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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Missing Dog Islay ("eye-la") in West B.

PLEASE HELP FIND ISLAY!!! (eye-la) Our dog ran off in West Brattleboro, from the home of Michael Gigante, PhD, (31 frog hill) toward Hilltop Montessori. She had no collar on, and was running away from a chocolate lab.

Please help her to get home, which is 1469 Windmill Hill Rd South in Putney.

She left their home around 11 am yesterday, March 17th. She is very shy and probably won't come if called. If you see her, please call Heather Taylor at 802-451-6340 or John Todd at 802-380-3455.

All authorities have been called.

She may be somewhere between their home and our home--she's pretty smart. Please think good thoughts...
Islay is about 55 pounds, Aussie mix with long black fur, brown feet, brown eyebrows, and white and brown on her chest. She knows the word "TREAT" but again, is VERY shy.


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She has been found! Through

She has been found!
Through the interwebbed grapevine and the kindness of strangers, she's back home safe and very, very tired.


Glad you have your beautiful

Glad you have your beautiful girl back home and that she's fine.


I have it from the dog grapevine

that she left do to a psychotic episode when she discovered how you spell her name.


Wow. What a snarky and

Wow. What a snarky and unnecessary comment. Why do you care what they named their dog? Islay is a Scottish island - maybe the name has sentimental meaning to them.Maybe they just liked the sound - and the spelling of it. Perhaps your comment was supposed to be funny? It wasn't. Just rude and grammatically incorrect.


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