"It's about time that governments feared the people instead of the other way around." - Henry Rollins

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Live Free or … Bernie?

Editorial from the Concord Monitor:

As it turns out, Scott Brown isn’t the only politician from next-door New Hampshire voters should be watching.

In an interview with The Nation magazine this month, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he’s thinking about launching a campaign for president in 2016.



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Robert Reich as VP?

It would be an interesting campaign, I'm sure. Not many other candidates would share the same issues, which might would make the debates more lively.


From a press release:

BURLINGTON, Vt., March 24 – At a time of growing income and wealth inequality in the United States, Bernie Sanders will host free screenings of the Robert Reich documentary “Inequality for All.” including one on Sunday, March 30; 10:30 a.m. At BUHS.
“Income and wealth inequality is the great moral, economic and political issue of our time,” says Sanders. “It needs to be addressed by Congress, and it needs to be vigorously discussed by the American people.”

I’d like to suggest Elizabeth Warren as a running mate.
Jill Stein has been mentioned as well. I know very little about her other than that she was the nominee of the Green Party in 2012.


Comrad Bernie

Doesn't have a chance, unless you really think we will be saved by a total breakdown of our American values (even flawed, is better then the alternative) into a 3rd world socialist welfare state.

Cute little example: http://youtu.be/b-SHZxplMmM


total breakdown of our American values?

I got news for you, Steve. Our so-called American values have long since broken down, and It happened long before Obama came on the scene. We already live in a “socialist” (whatever that means) welfare state. Unfortunately, the welfare is granted to the “1%” elite who rule us, instead of the minimum-wage proletariat struggling to keep their heads above water.


The Gaping Hole

Like Nader, Sanders has too many good ideas that are intended to bridge the gaping hole of what’s wrong with America.

His revolutionary goals, including uniting “apathetic Americans” and “changing the nature of the media,” are long overdue. Unfortunately apathy in America is practically institutionalized. And the media’s “bottom-line” speaks for itself.

If he becomes a Nader-like vote-splitter that whimpers with a roar he’ll just be sent back to his cage, and do the poor more harm than good.

Minimally, I hope he can become a voice in the primaries that might influence other candidates by putting forth the ideas they dare not speak.


Even the hole has a hole

Like Huntsman for the R's, or Kucinich...I'm not sure the 'tilting the debate' thing is even a thing. Once a politician faces the maw of "Middle America"- however liberalized that's supposedly becoming- it seems the gadfly's candidacy ends up as a repudiation of so-called progress.

This may sound super cynical..But to me..Progress is a new system.



I never would have expected our democratic socialist to make it to DC, let alone become a Senator. I agree that the presidency is along shot, but maybe the time is right. Young people are increasingly disillusioned with both Democrats and Republicans. So are many older folks.

Of course, we'd lose a pretty good Senator. Would Douglas or Shumlin make a move for his seat?


no, but seriously...

*in a Bernie voice:

"Our good friends, the Koch brothers, are going to spend a bazillion dollars trying to convince you that we should return to our old values…an ungodly sum of money to support a corrupt, and unsound system.

We need to say, no thank you…So tell them this loud and clear by making a small contribution today. Just click on the link and make your voices heard..."


The Good Cynic

Sometimes taking on a losing cause is not always losing. Bernie has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If enough people click on his "make your voices heard" link, his PAC can collect sizeable sums which will put him in a position of being a political "distributor" of funds here in Vermont...a war chest of sorts...


a Harry Truman for the 21st Century

Yes, Bernie has nothing to lose, but the people stand to lose an enormous amount if he gives up his Senate seat, and ends up having jumped the shark as another firebrand also-ran candidate.

The presidency is the ultimate Procrustean bed, it’s impossible to imagine anyone's power of conviction overcoming the workings of the combine. I’m surprised progressive supporters who felt the letdown from Obama, would climb on the horse of hope so eagerly.

Also, you've got me wondering what percentage of contributions to campaigns are legally fluid.

I'm hoping Bernie's embryonic campaign is asking these very questions of themselves.


All that is true

I will however probably vote for Bernie if he runs for president.

I have already decided I won't under any circumstances be able to bring myself to vote for Hillary. So better I vote for Bernie than not at all.


C'mon Steve just drink the Kool -Aid

Steve, they're going to say you're completely wrong. I mean just take a look at Bernie's home state.
20 to 30 somethings getting outta dodge because there's no jobs here. I guess that's Washington's fault.
And such a wonderful Socialist utopia here that heroin and many other drugs are the best economy since people living here have to self medicate to enjoy living in such a state of affairs.


It’s not just Vermont, Mike

Young people not long for Granite State - 'Housing costs, job void send them away'
Since 1990, New Hampshire's 25- to 34-year-old population has dropped by 27 percent, compared with a 7 percent decrease nationwide. Only three states saw bigger declines: Maine, Connecticut and Alaska.

Marist College poll:
NY May Bid Farewell to 36% of Young Residents
A sizeable proportion of New Yorkers, including more than one-third of those under age 30, may soon be sending out change of address notifications, but those new homes will not be in New York State. According to this NY1/YNN-Marist Poll, 26% of adults in New York State plan to move someplace else in the next five years while 67% say they will stay. Just 6% are unsure.

From Connecticut Public Radio:
Demographic trends in Connecticut are pointing to a looming crisis. The state has lost more young workers than any other since 1990.
You can run off dozens of reasons why young people are leaving Connecticut at such a rapid pace after college - and heading south: Warmer weather, lower taxes, more jobs - and most importantly, cheaper housing. The loss of young workers costs our urban areas vibrancy, and has employers struggling to fill posts.

And after this bitter winter, you can bet the numbers will increase.

(And job loss isn’t the result of a socialist plot, it’s corporate America exporting our jobs bigtime)


National acclaim?

On January 19, 2011, Sanders announced that his "filibuster" speech would be published in February 2011 by Nation Books as The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class, with authorial proceeds going to Vermont nonprofit charitable organizations.

In response to his "filibuster", "activists across the country started talking up the notion of a 'Sanders for President' run in 2012, either as a dissident Democrat in the primaries or as a left-leaning Independent".

Hundreds of people signed online petitions urging Sanders to run, and pollsters began measuring his support in key primary states. Progressive activists such as Rabbi Michael Lerner and economist David Korten publicly voiced their support for a prospective Sanders run against President Barack Obama.

Sanders has disavowed any interest in a presidential run, saying he was "very proud to be Vermont's Senator", and maintained that "I am very content to be where I am, but I am flattered by that kind of response".



Yeah I'm not so sure Bernie would want to be held responsible for turning the entire country into Vermont.


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