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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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My Prediction (West River Interstate Bridge)

You heard it here from me first: my prediction as a citizen observer is that the West River interstate bridge will not be completed until August/September 2020.

That's with every single last thing done: boths side, lines on the pavement, all construction equipment removed, landscaping done, everything. My prediction is that Labor Day weekend 2020 will be the grand opening completion celebration.

This isn't a diss to the project, it's just stating my prediction based on how long it has taken thus far and how far they realistically still have to go, that it won't be done until Labor Day weekend 2020.


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Mid 2017 for me

2020 seems a bit far out to me. The machine helping with making the bridge spans (the form traveler?) seems to build things rather quickly once they get going, plus they have both towers and lots of the new approach/exit grading done.

I'll guess that the bridge will look connected by the end of the summer 2016, but that the additional work of paving and striping and electric, etc will have to be postponed until spring of next year. Plus I'll figure in a bit of time for weather and other delays.

I'll be we're driving across it in mid 2017.'


Which will be done first, a major bridge project for I-91, or a Brattleboro skatepark? I'll guess bridge.


How about a pedestrian day on the bridge?

I agree with Chris, it will be done next year.

Wouldn't it be nice if, before it opened to traffic, there were day when pedestrians could walk across it and admire the view?

This was done when the Golden Gate Bridge was completed (and repeated once or twice on anniversaries).

Access could be provided on the pedestrian day from Upper Dummerston Road, or from the temporarily elevated section of of the West River Trail, or both, and there could be shuttle buses for handicapped access.


Wait. You and Chris think the

Wait. You and Chris think the ENTIRE project, both northbound and southbound will be done next year?? How is that possible when it is taken much longer than that just to do the first half (northbound) and they're not even nearly done?! Unless there's some plan to step up the speed of the project by adding 700 extra workers, there's no way it will be all done next year. I would bet $1,000 on it.

Labor Day weekend 2020 - full and final completion.

We should do an ibrattleboro bet to have people guess the completion date and whoever comes closest gets like a coupon to Duo or something.


two bridges become one

The one bridge is replacing the current two.

Having walk on the bridge day would be a great way to celebrate its completion. A bit scary for those afraid of heights, but something they should schedule in.


I.Stand.Corrected. Ohhhhhhh.

Ohhhhhhh. I didn't know that! Doh! I think most people don't know that.

In that case, I think, yes, next year the bridge will be driveable, but I don't think that they'll have the other side dismantled and everything done and landscaped until '18.


Pedestrian Day

That's a great idea!

I've gone on several of the Trail Talk tours. Fascinating.


Pedestrian Day

I have sent a suggestion about Pedestrian Day on the Bridge to folks at VTrans, Town of B, the Chamber and PCL. It would not hurt for others to make the same suggestion.


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