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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Gematria: The Elite's Obsession With Numbers

The world we live in today is controlled by an elite cabal. Very wealthy men and women own the land, control the religions,secret societies, the media, the banks, and the resources. They don't care about us. They treat us like cattle. To be branded, taxed and milked dry. They have been ruling since before the days of Babylon and probably much longer. They have installed puppet governments around the world that represent them not us. The sooner people realize this the better off we will be.

This elite cabal are obsessed with numbers and rituals. They study the caballah (where the word cabal comes from) and as part of their practice they are well versed in Gematria. This elite that controls the media, 5-6 corporations control the media, codes all their stories and sports with Gematria.

What is Gematria? Very few people outside of this group know anything about Gematria. Gematria is the ancient caballistic practice of coding numbers into words. In the beginning, so it is written, God merged the number with letter. There are many different ways of figuring out the Gematria of a word. Why haven't you heard about this? Who controls the media and the state run school system?

I will give you four examples.

1. English Ordinal. a=1, b=2. c=3, etc..and k=11,l=12, s=19, z=26
2. English Reduction- l=12 in reduction =3 ,z=8, s=10 and 1, k is a master number in numerology and can be 11 or 2.
3. English reverse- a=26, b=25 etc..z=1
4. English reverse reduction= a=8 and so on..

There are over 30 different ways (or ciphers)to find the Gematria of a word, phrase or sentence. To figure it out you simply add these letters in a word together.

Lets take the word, fox for example.f=6, o=15, x=24= 45
fox= 45 in English ordinal. Lets do English reduction f=6, o=6, x=6
fox=18 in English reduction. Also notice its 6,6,6.
Lets do English Reverse- f=21, o=12, x=3
fox=36 in English Reverse
Isn't this fun?! Lets try English Reverse reduction- f=3,o=3,x=3.Notice the 3,3,3
fox=9 in English Reverse Reduction

This elite cabal has developed the language and its based on Gematria
The priesthood were the only literate peoples in the world for centuries. Education was originally only for the wealthy.

Check out this online Gematria calculator: http://gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php

and this intro to Gematria:


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I have long believed that a small number of very wealthy individuals and families use the power of their wealth to control circumstances in ways that advance their interests.
It’s a very short leap to assume that they cooperate with each other when mutually beneficial. To do otherwise would “violate” human nature. (if, indeed, they are human. David Icke and others say they are not)
The “Royal” and “Noble” families (think: Hohenzollerns & Habsburgs) didn’t just fade away with the rise of democracy; they know how easy it is to manipulate democracy from behind the scenes.
It’s not just these families, and the controlling families are not just European. They may reside anywhere in the world.
Many, if not most of our US presidents have familial links to these elites (Including Obama, but not, apparently Trump).

All things considered, what are the effects on the rest of us from Gematria and the Elite's obsession with numbers?



I have long believed that a small number of very wealthy individuals and families use the power of their wealth to control circumstances in ways that advance their interests... they cooperate with each other when mutually beneficial.

Of course, they do! Stating the obvious with an overly simplistic view has little value and will get us nowhere. There is far more to the owners of wealth and power than that, with any number of possibilities.

All things considered, what are the effects on the rest of us from Gematria and the Elite's obsession with numbers?

Here’s a number for you and pockets to consider: 0
The only effect it has is to rope in the ignorant. I enjoy magic like a lot of people, but I’m not gullible enough to think that it is any more than entertaining deception.


Who these elite are

A word about elite.

Pockets: “The world we live in today is controlled by an elite cabal”

When you see an activist using the word “elite” that’s the first indication that they probably don’t know what they’re talking about. Nowadays you often see the word elite used in conjunction with cabal, pedophiles, magic, secret societies and who knows what, usually in referencing the wealthy and powerful. I’m sure some of the wealthy and powerful might practice those things, and worse, but activist rarely and accurately identify who these elite are because even if they provide names they cannot prove their accusations based on conjecture. Too many activists also believe in what they said, rather than knowing what they say based on verifiable facts.

Moreover, if activists really have to discuss Gematria or Kabbalah, may I suggest “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture” by Benjamin Blech, found here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/943234.The_Complete_Idiot_s_Guide_to...


Racist Conspiracy Theory

so your point is that there is an international Jewish conspiracy? How very original.
I suppose in the age of Trump this kind of idiotic diatribe has gained some traction.


Glad someone is naming this for what it is.

Thank you, Jamie.


The elite “cabal” is more of a blend of influences

The comment above charging Pockets with making the 'unoriginal point that there is an international Jewish conspiracy as being racist and a Trumpian idiotic diatribe' might also benefit from the “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture.”

While the kabbalah, like many other religious disciplines, originated in Jewish tradition as a type of study-guide for interpreting and understanding scripture, it evolved over time to later be absorbed and adapted to both Christianity and the New Age mystical societies. Therefore, it is no longer strictly Jewish tradition.

The Assyrian and Babylonian origins of Gematria, which is basically a alphanumeric cipher (or magic), was absorbed into Jewish tradition and is written largely in Hebrew or Aramaic.

The elite “cabal” mentioned by Pockets and tomaidh, in modern terms, is more of a blend of influences within Judean Christian practice. Today’s elite is not particularly composed of racist conspiracists against Judaism, but a composite of western religious thought.


A word about race

The world population of Jews is about 15 million. Israel, with 6.5 million Jews is the only Jewish nation-state. About half of the people in Israel are secular Jews and most of them do not believe in a god. Like Christianity and other religions, the world population, whether religious or just cultural, is noteworthy, in that it is composed of a variety of racial, genetic distinctions. Therefore, a distinct Jewish race, in and of itself, does not exist, any more, than say, a Christian race exists. The term racial is often conflated with ethnicity.

In the United States, for example, Christians are comprised from five racial categories: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White. A similar diversity of their own racial categories historically compose the Jewish population.

This diversity of racial distinctions within religions is true from the poorest people to the so-called elite.


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