"It's about time that governments feared the people instead of the other way around." - Henry Rollins

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Obscene Picture?

What say you?


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Isn't this a picture of a

Isn't this a picture of a lamp? What is obscene about that? I don't understand what point you're trying to make. Or maybe there is no point? Odd.


"Negative Space"

I'm guessing, hoping, the point is that vision is subjective. One can see, either by conditioning or disposition, a lamp or a crotch. One can see fascism or democracy, benevolence or venality, in the same social landscape.

Ok, so now what?



You got it right


“Ok, so now what?”

This picture is not very subjective at all. The foreground tree image in the lower right does little to deflect the fact the image is or at the least represents a female crotch image.

If there had been a full bush instead of the G-string it would not have been obscene to me. There is no part of the human body I consider obscene, real or imagined.

Thanks for sharing. This site really needs a little color infusion.


I guess I thought it was a

I guess I thought it was a lamp because I haven't seen that many crotches that have glowing orbs on top of them. Clearly I have led a sheltered life.
Really need to get out more....


"need to get out more...."


The lamp is like an embedded image that triggers the imagination.


Eye of the beholder

Not everybody sees a lamp. It may be gender-specific.


?????? " Gender specific"??

?????? " Gender specific"?? Is one gender more adept at recognizing either a lamp and/or a crotch? And, regardless of which you see first how are either of them obscene? This is just silly.


Obscene pic

I'll never look at my lamp the same.


Up the down staircase

Despite salacious overtones, there's another way to focus on this story.

The easy way is to frame it in terms of value judgement on what 'we' see..and to assign merits or demerits depending on our perspective. The famous example is the Supreme Court decision regarding pornography, the one where the judgment was "I'm not sure what porn is, but I know it when I see it."

The other way, more interesting- to me anyway- is to look at it as a escherlike exercise. Can we keep opposing imaginings (or ideas) in the mind at the same time, without reflex reaction to what 'we think we see'. Break the binary from either/or, it now becomes both/and.

The famous face/vase is the more innocuous example, but I think it's a worthy practice, especially in terms of ideas and morals. And, as 'they' say about any practice; use it or lose it.


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