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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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Items of interest to iBrattleboro readers that don't fit into other section categories.

Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - Week of July 20

Brattleboro Time Trade:

Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.

See below for exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade is all about!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from a tired brain:


Interior Design & Organization
Beginner Sewing Lessons
Small Oak Woodpile Free with Pick Up in Hinsdale, NH.
Guided Meditation and Breathing Practice
Wood Stacking
Ride to Molly Dowd’s Service
Kale Seedlings to Give Away
Week at Curves of Brattleboro


Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement.  A member of the Irgun as a teenager, Avnery sat in the Knesset from 1965–74 and 1979–81. He was also the owner of HaOlam HaZeh, an Israeli news magazine, from 1950 until it closed in 1993.

He is famous for crossing the lines during the Siege of Beirut to meet Yassir Arafat on 3 July 1982, the first time the Palestinian leader ever met with an Israeli. Avnery is the author of several books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including 1948: A Soldier’s Tale, the Bloody Road to Jerusalem (2008); Israel’s Vicious Circle (2008); and My Friend, the Enemy (1986).  (Wikipedia)


A Small Plane Is Buzzing Brattleboro

A small plane is circling above Brattleboro today, buzzing about. A somewhat unusual occurance.


Brattleboro Time Trade Listings - Week of June 29

Brattleboro Time Trade:

Exchanging services, creating connections, strengthening communities, one hour at a time.

See below for exciting Upcoming Events and learn what Time Trade is all about!

This week's fabulous listings, brought to you from a crescent moon view:


Tai Chi Practice
Chinese Lessons and Tutoring
Intensives for Business, Educational Exchange & Other Travel Opportunities.
Tutoring for Math, Reading, Writing, Other Academics
Origami Gift Boxes


History, and Speculation. The Arch Duke Ferdinand Died 100 Years Ago

Here is a link to an interesting speculative piece, "What if the Arch Duke Ferdinand had never been killed?"



Gertrude of Arabia?

Betcha you never heard of her. Sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

The story of a British intelligence agent who rigged an election, installed a king loyal to the British, drew new borders—and gave us today’s ungovernable country: Iraq.

Quote: “It was a hundred years ago, a few months before the outbreak of World War I. Baghdad was under a regime loyal to the Ottoman Turks. The Turkish authorities in Constantinople had reluctantly given the persistent woman permission to embark on her desert odyssey, believing her to be an archaeologist and Arab scholar, as well as being a species of lunatic English explorer that they had seen before.


Yard Sale on High Street - Toys, Office Furniture, Antiques & More

We are hosting a yard sale at 76 High Street (McCarty Law Offices) in Brattleboro on Satuday, June 21st from 8-3PM. We have lots of inventory from antiques, a Persian Rug, kids toys (a lot of it from my childhood), books, office furniture and Christmas decorations.

We would love to see it go and for you to come down and see what we have. Hope to see you there.

-McCarty Law Offices


Large UFO Over Small Vermont Neighborhood


NECCA Student in Ringling Bros. Fall

Former New England Center for Circus Arts student Samantha Pitard was one of the eight circus acrobats that fell at a Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey circus show in Providence.

She’s the only performer released from the hospital so far.

The Guardian has an interview with her.  

Elsie Smith, NECCA co-founder and Artistic Director, said doing aerial arts is like driving a car.  ”You learn slowly, and know that there is danger in what you are doing.  There are bumps and bruises and fender benders along the way, and every once in a while there is an accident like a pile up on the interstate that gets a lot of attention.”


Normal Teen, or Terrorist?

What kind of teen do these behaviors describe to you?

“Parents might see sudden personality changes in their children at home—becoming confrontational. Religious leaders might notice unexpected clashes over ideological differences. Teachers might hear a student expressing an interest in traveling to a conflict zone overseas. Or friends might notice a new interest in watching or sharing violent material.”

A normal teenager?


I Do Believe That Another UFO Is Coming. And, I Don't Mean A Silly Photo

I received this email, so, it seems that all is in place. 


Scientific Sales, Inc. Order #A917907 has shipped and the tracking information is below. Thank you for your business!"

I personally believe that T. P. James would be prouid, or, at least encouraging. 


The UFOs, They Just Keep Coming to Brattleboro's Skies

The above photo was taken April 16, 2014. It was authenticated by the University of Brattleboro Photo Lab, and it may not get more authentic than that.


Another Phone Scam

I've just heard of someone being scammed. A phone call from a "Live Technician" with a Las Vegas number and a Canadian billing address, scammed this elderly woman for several hundred dollars and wiped much of her laptop, iPad, and iPhone clean. The caller "knew" which devices she owned before she told him and she unwittingly gave him access to her devices. He was claiming that she needed to buy his company's malware and that her computer was loaded with troubles. He wiped out whole programs she'd paid for, and supposedly installed their malware. Of course, all of her information and identity is now stolen.


April First Newsletter


Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition Community Survey: Price Chopper/Rite Aid

During the month of March, Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition (BAPC)  is doing a community survey to determine if people are bothered by second-hand smoke in front of Price Chopper and/or Rite Aid on Canal Street.

BAPCwill be hosting a community Facebook chat in early April to discuss the results and determine the next step. Please complete the survey, pass it along, and join us for the Facebook chat on April 8th from 7-8 PM. 


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