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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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The UFOs, They Just Keep Coming to Brattleboro's Skies

The above photo was taken April 16, 2014. It was authenticated by the University of Brattleboro Photo Lab, and it may not get more authentic than that.

Living in Brattleboro  allows one to live in wonder. 

Maybe that's why the aliens want to come here?  Maybe they travel across millions of light years, just to find a place that will welcome them, and let them live in wonder, and in peace.


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Alternative Research Reveals

Giant potholes in Brattleboro cause hubcaps to fly off cars and trucks, amazing pedestrians.


What is the subtext of that remark ?

Are you suggesting that we took a hubcap, photographed it against a blue sky, and then used photo shop to merge it with another photo of my wife pointing at the skyline above Brown and Roberts?

If, so, then sir, I resemble that comment, mightily!

But we did not use a hubcap.

This was a real photo.

However, your comment cements our determination; we will come up with better evidence.


Checking it out?

I just hope these are not unfriendly aliens who are possibly scoping out all the good hiding places for Easter eggs. They could swoop in and...whooosh!
We will all be Easter egg -less. And nobody wants that.


Hey Orson,

Is that some kind of facet saver device from Brown and Roberts their modeling?, oh sorry Bibens Ace. Looks like more space junk is plummeting to earth, not sure what the going rate is for radio active decommissioned space scrap metal is these days, somebody will want it for sure to hang from a tree in their yard or make a bird feeder out of.


Our Salad Spinner

Hey ibratt folks,

Has anyone seen the top to our salad spinner? It's gone missing since a few days ago. I personally think that this is a way more important issue than UFOs in Brattleboro. I don't care how many light years they've come from, soggy salad is a real drag.


Well, maybe

maybe the aliens have a way to prevent soggy salad?

You could just ask them, you know, instead of being so dismissive of their importance.


The evidence is clear

I see that a number of ibrattleboro readers have tried to make a joke of Rolf's report. And if it had happened just once, OK it might have just been a random salad spinner. But this is the second time, which, objectively, cannot be dismissed so easily.



as previously stated, the University of Brattleboro Photo Labs has ALREADY authenticated this photo, as well as the one taken on April 5.

I actually believe that there are so MANY ufos over the skies of Brattleboro, travelling perhaps at such high rates of speed that they cannot always be seen with the human eye, (at least un-aided by a camera) that if any naysayer were to simply point their camera towards the heavens, and start LOOKING at the evidence that they themselves could collect, we would have many more pieces of evidence to consider.

More succinctly, let me say, Cynthia and I will be shooting for one photo of a UFO over Brattleboro a month. I encourage you all to join us in this fun, and important voyage of discovery.

Why is it fun? Well, that is both obvious and yet mysterious. Why is it important? Because it's fun.


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