"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to." - John Ed Pearce

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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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The Op/Ed opinion section

The Coming Saudi Crack-up?

The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil.

The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has a lot of Shiites.

Many of the oil workers in the Eastern Province (as well as Bahrain, Oman & UAE) are Shiites.

These Shiites are currently very angry.


How To End War

This year's seasonal epiphany had a fitting theme – peace and how to attain it.  It was a two part revelation.  The first is very simple: stop starting new wars.  If there's not already a war somewhere, don't start one.  Period.  No matter how undemocratic you think the regime or how crappy their policies, bombing a country does not improve the lives of the people there.  On the contrary, it destroys lives in every sense.  


2015 In Review - A Cavalcade of Crises

So many things happened in 2015, it's hard to catalog in one year-end summation. To a large extent, It was a year defined by crises, including financial distress in Greece and China as well as the Syrian refugee crisis and the rise of ISIL. But before we plunge into the disaster zone, it was also a political year. What better place to start than the US presidential campaigns, now well underway.

Here in Vermont, many were heartened by Bernie Sanders' strong start and people-powered campaign. It was nice to see someone take on Hillary, even as he gave her a pass on her various scandals (emailgate, Benghazi). There was also the rise of Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner who can say almost anything and still gain in the polls. Despite the theatrics, politics this year provided a patter of response to the events of 2015, as the real world intruded into the carefully crafted platforms of the various candidates. They were forced to take positions on gun control, foreign affairs, Black Lives Matter, and the global economy, articulated in a string of debates held by both parties. Voters who are paying attention got the chance to hone their own positions against those who would be our leaders over the next several years.


Resolved! Rev. King's Outcry Re Illegal Wars for Predatory Investments Will Trigger Prosecution

Will 2016 be the year in which a prominent voice quotes King's condemnations of US wars. Good people everywhere should resolve this new year to follow Ramsey Clark in his efforts toward hearing the truthful and liberating words of King as a catalyst toward achieving justice and adjudicated compensations that will end profitable genocide

Will it happen in 2016, during the weekend holiday in the United States dedicated to Martin Luther King's birth date. that of the dozens of nations presently under attack, whether by US NATO UN military or economic warfare, one will field a celebrity status leader reading to the public from King's long suppressed sermon Beyond Vietnam - a Time to Break Silence?


Brattleboro's Business License (Tax) Needs Reform

At about this time each year, Brattleboro businesses generously donate over $50,000... to the Town of Brattleboro for a town business license.

That’s $50,000 that is diverted from food and heat drives, year-end bonuses, and holiday gift buying and into the town’s coffers. It is also an unnecessary hurdle for business owners in Brattleboro.

There are many things wrong with this approach, all easily solved if we are serious about being business-friendly.

It doesn’t need to be collected at this time of year.

The current system requires payments be made during the holiday season, when food drives, heat funds, and donations to other worthy causes need funds. This is the only time it can be collected, according to the way the town operates the program.


Christ's Birthday in an America That Kills Jesus Multiple Times in Multiple Countries Daily

Jesus warns harming God's children is equivalent to harming the Lord. "As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me." This principle of a common humanity is basic to the Nuremberg Principles of Int’l Law, written to prosecute anyone, who would ever do what the Nazis did, which included bombing, invading and occupying innocent nations as Christian Americans have done since end of World War Two


"We Choose To Go To The Moon"

President Kennedy’s speech “We choose to go to the Moon”  3:42 minutes
Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon in 1969. There have been six manned U.S. landings between 1969 and 1972. A cursory trolling of the Internet will bring a trove of manned moon landings hoax claims and debunkers of the hoax theory. Did man walk on the moon or not?

One strong indicator against man walking on the moon hoax is that if the 1969 landing was a hoax, then all six manned missions to the moon were a hoax, as well as all of the unmanned vehicles landings and all the manned orbits around the moon. If a hoax is in order, then it would not make sense to create a hoax for just the first manned mission but to create a hoax for the entire array of Apollo missions.

In fact, there are too many indications that the manned landings were for real.


I Miss the Reformer Christmas Stocking

I miss reading all the comments and good wishes in the donation column. I miss having a local charity that gave 100 percent of the proceeds to its intended beneficiaries.

I miss Pat Smith running the newspaper campaign. I miss how people would write: In lieu of local Christmas cards. I miss how you could write anything you wanted and make it as long as you wanted and it would get printed.


A Nuremberg Trial for US Funding Slaughter of Syrians Destruction of Libya Iraq Afghanistan

A Nuremberg Trial for US Funding Slaughter of Syrians Destruction of Libya Iraq Afghanistan by jay janson

"Assad killed his own people peacefully protesting!" Sound familiar? Substitute 'Gaddafi' for 'Assad,' and one is on one's way to bring to mind so many other similarities made to be forgotten in TV, radio and printed news and entertainment in Western media, media owned by corporations profitably investing in the illegal and unconstitutional use of US Armed Forces and CIA. CIA creation and use of 'Islamic' terror is reviewed.



Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is looking to resurrect itself by calling for activists to pledge to a demonstration and sit-in in spring. I have always been a keen supporter of the movement. I joined two Wall St local groups and an offshoot work group of one of them and the movement is dear to my heart. However, I think it’s futile this idea of demonstrating. It merely keeps us in the position of hamsters on the wheel. As long as we supplicate anyone or any entity, we are essentially saying that we need permission.


How Do You "Plug" A Back Up Battery Into A Generator? VTEL Isn't Telling Me Enough

Monday, November 23, 2015 3:54 PM

jjones @vermontel.com; jim.condos @sec.state.vt.us; jcampbell @leg.state.vt.us; vt13@ aol.com anita @leg.state.vt.us

Hi! Julie,

is the VTEL back up battery located outside or inside the residential house?

Is it up a pole?


ISIL and Us

The Middle East has been America's military playground for over 30 years. Starting with the first Gulf War, the US has gone beyond the installation of dictatorial puppets and into the realm of constant warfare, with drone strikes only a part of our present involvement in that region. Up until now, not much of this has touched the average American, who lives thousands of miles away from the carnage. Unless you or a someone you knew was in the military and deployed there, it didn't feel real. Or at least it didn't, until recently. Paris changed all that. Suddenly, the battlefield was no longer just the Middle East, where we could safely ignore it, but potentially here, where we live.


Brattleboro Kiln Dried Noise Increase

I've been living on Elliot Street, south side, above the BKD complex for about 5 years. There has always been factory fan noise, but up until now, the decibel level has been not too bad.

Recently, however, I noticed a marked increase in the fan noise-say in the last month or so. The level is difficult to tolerate-I run a white noise generator whenever I'm home. And it barely contains the hum. If there are others who have noticed this intrusion, I'd like to hear from you. BKD ought not to be allowed to just turn up the fans and wreck the neigborhood, just to generate a bit more $$.

Paul Miksis


Distinguishing Between Fact, Opinion, Belief, and Prejudice

From Colarado State University's Writing Center


A fact is verifiable. We can determine whether it is true by researching the evidence. This may involve numbers, dates, testimony, etc. (Ex.: "World War II ended in 1945.") The truth of the fact is beyond argument if one can assume that measuring devices or records or memories are correct. Facts provide crucial support for the assertion of an argument. However, facts by themselves are worthless unless we put them in context, draw conclusions, and, thus, give them meaning.


Honor All Veterans? Contrast Words of Mandela, Ramsey Clark, M.L.King, Mark Twain, Jesus


Veterans Day? Mandela,"US committed unspeakable atrocities" Clark,"US foreign policy greatest crime" King,"Time has come when silence is betrayal. They languish under our bombs, children homeless without clothes run in packs beg our soldiers for food, sell their sisters, mothers" Twain,"Easier to fool people than convince them they've been fooled" Gen.Butler,"War is a Racket!"Jesus,"As you did to my brothers, you did to Me" 


Israeli-USA Insanity Described by Gideon Levy Was Media Created for Profitable Genocide

Mark Twain said, Fear the media, for they will steal your Honor. Watch the video of Haaretz Newspaper's renown columnist Gideon Levy describe a state of blind, deaf and dumb Israeli acceptance of the inhumanity of death, degradation and homicidal captivity of their Arab Palestinians. Read author's 'US Economic Facilitation of Holocaust and Middle East Destabilizing Partition.' Corporate media maintains a genocide-perpetuating pretense of a non-existent search for peace in Palestine.


The Sign of the Cross - Cristo Crucificado

Why anyone should wonder that Americans are such a violent society is beyond me. Most of us grew up in everyday sight of Christian crosses.

And, because the cross became such a ubiquitous object of worship and veneration, society is blinded by a whitewash of respect for it.The incredibly brutal graphic depiction of the crucifixion, real or imagined, is with us every day of our lives as an ever-present reminder of the violence woven into the consciousness of our social fabric.

The story behind the cross represents a literal pictogram of the worst characteristics of human nature.


Usual US Criminal Insanity! Presidential Heroes of Mostly Children Genocide in Vietnam? John Kerry's Ass

During the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate, yesterday millions of simple-minded Americans listen to the now time worn touting of various candidates as heroes, for having “fought for their country in Vietnam.” 
Here is what former Democratic candidate for President and present Secretary of State John Kerry testified about the American war in Vietnam before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971.


In UN of Appearances Latin Americans Don't Call for Nuremberg Prosecution - In 2009 Gaddafi Did

Though Argentina Bolivia Cuba Ecuador Venezuela and Nicaragua condemned US wars and murderous exploitation during this year’s UN Gen. Debate, they as other delegates, lamented the current deplorable condition of today’s world of death and destruction, of poverty and starvation calling for everyone to work to rectify the situation. No delegate even once called for justice through prosecution. Gaddafi UN speech quoted.


At UN Syria Fails to Call for Nuremberg Prosecution of US and Allies Funding/Organizing Terrorist Invasion

Years from now when the East resumes world leadership after five centuries of savage European racist domination and the UN is free of colonial powers control, people will look back in astonishment to UN debates in which nations bombed and invaded by the US and NATO were unable call for justice under the Nuremberg Principles of international law. Syria allowing the US to get away genocide in 2015 one example.


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