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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Them or Us - The Malice of Sexual Orientation

In the struggle for sexual identity bisexual people disappeared behind the battle lines drawn between the straights and the gays. One of the worst things to happen to modern sexual freedom was the misappropriation of bisexual people under the umbrella group of the gay, lesbian and queer liberation movement.By incorporating bisexuals as one of them, the LGBTQ group planted bisexuals squarely on one side of the dichotomous “them against us” syndrome. Moreover, when the foundational “gay” umbrella group evolved, it unfairly denied bisexuals, intentional or not, their own liberation from social inequality and injustice.

Dichotomous thinking, also known as black or white thinking, is a symptom of many mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder” (BPD). If you have BPD and dichotomous thinking is a struggle for you, you may see only the extremes of things, never the middle. The wall between straights and gays is a battle of extremes that can never be won.

However, can you imagine the effect that social equality of sexual attraction to both genders would have on the consciousness of human coexistence?

Bisexual people have something that straights and the gays can never have. They offer the best chance for profoundly different people to live in harmony. The wall of separation that divides same-sex and opposite-sex orientations would crumble.

Bisexuals are one of a kind. No other group of people on earth bridges the love of humanity like all omnisexuals do. And, therefore, no other sexual classification can innately unify the human race to live in harmony despite different ideologies or interests.

Rearing our young to understand and accept without malice, the joy of the love and affection between both genders would change the world like it has never known before. The “gay” revolution would pale in comparison.

Vidda Crochetta


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"Teach your children well"

This article was published in the Bennington Banner January 28, 2017 .

I submitted it to Bennington because they have a population of 16,000 with 35% of them under 24 years old. And, a median age of 38.

My message is directed to anyone interested in the topic, but it’s young people where my op-ed might resonate with more. Hopefully, now that Brattleboro has the college on Main Street our youth population will grow.


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