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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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It seems we've always needed “shitholes” (Perhaps to placate lower-class whites by boosting their egos?)

Back in 1848 when my ancestors migrated, Ireland was the shithole. The Irish weren't considered “white”. They were relegated to the most difficult and dangerous jobs like building the railroads because they were expendable.

A few years later, as the Irish rose in society, Poland became the shithole. Subsequently, Italy replaced Poland.

We don't even think of that anymore as the Irish, Poles and Italians hold significant positions in our society today.(Think Kennedys, Bidens, Cuomos.)

It was bigotry then and it's a gelatinous orange pustule of bloviating bigotry today. (Words courtesy of Greg Palast).

There aren't sufficient words in English to express my distain for Trump and my fears for the enormous damage he's doing to our beloved country.


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We're worse than you

I still say my heritage is Prussian, not German or Polish. (We came from Prussia, but it is now Germany/Poland.) Didn't want to be associated with those Germans growing up....

As for damage, look at how Trump has inspired people who had been sitting around to get up and care about things again. I've seen more activism and results in the last year than in the previous 16. People have been motivated to stand up for things they believe in again. Sure, most of "The Resistance" is a campaign to give money to Democrats rather than say, get the secret location of the wires one is supposed to cut, but overall there seem to be people paying more attention than they had been. That seems good.

Trump (cough, cough... Sanders) is also inspiring a new generation of rather progressive people to run for office, which should lead to decades of smarter policies once they get in. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging further left than had a Democrat been in office right now. That could be good for the long run.

I think Trump may just make America great again - not through his actions but through our reactions.


Silver lining

Looks like you found it.


Not easy, but

I try... : )



I agree. People who had no idea about how government works are involved, lefty types are getting elected, it's not all bad. Reacting is the mode of the day.


I wonder

Would this Socialist ghetto be deemed the same?



Depends who is talking.

And if anyone admits what it said at the meeting.


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