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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Oh No! Something "New" for Marijuana Legalization Advocates to Worry About!

March 5, 2013 Tuesday, Town Meeting Day in Vermont

Will President Barack Obama allow United Nations "peacekeeping" troops to kill Americans who are growing marijuana in violation of the United Nations  INCB treaty?

Isn't it time to end "one world government" so that we can MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL?

Isn't it time to end all of these Treaties that the United States has signed onto so we can get back in control of our own country?



Drug chiefs, UN agency apply pressure to block marijuana legalization

UN Says Marijuana Legalization Violates International Regulations



In discharging its mandate under the
 international drug control treaties, the
 Board maintains an ongoing dialogue
 with Governments through various means,
 such as regular consultations and country

 That dialogue has been instrumental
 to the Board's efforts to assist Governments
 in complying with the provisions of the treaties.
 The Convention Evaluation Section of the
 INCB Secretariat assists the Board in these task.

 In addition, the Section
 publishes the quarterly Newsletter of INCB.

Over the years, the Board has invoked article 14
 of the 1961 Convention and/or
 article 19 of the 1971 Convention
 with respect to a limited number of States.

 The Board's objective has been to encourage
compliance with those Conventions
 when other means have failed.

In 2000, the Board invoked
 article 14 of the 1961 Convention
 as amended by the 1972 Protocol
 with respect to Afghanistan,
 in view of the widespread illicit cultivation
 of opium poppy in that country.

Afghanistan is currently the only State
 for which action is being taken pursuant to
 article 14 of the 1961 Convention
 as amended by the 1972 Protocol.

Article 14 of the 1961 Convention
 (and that Convention as amended by
 the 1972 Protocol) and article 19 of the
 1971 Convention set out measures
 that the Board may take to ensure
 the execution of the provisions
 of those Conventions.

 Such measures, which consist
 of increasingly severe steps,
are taken into consideration
 when the Board has reason to believe
 that the aims of the Conventions
 are being seriously endangered
 by the failure of a State to carry
 out their provisions.

 The States
 concerned are not named until
 the Board decides to bring the situation
 to the attention of the parties,
 the Economic and Social Council and the
 Commission on Narcotic Drugs
 (as in the case of Afghanistan).

Apart from Afghanistan, the States
 concerned have taken sufficient
 remedial measures so that the Board
 was able to terminate action taken
 under those articles vis-à-vis those States.

 The 1961 Convention establishes
 strict controls on the cultivation
 of opium poppy, coca bush
 cannabis plant
 and their products,
 which, in the Convention,
 are described as "narcotic drugs"
 (although cocaine is a stimulant drug
 rather than one that induces sleep).

 Control is exercised over 119 narcotic drugs,
 mainly natural products,
 such as opium and its derivatives,
 morphine, codeine and heroin,
but also synthetic drugs,
 such as methadone and pethidine,
 as well as
 and coca leaf.

 The system of estimates covers all States,
 regardless of
 whether or not
 they are parties
 to the 1961 Convention.


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