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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

I Hid Some Treasure

I hid some treasure,( one of Zak Grace's energy orbs), somewhere beautiful. It needs to be found before it gets too cold. Consider that a clue.

Here is a link to Zak's webpage. On the second page, you can find pictures of orbs similar to the one that I hid.

If you search for this, and find it, please take the orb. It's yours.

But, please bring a small treasure with you, to set out for the next person. Something beautiful, and natural, and small.

This is where Zak's orb is, and what you need to do to find it.

Teg oruy tusismiw.

Og ot het eplac denimonet ni snuberm tywneet terhe neetrouf, dan ew od ton eman het sledif fo Mizoph, dan ouy od ton evah ot og het pot fo hitginyan.

Texn kolo rof het brilkun pool.

Het polo soeg daronu reeth kales.

Ta het thonrern pot fo het olop ecaf thous thiw het sternew tarp fo het polo no het thigr fo eth kales, dan het ternesa trap fo het pool rucgivn rove het pot, dan neth wond ot het felt fo eth elkas.

Klaw touba 700 pests nowd het ternewst dies fo het liart ot erehw het lirat semco ot neo fo het sestolc stipon ot het tawer fo eth kale.

Tabou neo derduhn tefe foferosh ereth si a cork batou het ezis fo a gink zeidse deb (pednedgin fo secour no het rewat velle.)

Miws ot het kroc. OD TON ROWND !

Teno atth rethe rae rouf ro os rebbyuerl shesbu dan a gelar elip fo segoo opop no het orck.

Het erusatre si TON ni het elip fo popo!

Rethe si a kracc ni eth orck. Het karcc snur lyghour teas ot stew. A slalm corck si tes ni het carck, tabou flah yaw nowd tit's gelnth.

Het gynere bor si didhen redun het malls cork. Hotb rewe retawredun hewn eth bor saw ste tou.

Doog Culk !



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Sharpen your pencils

Very cool to see another puzzle from Rolf....


Solution for sale

I have solved this puzzle and will reveal the answer for €1,700. I take credit cards.


With that much money . . .

You could buy a lot of energy orbs. Orbs go for a mere $50 or so.

So, when I say we buried treasure, it is a treasure. Zak, who lives in Brattleboro, and has his glass shop on Williams Street, has figured out how to embed the copper in a glass ball, and some of these orbs even make a slight, musical sound when you shake them. They very much are little treasures from Brattleboro.

Not of great monetary value, perhaps, but really cool.


My information would be a bargain at twice the price!

This orb has had value added. It's the only one of its kind. There are no other hidden orbs to be found. The person who manaages to retrieve this treasure will be the only person ever to do so. It's a unique opportunity.

I should probably charge more for my information.. Act now, before I raise my prices!



"Het erusatre si TON ni het elip fo popo!"

That would not be a good hiding place. : )


Here is the link to Zak Grace Glass, with images of energy orbs

See page 2 for the energy orbs.






i was hoping this would be

i was hoping this would be like cryptoquip... still cool! I love puzzles.


Please remember to bring something small and lovely

Whoever gets there first, please remember to bring something small and lovely to replace the orb, so that successive (dare I say, generations of) treasure seekers have something to find.

(One person has already figured out where the treasure is, but can't get there till later this weekend. )


and tell us

Hoping, too, that the person who finds it describes their adventure here, and leaves clues to what was left in its place.


Treasure found, Treasure replenished

A family from Brattleboro found the energy orb, and put out a new treasure in its place, in the same hiding spot.

They provided no clues as to what the new treasure is, but said that it was something that they already had in their house, and that it was deemed worthy of becoming treasure.


It worked!

Very cool. That's great that someone both figured it out and went on the adventure, but also followed the suggestion and placed something new.

May the circle be unbroken.

It would be nice to catalog everything that gets placed there as treasure.


Someting from the Sea

The discoverers of the energy orb say the following about the treasure that they set out;

It consists of 3 separate pieces, which they placed at the same hiding place.

Two are in a bag,

and one is under the bag,

and all came from the sea. . .

If you find this treasure, please feel free to take it, but be sure to leave something small and lovely back so that the future treasure seekers will be rewarded for their efforts.


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