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Welch Reacts to Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

Washington, DC (June 30th) – Congressman Peter Welch made the following statement after the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby Stores v. Sebelius:

“The Supreme Court got it wrong today. A woman’s access to health care should not depend on the religious views and conscience of her employer,” said Welch. “Decisions about the use of contraceptives should be between a woman and her doctor. The Court’s misguided decision in this case is a good example of why Congress should have included a public option in the Affordable Care Act, which would have removed employers from the equation of health care coverage.”


Ryan Nickel
Communications Director, Rep. Peter Welch (VT-At Large)
(202) 225 4115


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Lords and vassels

Is it also the right of Hobby Lobby to dictate what their employees may or may not purchase with the money they earn?Medical insurance, like money, is an earned benefit.

If I have more than 50% of the shares of a business, according to the high court it is a closely-held corporation, with religious rights. Apparently I can forbid the employees to spend any of their pay on meat, dairy, or any animal exploitation products as it would violate my religious principles.

Increasingly, we are seeing a campaign to bring about the return of feudalism. Class struggle is no longer capital vs. labor: It has devolved into a struggle to turn the 99% into serfs.


Corporate Citizenship and the breakdown of the rule of law

HSBC actually admitted to repeatedly money laundering for terrorists and violent Mexican drug cartels. They did so because unlike most people, they have the singular mission of earning as much money as possible for shareholders.Any singular pursuit is by definition devoid of morality. Artwork devoid of morality can be great, but, large scale financial transactions of morality are another matter. Despite the fact that HSBC was serving as the known banker to the zetas in Mexico, and to Al Qaeda, the Justice Department declined to hold hearings or make any move from barring the bank from continuing to do business and decided not to hold criminal investigations into the actions of the corporate officers involved.

For profit corporations inherently have no moral basis to restrain them from acts of evil, and in the case of HSBC, which paid a fine it earned back in months time, face no danger of prosecution. In other words, with corporate citizenship for large corporations, we now face immoral and immune entities.

The combination is somewhat terrifying to contemplate.


You Are Correct!

At the next Town Meeting our Representatives should vote to create a Brattleboro Serf Board composed of residents who feel the most oppressed from events they have no control over. Their meetings will be held every evening seven days a week in the Municipal Center from 11PM to 3AM that Chris will attend for his write-ups on iBrattleboro. Senator Bernie (dat is absodutly outraygisss) will be Chairman.

The first priority for the Serf Board is to find a location for a new Serf Board Park where the victims of society’s ills can gather and Serf together on the Internet. The parking lot at the foot of elm is a perfect location. Their Serf Events will be sponsored by Koch.

Serf Boarding is in fact a sport and should be built in town to attract the young people in the area especially those unfortunate enough to have attended Brattleboro Union High Subnormal. It’s really important for our young people to provide a location where they can demonstrate their complete lack of intellectual skills to the dismay of other Serf Board residents.

Feeling sorry for yourself is a very important aspect of life. If Brattleboro can attract the type of people who go through life feeling victimized and oppressed because of their atrocious upbringing by their parents – well, this just may be the key to the town’s economic future.


I'm not sure what your post

I'm not sure what your post has to do with the original post or any of the other comments or who, exactly, you think is "feeling sorry for themselves"? Unless you're referring to the way the Hobby Lobby dynasty felt about previously not being allowed to force their religious beliefs on their employees. Of course, the Supreme Court soothed those hurt feelings by ruling that a business can, in fact, dictate how it's employees live their lives and what medical care they receive. And as for the people who feel oppressed and victimized- I think most women feel those emotions from watching their rights to govern their own bodies being systematically taken away from them by a conservative,Republican faction. There's reason why we are supposed to have separation of church and state- the Hobby Lobby disgrace is a perfect example.


At first I thought RLElkins was confused...


I wonder if they could get

I wonder if they could get the skate park built any faster.


Dangerous Precedent

This SCOTUS is making a series of bad decisions. This one will come back to bite them in the a$$ when other corporate religions follow suit.


You should be calling for a

You should be calling for a constructional convention, so you can advocate for the doing away with the very foundations that has given you the freedoms to complain.


Exercising the Right of Freedom of Speech

I don’t think you need to see annikee’s statement in such an extreme view of your own.

Clearly she is not calling for “doing away with the very foundations that has given you the freedoms to complain.“ Moreover, seeing her statement as complaining is derogatory to her intention, rather than seeing her as exercising her constitutional right of freedom of speech.

Perhaps, this is not the best day of the year to do that.


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