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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Brattleboro March 2013 Election Results

Below are the unofficial vote results for the March 2013 Election in Brattleboro. Final vote counts and voting by district will available soon and we'll get it here for you to analyze.


Douglas Cox  - 761

Lawrin Crispe - 779


J. Eric Annis - 1256

Selectboard 3 Years

Ben Spoon Agave - 664

Kate O’Connor - 985

Selectboard 1 Year

John Allen - 710

David Cadran - 256

Ian Kiehle - 564

Phil Kramer - 334

Donna L Macomber - 534

David Schoales - 580

First Constable

Steven R. Rowell - 1312

Second Constable 

Richard H. Cooke - 1280

Trustee of Public Funds

Marshall Wheelock - 1326

School Director 3 Years

Jill Stahl Tyler - 1240

School Director 1 Year

David Schoales - 1165

Mark Truhan - 1038

BUHS Director

Robert Woodworth - 1320

Town Meeting Members 3 Years


Robert Bady - 284

Hugh Bronson - 365

Peter A. Cooper - 346

Lawrin Crispe - 379

Katherine N. Dowd - 368

Robert S. Fagelson - 371

R. Michael Fairchild - 313

Elwin Hamilton - 331

Prudence MacKinney - 329

George G. Roberge Jr. - 322



J. Eric Annis - 343

Carolee G Blouin - 341

Joe Bushey - 322

Kurt Daims - 291

Ann Darling - 330

Lisa A. Johnson - 322

Sylvia P. Lyon - 319

Robert Tortolani - 404

Francine Vallario - 302

Josh Steele - 298

Dana B. Sprague - 380

Marshall Wheelock - 391



Ben Spoon Agave - 382

Philip B. Chapman - 290

Thomas Finnell - 286

Betsy Gentile - 384

Veronica “Ronny” Johnson - 372

Elizabeth “Liz” McLoughlin - 281

Roger G. Miller - 337

Dennis Newman - 237

Frederic Noyes - 285

Sandra J Page - 287

William :Bill” T. Penniman - 277

Leo Schiff - 309

David L. Sullivan - 268

Jim Verizino - 240 

Town Meeting Member 2 Years D3 

Bill Pearson - 420

Town Meeting Member 1 Yr


George Reed-Savory - 399


Timothy J. O’Connor Jr. - 476


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Is there an ETA on the official results?

There's a thread that Grotke initiated write-in candidates, and I know I'm one of at least three. It seems that one- or two-digit vote counts are not a priority for publication by Town Hall.

Holland Mills


Write ins


Any Write-in Winners ?

There seemed to be a number of vacancies in D-1 for Town Meeting Rep.. Pardon my ignorance, but did any of the write-in candidates win? I would think if there was even one vacancy and even if only one person made a write-in vote for that empty seat, then that single vote would place a declared write-in candidate into the seat. I guess I'm missing something ... are there a minimum number of write-in votes needed to win? Or not?
I was expecting to see at least one vacancy filled via the write-in vote.


10 write-in votes were needed

10 write-in votes were needed to secure the seat.


Write ins are in final results....

There was a write-in winner. See the final results for write ins and votes by district.



Thanks for the answers.
I did see a number of vacant seats in my district, and we did have some declared write-in candidates. I'm sorry to hear that despite having some votes, there are willing candidates who won't be able to fill them. I'd rather have someone in the seat than an empty seat, regardless the vote count. Really sorry.


Declared Write-In Losers

Having secured a mere nine of the required ten votes, the Town Clerk advised me that I could turn up at Academy School Wednesday night (the 13th) as some sort of caucus would fill the remaining seats, and I was welcome to attend.

I live downtown, can't drive and public transportation has been gutted, so getting there and back is an issue. Further, I just asked the Town Clerk how said caucus works. However, it appears that my 9 votes won't make a lick of difference at the caucus, it which case it stops feeling like democracy to me, so I have more than one incentive to not follow through.

Holland Mills


Caucus appointments

Holland, you are welcome to call me at 254-7750 and I would be happy to give you a ride to the caucus on the 13th (and back if no one at the caucus can give you a ride home afterwards. There is no guarantee that the elected delegation will appoint you to fill a vacant seat, but having been a single vote short, and just being that willing to serve, I would be very surprised if you do not get appointed.

For those who were wondering if their district would be under-represented because of vacancies: Holland is correct that the caucus for each district can make appointments.


reply to SK-B

I called 802/254-7750 at 5.09pm today and was startled to get an answering machine indicating that I called not a residence but a business (real estate broker). I left no message.

I avoid posting my phone number or personal details on sites such as these, but I can be easily found by googling
"Holland Mills" Brattleboro

cheers hajm


District 3 Town Meeting Members contigent full and duly-elected

My memory of my Friday ballot seems to be a bit faulty; after a fourth look at District 3's election results, there are 14 printed names, and a clear winner by a fair write-in for the 15th position. It still leaves 3 unseated for two-year membership, but all seems square and fair.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it's a new Charter and takes a bit of getting used to.


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