any more pizza /burger places. Maybe not in your circle of friends but ,again, to state that the 'majority' of people who live here and visit want more of these types of restaurants is just wishful thinking on your part.You accuse me of thinking that I know what people want and you're doing exactly that yourself. I think people would welcome some diversity; you think people would welcome more pizza. Maybe we're both correct? I think Brattleboro is a much more sophisticated town than you give it credit for. I think we should just agree to disagree on the state of eating establishments in town.


I called it like you wrote it...

Clearly you take issue with my statement about "the majority" and call it wishful thinking. Whatever. Please note I don't challege you're assertion about what you say "many" think. I am not going there.
Personally, I would welcome diversity and would support it. But honestly, there is a reason why Friendly's, 99, and other places like that continue to do good business while other good places have gone out of business.
What I do take umbrage with is your assertion that I do not think Brattleboro is a sophisicated town. That is a flat out lie and I never said or inferred that. The people I know have not been to DC or California and probably never will. They live and work here and have for a long time. Please, I am not going to the gutter about this.
As for agreeing to disagree, you might read a little more carefully what I have written and you will see, I agree with a lot more of what you say than you think.


@KAlden Clearly, you've never

@KAlden Clearly, you've never been to Five Guys :)


Wrong assumption

Actually, David, I have eaten at Five Guys- in both San Diego and DC. Their food is good. But it's still just a burger joint- maybe a little better than most but still just more of the same. Just wishing for a little more diversity in our town's eateries, that's all.


Whine & Cheese

Do you ever get the feeling that some people, like KAlden, Rootrunner, Babalou, Maus E Non, Mr. Mike, Vidda, Zippy, just like to bitch & Complain? Feel like they always have to have the last word? Want to stir up dust? Make people wrong?

About what? eating burgers and other small matters.

These posters spoil the conversation. Ignore them and the world is a better place.


Excuse me, FrankC...I was

Excuse me, FrankC...I was under the impression that ibrattleboro was somewhere that people could express their opinions. Clearly you don't think that's the case. Topics of all categories get discussed on this site; town politics, skate parks, UFOs, coffee, housing issues, movies,music and, yes...burgers.
That's what makes America great, don't you think? That we have public forums where we all can initiate and discuss and offer opinions on all kinds of topics.
And, obviously you are not taking your own advice to just ignore me or you wouldn't have read this stream of comments. And then taken the time to comment on it.


Right on cue.

thanks for making the point so clear.


My pleasure.sir...

My pleasure.sir...
And thanks for following my posts so closely. I appreciate your support.


The irony of bitching & complaining about bitching & complaining

Oh, I don't just like to bitch and complain, I LOVE to bitch and complain. A sacred right of all soldiers, bitching and complaining is the only part of my military life I haven't been able to shake. I'm a far more eloquent bitcher and complainer when I can use certain language that doesn't make it past the electronic censors here, but what can you do?

But on the subject at hand, the more restaurants the better, as far as I'm concerned. The ones that are good will stay, the ones that aren't will close and make way for new ones.

I don't really understand the point of complaining about the kind of restaurants other people want to open. Or maybe more to the point, complaining that other people don't open the kind of businesses you want. If you see an opportunity, feel free to open your own restaurant.


Well, well, well now :)

Well, well, well now :)
Well, well, well now :)
Oops! Strike those two repeating lines… I sometimes forget I’m not a follower. Butt, here’s some cheese for you… I must object to having been put in the same league as KAlden as bitchalorette extraordinaire, especially since I have no opinion as to how many hamburgers or pizzas are sold in Brattleboro, or whether I can eat a sandwich at a sit-down deli or find some americanized-ethnic to choke down. I'll take my own kitchen and pfaltzgraff any day of the week.
Also, Maus, as most people already easily realize, is in a league of his own ~ Zippy and Vidda make endless good points; and Mr. Mike and Rootrunner always have some truths to share. I have no idea how to “make people wrong” and have never seen anyone with an ability to do that; and gee whiz, everybody knows that only the wind, stampeding horses or a Swiffer can stir up dust. Besides, things around Brattleboro are mostly made up of mud, or potholes.
I do think this shows that we should start a committee and hand out a few awards or at least hire a balanced mix of both midget and super huge opinion judges.. (they should like pizza and/or burgers, I take it?) not to mention there should be stiff fines for complaining about people prior to a shared opinion or observation .. the first rule should be that no complaints about complainers can be expressed prior to ten minutes after the complainers complaint AND complaints about complainers are forever barred if the complainant of the complainer has not complained by midnight of the seventh day of the originating complaint. Even stiffer fines for those who complain that an observation is really an opinion even when the observer clearly states it was an observation and not an opinion, even if the observation leans towards sounding like a complaint by anyone who complains about complainers, who have also complained about something up to one year prior to the expressed observation. And complete exile for anyone who complains about a complainer in advance of, or in anticipation that the complainer will in fact, complain.


Types of Restaurants in B-town

Why do you think there aren;t these "ethnic" restaurants here in Brattleboro? There are likely a variety of reasons - but likely it is that no proprietor wants to run that business here. We had Sarki's and India Palace - both of which are now closed - presumably the proprietors no longer wanted to run those businesses.

You can't force a type of restaurant to come here just because you like that type of cuisine.

You could always try to open that kind of restaurant yourself! If you want a greek or cuban restaurant here in town... go ahead and open one.

I wish we had more variety of food choices here in Brattleboro. But we are a small town, and sustaining any kind of restaurant is a challenge here.


I'm not suggesting that any

I'm not suggesting that any restaurants be "forced" to come to Brattleboro. It would just be nice to have more options. I owned and operated a catering business in Boston for 25 years and I understand that keeping any kind of food business afloat and trying to eke out a living from it is incredibly difficult. When I moved here a few years ago there were a lot more choices of eating establishments than there are now. It's certainly the town's loss that so many restaurants have closed.
If I were 20 years younger and wasn't dealing with a serious illness I would love to open a restaurant. Sadly, I had to retire from the food business after many decades due to medical problems. I miss the food business and I miss having the option to go out and enjoy a delicious green curry or some ropa vieja. There are many things I love about living here. This is one of the things I don't love so much.


an idea

I have often wondered if there is a chef out there who would like to have a restaurant that changes the ethnic food focus every 6 or 12 months -- build it into the business plan. Perhaps one third of the menu could be sort of traditional American food, that stays constant, and two thirds would feature food from some region of China, or Italy, or wherever, and be truly original authentic food, not Americanized, chain versions of them. And perhaps the choice of "what's up next" could be "voted" on by people agreeing to come at least once if "x" is selected so it would be worth the effort to do a changeover. Obviously the chef would have to be extremely talented and interested in doing something like this! Maybe a partnership with some SIT students could lend more authenticity, or bring in an assistant, or whatever. I haven't drawn up the business plan (though I'd love to help someone else conceptualize this further)! Brattleboro isn't big enough to carry a lot of different truly ethnic restaurants, but maybe this would be a way to have a variety without having too many venues for them to survive.



This is sweet! I get to comment AFTER being criticized on a thread that up until this precise moment, I had no opinion to share.
This is NOT an opinion for those who find my comments confusing.. but, I do have an observation (observation) that might help show the level of sophistication in Brattleboro - that is, if we are to measure it in terms of eating establishments.
The only one that has endured through the years (and I've been here for all of them!) is...

(bring on the kazoos and a big fat drumroll....................)


I think Ronald should be named the town mascot..


we need......

.....an old fashioned coffee shop/dinner (in town) with healthy/fresh breakfast specials, incredible regular coffee that's not too strong, that has deco décor with clean padded breakfast stools and clean cushioned booths and that opens promptly at 6:00am and is in full stride by 7:00am, ditch the greazzy cooking spoons and utensils!


Hear Hear Maus

Right on Maus. Another one of the few times me and you actually agree on something.

Whatever Frank C



If you agree, then I must be wrong! i'll have to rethink my position.

Seriously though, Mike, you're on my list of iBratters I'd most like to have a beer with sometime. I think we'd get on quite well.





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