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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Trump versus Bush

Did you ever think you'd miss George Bush?


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Don't Miss Him A Bit As President

I'm still waiting for us to correct all the things of Bush/Cheney. That was an era of bold dismantling of rights, as if some small group was just trying to see how much they could get away with before the American people stopped them. Limits to freedom of speech and assembly, new presidential powers, total survelliance of American citizens, corporate grift at historic levels, etc. The sad part was that everyone was os afraid of "terrorists" that standing up to abuse of power wasn't possible.

Sadder still is that the administration that followed didn't want to repair the damage. That was okay to Democrats, for some reason, because Obama was great and wouldn't abuse those new powers and systems left to him. Not taking any corrective measures left the door wide open for...

...what came next. Trump isn't going to be patching up anything, either. He's likely to break our traditional system of government even further, which should make things even more chaotic for the next president.

I don't miss Bush or Cheney - I assign a lot of blame to them for starting us down this path. Especially Cheney.


Not an accident

I’m beginning to wonder if Trump’s election wasn’t a fluke after all, but the result of a well-planned Republican campaign in place for at least a decade.

Firstly, with the help of several right-wing think tanks, and funded by a few well-heeled conservatives, they stealthily took over state legislatures in key states. This has actually happened, but nobody noticed.
Seats in the US House of Representatives are reapportioned by the state legislatures every 10 years following a census.
In many states, reapportionment meant gerrymandering. (Ask Dennis Kucinich what he thought of that one.) This resulted in more voting districts favorable to the Republicans.

Next came voter suppression. (which is still going on big-time. Can you say “Caging”?) The justification was “preventing voter fraud” despite virtually no evidence of it ever happening.


ALEC calling

There's a new ALEC-sponsored effort to change the way we choose state senators to Congress.

They'd like to make it so Governors and state legislators decide, by repealing the 17th amendment (which was put in place because Governors and state legislators choosing Senators become quite corrupt.)

With 33 governorships and 32 state legislatures, the GOP figures it can pick up 17 Senate seats by doing away with the 17th.

Here's a link to more on the ALEC plans.


Amendment required

An amendment to the Constitution is passed when two-thirds of both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate approve the amendment, then send it to the states for ratification. THREE-FOURTHS OF THE STATES must affirm the amendment for it to be ratified, according to Article V of the Constitution.


A fool’s errand

All boundaries, whether they are nations, states, counties, towns, etc., must be “controlled.” Whoever comes out on top will remain dominant until the next cycle of political machinations from an opposing party to gain power.

The fact that we all need winners, and to be on the winning side, works beautifully as a means to fool the people into a corrupt two-party system. It’s always best to narrow the fool’s choices to only democrats-republicans; left-right; black-white; gay-straight, etc., to prevent the poor sods from thinking too hard for themselves. People can barely hold on day-to-day much less handle more than a yes-no.

A choice between Trump-Bush, whereby any of us fools might miss Bush versus Trump, is a fool’s errand. :~)


My point

Bush was a disaster. Unbelievable as it may seem, Trump is worse. So much worse that Bush looks good by comparison.


Point understood but

Point understood but Trump being a disaster greater than Bush is mostly a perception that projects him as the "worst." The disaster profile of Trump is yet to be fully realize after only six months in office.

None of the Bush's can ever look good to me. Even a cursory reading of the history behind the Walker, Prescott and Bush families read like an evil empire with a long term devastating impact on our society.



"President Honey Boo Boo makes us long for the sane days of President Trump..."



Sometimes we just gotta laugh. :)


Nixon has been looking good

for a long time now. He recognized China, started the EPA, and by today's standards was practically a liberal!

And Eisenhower was positively wonderful. Sure he was an imperialist, responsible for CIA operations which overthrew a couple of democratically-elected governments, cheered on the murder of 2 million Indonesians, and sowed the seeds of the Vietnam disaster: But he spoke so reasonably, and set an example of bipartisanship and national unity.


Nixon by Nixon - The Tapes

You'd love what Nixon had to say about Jews, Blacks and Latinos. Nixon comments:


All of this glorifying of past U.S. presidents is absurdist on the part of Liberals. The Bush Family is an organized crime family. George H.W. Bush was the Director of the CIA. Does the CIA act in a liberal, positively wonderful way? I repeat, the Bush Family is organized crime. Do a little Google of Prescott Bush. What did he engage in during WWII with the Nazis? They make Trump look like a Boy Scout.


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