"You do not lead by hitting people over the head. That's assault, not leadership." - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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10 Signs That You're Fully Awake

(This is not my list)

  1. You know there's no meaningful difference between major political parties
  2. You understand that the Federal Reserve, or international central banking more broadly, is the engine of our economic problems
  3. You know that preemptive war is never necessary
  4. You know that you're being systematically poisoned, how, by whom, and why
  5. You understand that government can never legislate morality, nor should they
  6. You know that the mainstream media is wholly owned and manipulated by the ruling elite
  7. You know that your neighbors are not your enemy
  8. You know that the endgame is one-world control of planet Earth
  9. You recognize that there are esoteric powers manipulating our physical world
  10. The power to change the world rests with you and you alone

For explanations and more information, go to: http://www.activistpost.com/2012/09/10-signs-that-youre-fully-awake.html




 “Reality” is very different from what we believe it to be!  What kind of world do you want to live in? 


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He warned us about this 60 years ago


Being Fully Awake

... means complying with a checklist which was created by some external authority, and being sure that you conform to their mandates.

Sure... why not.


"Activist Post"

They are the external authority who created the list, so I believe they have the right to choose who belongs to their list.



Did someone try to deny anyone's right to publish something stupid?

Copy and paste all the stupid items you like, Tomaidh. Not only do I not challenge your right to publish stupid things: You have my encouragement. I rather enjoy pointing out stupidity, so be my guest anytime you like.


#9, #9, #9

"9. You recognize that there are esoteric powers manipulating our physical world"

You mean space aliens, right? but are too shy to just come right out and say it.


#9, #9, #9

Since I did not compile the list, what I personally believe is irrelevant.
Activist Post makes the claim that the ruling elite take their occult rituals deadly serious. (For example, Google “Bohemian Grove”).
Many make the claim that certain of these “elites” subscribe to a form of Luciferianisn in which they claim that Lucifer is the “good” god and Jehovah or Adonai is an imposter. This is what Activist Post is referring to.
This belief can grant credibility to the many reports of pedophilia in high places.


You can't walk away from a fart, Tomaidh

Tomaidh, what you believe is very relevant. You are not posting random items: You are choosing what to copy and paste. The items that you post to ibrattleboro do not end up on this site of their own accord having had nothing to do with you.

And what are you talking about anyway: A word-salad of conspiratorial memes? Should I just figure that you're an addled old man and leave you alone?


Move it when you toot it

tomaidh, try to find a prevailing wind (the weather kind) and walk towards it. If that doesn't work find a therapist to rub the appropriate spot on your foot that corresponds with the offending muscle group to relax them. If you can’t find a qualified professional, then unbundle your memes and deny everything.

If all else fails, you can pretend you’re addled and everyone will leave you alone.

Keep up the good work.


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