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Buttheads – The Most Dangerous Animals on Earth

Are you in mortal danger from a cigarette smoker? Do you think cigarette smokers are drug addicts? Are they weapons of mass destruction? However you perceive cigarette smokers they are not exactly benign harmless creatures of habit, are they? The odd thing is that some cigarette smokers agree and admit they endanger themselves and others, with less concern for their fellow man, woman and child than I like to know.

~When President Barack Obama hosted Uruguayan President José Mujica in the Oval Office, Mujica, a one-time smoker, highlighted his country’s ongoing litigation with tobacco company Philip Morris over Uruguay’s stringent anti-smoking laws. “Mr. President, who is speaking is an old smoker,” Mujica said. “In the world, per year, eight million people are dying from smoking. And that is more than World War I, World War II. It’s murder. We are in an arduous fight—very arduous—and we must fight against very strong interests. Governments must not be involved in private litigation, but here we’re fighting for life.” ~ time.com

In 1880 it was an American inventor from Roanoke County in Virginia who invented the “James Bonsack” rolling machine that rolled 120,000 cigarettes in a ten hour workday. Before the invention 200 cigarettes were rolled a day.

And, so began the history of yet another industrial holocaust against humanity.

Today, 6 trillion cigarettes are sold worldwide.

There are approximately 600 ingredients in cigarettes. Over several thousand chemical compounds are created by burning a cigarette – up to 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer and many are poisonous. These known carcinogens are in mainstream smoke, sidestream smoke or both. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanides and ammonia are all present in cigarette smoke. The International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded in 2004 that "Involuntary smoking (exposure to secondhand or 'environmental' tobacco smoke) is carcinogenic to humans.”

Dangerously improper disposal of cigarette chemicals leach into the soil table and water supply for ten years. Cigarette filters are non-biodegradable. The most common ground trash worldwide is cigarette related products. Over 100 million pounds of butts are discarded annually. Millions of pounds of remnant butt tobacco, discarded packs, lighters, matches and other cigarette product related waste are discarded annually. An estimated 4.5 trillion of the annual 6 trillion cigarettes sold worldwide are not properly disposed.

Exposure to cigarette smoke, both voluntary and involuntary, are known causes of the largest variety and numbers of chronic medical conditions and deaths known to man. No other human activity equals the harm related to cigarette use.

The reckless endangerment of cigarette smokers clearly shows that they have too long been getting away with murder.

In Vermont today, there are no state indoor smoking laws to protect men, women, children and pets from cigarette smokers.

Vermont’s political, legislative, community service organizations and property owners have little or no regard for the health, safety and welfare of our residents and even less will to protect them from cigarette smokers. Yet, they use the criminal justice system for their “chosen” illegal drugs industry that have far less reaching and extensive damage and harm to our people.


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Medical issues made worse by secondhand smoke

“I was told that the building I live in was a smoke free building including common areas and despite the fact that the porch is technically outside this tenant's cigarette smoke comes in my windows and every time I enter and exit my home I have to walk through a cloud of smoke. I have serious medical issues that are being made worse by this constant exposure to second hand smoke.”


This is my original post that

This is my original post that you've quoted above. Despite contacting my landlord the smoking problem continues. I did find quite a lot of help from the Vermont Human Rights office. Since I have a disability caused by my illnesses I can proceed with filing a complaint under the ADA and the steps to do this are very concise and clearly written. Was hoping it wouldn't come to this but it appears that it has. Nobody should have to fight for their right to NOT inhale someone's cigarette smoke.


Vermont has weak indoor smoking laws

"Money First, People Second"

I think the best way to protect people of all ages and conditions is to urge your state legislators to ban all indoor smoking in residences and workplaces.

Vermont does not protect residents from property owners who not enforce lease provisions prohibiting smoking on their property. Needless to say, this is related to the notion of "money first, people second."

As it is Vermont has really weak indoor smoking laws on the books:

Statewide smoking ban: Effective September 1, 2005, smoking is banned in all enclosed workplaces in Vermont, including all bars and restaurants,] except in areas of owner-operated businesses with no employees that are not open to the public, although separately ventilated designated smoking areas in businesses where employees are not required to be were exempt until July 1, 2009. Designated unenclosed smoking areas in businesses where the layout of the workplace is such that smoking would not be a physical irritation to any nonsmoking employee and three-fourths of the employees agreed were also exempt until July 1, 2009. The Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington is the only non-owner-operated workplace in the state permitted to allow smoking.[395] Vermont is one of the few states with a statewide smoking ban that does not expressly exempt tobacconists, and is the only state that does not allow the designation of hotel/motel smoking rooms. Local governments may regulate smoking more stringently than the state law.


No clear definition

What I have found in the course of this ongoing situation is that -while there are some laws governing smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants; there re virtually NO laws governing smoking policies for residential buildings unless it is public housing.Apparently even if a landlord or property manager rents an apartment in a "smoke free building" (as mine did) there is no easy way to get them to comply and no clear definition of what 'smoke free building' means. Is it just the individual apartments? Does it cover common areas like porches or decks? What about someone smoking in the yard when the smoke enters another tenant's apartment. The clearest and strongest laws are under the American Disabilties Act which states that a person with a disability is entitled by law to a healthy and safe living environment. "Healthy" being the operative word in the case of second hand smoke. It shouldn't be this hard to get landlords to comply.


All Smoking Vidda?

So if the legislature bans smoking inside all buildings is this going to include pot smoke too? Because I would imagine that it could be harmful and irritating to others as well.


I know your comment was

I know your comment was addressed to Vidda but I can't help myself from answering because it's so ridiculous. It's not the tobacco itself that poses the most danger -it's the 600 additives that are in all cigarettes. When burned these additives produce 7000 chemicals into the air. 70 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer; more than that number are poisonous.
These are just a few of the additives in cigarettes:
Cadmium (found in battery acid)
Carbon Monoxide
Methanol (used in rocket fuel)
Toulene (used to manufacture paint)

I could go on but the point is pot smoke contains none of these.
There is NO comparison to the dangers to our health and the environment that
cigarette smoke causes. No matter how much you want it to be true.


I do not support making indoor smoking laws for marijuana...

It is true, as KAlden points out, that my specific concern is about the cigarette health hazard issue. There should be anti-cigarette indoor smoking laws, but not for marijuana.

It’s time we singled out cigarettes for prohibition.

Cigarette blood level addiction means that cigarette smokers must smoke on the continuous steady rate. Oftentimes from when they awake until they go to sleep.

Unlike marijuana, cigarette smoke is not only dangerous, it is a (more or less) 7 days/24 hour repetitive dangerous exposure that is unmatched in its mortality and hazardous profile.

It is very rare, if at all, that marijuana smokers smoke continuously. And, despite drug-war rhetoric, is not a dangerous drug that should in any way be compared to cigarettes.

Of course, you know, many of the conservative and misinformed members of the legislature will use mike’s position.

So the bottom line: the laws should be to protect us from indoor “cigarette” smoking specifically.

I do not support making indoor smoking laws for marijuana, any more than I would support making laws for indoor drinking of beer or whiskey. (But, I’m sure mike knows this…)

I repeat, "It’s time we singled out cigarettes for prohibition."


leading cause of poisoning death

Carbon Monoxide is NOT an additive to tobacco. It is a product of combustion and it is present in both tobacco and pot smoke. It is colorless, odorless and deadly poisonous.
Depending on whose statistics you believe, carbon monoxide poisoning causes between 200 and 700 deaths per year in the US. For every person killed there are another 5 or so that will require some form of hospital visit. No matter which numbers you use, this makes carbon monoxide the leading cause of poisoning death in the US.
The effect CO has on the body is a function of both concentration and time. A low level of exposure for a long period of time can be just as dangerous as a high concentration for a short period. It is commonly believed that effects are short-lived and will disappear if the victim is given fresh air or oxygen. This may not always be true. There appear to be a number of long-term issues and even some permanent damage caused by low level exposure over long periods of time.
That being said, it’s highly improbable that an individual can accumulate sufficient CO for symptoms to develop by smoking tobacco OR pot (or cornsilk or oregano, either).
Another hazard more worthy of attention is emphysema or COPD. Both sources of smoke can initiate it. The only difference appears to be the cumulative quantity inhaled; however, pot smoke is usually inhaled more deeply and retained in the lungs longer.
I have been diagnosed with emphysema and I never smoked tobacco.


Cumulative quantity of inhaled pot not comparable to cigsmokers

One of the primary reasons why marijuana cannot and should not be compared to cigarettes is, as tomaidh writes, “the cumulative quantity inhaled.”

While it’s true that some marijuana smokers inhale a longer, deeper drag, most people in my experience of over forty years do not. The deeper inhale can cause a temporary coughing reaction, that is not usually associated with cigarette smokers in their early smoking days. (Cigarette smokers, however, acquire an ungodly hacking and even change in voice over time…a smoker’s cough and lower voice. I have also seen cigarette smokers cough up blood, something I’ve never seen with marijuana smokers.)

In my long term experience I have known many marijuana smokers to inhale only once to achieve the desired effect and most do not, I repeat, do not smoke marijuana repeatedly. Also, many marijuana smokers are not generally known to smoke every day.

The cumulative effect of the quantity that marijuana smokers experience is far, far less than the repeated seven days a week, daylong smoking that cigarette smokers do.

Thanks tom, this is said with concision and helps to effectively communicate the stark difference between marijuana and cigarette smoking.



But I still have it.


Without probing your background to any kind of smoking...

Without probing your background to any kind of smoking, I will say that secondhand cigarette smoke can and does cause emphysema and COPD.

Even if marijuana smokers are never exposed to cigarette smoke (which is unlikely in this culture), they would likely need to be very heavy, long term marijuana smokers to be affected that way by marijuana.



I was only very rarely exposed to any kind of tobacco smoke. As far as I am concerned, Pot alone caused my emphysema.
BTW, my mother died from lung cancer caused by exposure to tobacco smoke in the workplace.
I grew up in a smoke free home.

Despite your protestations, it is my belief that if you (generic) smoke ENOUGH pot, you, too will develop emphysema.


So much for concision… :~)

I am not offering “protestations.”

Any “lung irritant” in “enough” quantities can cause a wide range of lung problems, including emphysema.

However, not being with you when you were exposed to “pot”:
> I do not know if you smoked pot, if you did, how long, how much, how often
> I do not know if you’re referring to secondhand pot alone
> I do not know if you were ever exposed to tobacco smoke, including secondhand smoke in the workplace or anywhere else not at home
> I do not know if you were ever exposed to dust, chemicals, or air pollution

Saying you’re convinced it was “pot” alone that caused your emphysema, or that it was the cause in absence of the above causes, suggests you might have either developed a later-in-life bias against pot, or that you have had minute or no exposure to the causes listed above.

That’s a pretty long odds that your lungs avoided all those additional exposures.


Causes of emphysema?

What is emphysema?

Emphysema is a long-term lung disease. Emphysema is part of a group of lung diseases called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Emphysema damages the alveoli in your lungs. This makes it hard for your lungs to send oxygen to the rest of your body.

What causes emphysema?

You are at higher risk of emphysema if you have had other lung conditions such as asthma and tuberculosis. Emphysema is most commonly caused by exposure to the following:
•Tobacco smoke, including secondhand smoke
•Dust, chemicals, or smoke used in the workplace
•Air pollution



As I said above

I was only very rarely exposed to any kind of tobacco smoke.
(That means at home and in the workplace - except maybe occasionally passing someone on the street)
As far as I am concerned, Pot alone caused my emphysema.
(Nothing else could have)
(I smoked it off and on for over 15 years, 3-4 joints a day, 3-4 times a week. I never developed any animosity toward it, I just didn't do it one day and never did it again. That was more than 10 years ago.)


Therein lies what I think is your bias

Any long-term exposure to airborne irritants can and does cause emphysema.

I can believe you have no animosity toward marijuana, yet, something is amiss with your self-diagnosis.

You insist pot alone did it. But you will not even credit the possibility that there may have been a combination of irritants that caused your emphysema. Therein lies what I think is your bias.

Also, while you admit rare exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke, you say nothing about the other potential causes: dust, chemicals, or air pollution. You go so far as to say “Nothing else could have”…caused your emphysema.

Trained physicians can’t make a statement like that. How can you?

Did your smoking marijuana “off and on for over 15 years” cause your emphysema? Maybe. It can very well be a possible candidate, but not necessarily the only one.


Believe what you want.

I firmly believe that pot and pot alone is the cause of my emphysema.


I am not belief-dependent

I am not a belief-dependent thinker.

In this narrow, side-discussion with you, I would be considered more of an agnostic.

I’m willing to consider other possibilities.

But some of us need to believe. Go for it Tom!


you are very much a belief-dependent thinker

and not a good one at that, either. But thanks for the Sunday morning guffaw.


Marijuana is one of the safest active substances known to man

I meant this article to single-out the cigarette industrial complex, cigarette smoke and cigarette smokers as the most dangerous causes in society that far exceeds all other events in human history.

There IS NOTHING to compared with the immense unnecessary expense, harm and mortality caused by the cigarette syndrome.

Therefore, I did not intend to turn this article into a standoff between cigarettes and marijuana.

That doesn’t say that I think marijuana is harmless, but I agree that “Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”

By extension, individual worst-case experiences notwithstanding, as a nonmedical and medical adult consumed drug of choice, we have little or no reason to compare marijuana with cigarettes.


we have little or no reason to compare marijuana with cigarette

Except that we smoke them. That's the whole point. I'm sure we'd have the same problems if we smoked cornsilk or catalpa.


Anything else?

No Tom. We would not have the "same" problem,, unless you believe we will.

Anywho, thanks for the long distraction from the intention of the my article. Anything else?


Follow the money

If we remove cigarettes from the revenue stream and switch to taxing marijuana we'll find issues many years down the road and be in the same boat. Using tax dollars to fund marijuana cessation programs.
The botton line is lungs are made to inhale oxygen not smoke and there will be health effects of some sort from marijuana. As well as some other issues I'm sure.


Mind your damn business

Lungs are forced to inhale pollution, and lots of other things. I’m not trying to stop cig smoking, I’m trying to get them to stop exposing other people to their dangerous smoke.

When it comes to what I as an adult "choose" to put into my lungs, mind your damn business mr. mike.



Wouldn't it have been more in line with this thread if you just said "Butt Out"?


lol !!

"Humor is the best medicine"


It burns

Kind of reminds me of the anti-death penalty crowd and abortion rights, arguing about the sacred morals of life. You just can't have it both ways.


Common sense laws

The NYC indoor smoking laws and similar laws around the country that target cigarette smoking are not based on “the sacred morals of life.” They are based on common sense laws.


How is this the same?

How is wanting to not damage our health by breathing in other people's smoke "having it both ways"? And what does being against the death penalty or supporting a woman's right to govern her own body have to do with smoking?


how is it the same?

it's obvious, smoke is smoke , whether froma reefer, a tailpipe, a wood stove or a marlboro, its all smoke and all of it is a lung irritant. Sure, pot smoke might be better less bad than tabacco, but it is still an irritant and it's smell can be as potent as a skunk smell. It's as distinctive as smoke aas a Bidi (beedie) an all natural Indian variant of a cigerette that is equally bad , if not worse, for one's health.


Not the same at all

Smoke from a joint or a wood stove do not contain the toxic ingredients that cigarettes contain. Unless, of course someone has a really unusual wood pile.
Not the same thing at all...not even close.


not the same at all, ovey.........

I did not claim that a wood stove smoke has the same toxins as cigarettes.
What I said was all smoke is an irritant to one's lungs.
And from the sound of your issue you are having at your apt, I imagine if someone had a brazer or a fatty going on your front porch and the smoke was coming into your flat, you would still have an isssue with it.


There are no known safe levels of cigarette smoke exposure

Stating the obvious in this otherwise very specific article (and discussion) is like spinning wheels. You either go nowhere, or you take off like a rocket.

But if use your examples of lung irritants, cooking wood stove smoke or smoking a fatty (a term for rolled marijuana)on her porch just outside of her open window, Kalden may indeed have “an issue with it“ but at least her issue would be fleeting and far less likely to be as dangerous as someone who takes smoke breaks throughout the day where Kalden (or anyone really in a similar situation) would be repeatedly exposed to the some of the most dangerous chemicals known to man, 69 of which specifically are carcinogenic.

As the NIH (I believe) states: there are no known safe levels of cigarette smoke exposure.”

Does this explanation that Kris and I have been trying to explain to everyone resonate enough with you to help you see the distinction that while you are right in saying that “all smoke is an irritant to one's lungs”, that cigarette smoke is far more of a dangerous “irritant” than most, if not all other lung irritants?

Now on to answer your next comment to me…next page


So many smokers in VT

I was astounded to see how many people smoke when I moved out here. I thought I had landed in Europe. I even fell back into the smoking habit for a while. It's a powerful draw, even after not smoking for almost 20 years. I get the argument about smoking in public places, but you can't really smoke anywhere in VT indoors except maybe entryways. Heck, lots of places try to ban smoking on public sidewalks. But it must be difficult for those with breathing problems.

What about ecigarette smoke? Less poisonous?

While we're at it, let's ban people wearing too much perfume/cologne. The meter-readers can write the summonses.


What's next?

Next thing you know. They'll be going after woodstoves.

Oh that's right they already have in Vermontistan.


Enough already with the marijuana comments

“it's obvious, smoke is smoke…”

The fact that all smoke is a lung irritant does not conclude that all “smoke is smoke.”

Despite efforts from the government and groups opposed to adult use of marijuana to paint marijuana smoke as equal or greater in harm to cigarettes, or other lung irritants like tailpipe exhaust, etc., the simple fact is that marijuana, even as a smoked product, is one the least harmful personal and social drugs consumed by people.

Enough already with the marijuana alleged harm, lung irritant and any other pro or con of marijuana. Get over it, why don't you? This is 'not' an article of about marijuana, tailpipes, woodstoves or any other airborne irritant.

I wish I could have written an algorithm that would have automatically cleaned out all of these cigarette vs. marijuana comments, including my comments where I felt compelled to help separate fact from fiction.

My thanks to those who were able to “stay on topic” in helping to bring greater awareness to the most dangerous drug known to man - whose name is CIGARETTES.


Chemicals.. and body chemistry

I would think that a walk down main street poses more danger from vehicle exhaust than from cigarette smoke. Who hasn't had to drive thru one of the tunnels in NYC or Boston; I end up with a headache and a residual smell of exhaust fumes for at least two days; they should ban tunnels.

I don't know how to explain a neighbor of mine who smoked some 70 plus years without any ill effect, except for an orange colored stain on one finger where the cigarette was held. Chain smoker. Others, too, but I hold him in memory the most because he was never without a lit cigarette, either dangling from his lips or in his hand.

There have been many many theories as to what causes cancer.. and it's all theory because it's not so easily cut and dried. Some writing on the topic will suggest that personality type, liver function and overall liver health, other considerations such as sugar intake and any other food stuff that consumed in excess can cause illness and changes in body chemistry also factor into who ends up with what or disease or illness. For those who also smoke, it simply ups the ante.

There's a ton of hype on every topic when it comes to health. People will believe what they want to believe, either way. I don't know if it's legal to grow tobacco for personal use, but because it's so heavily taxed it's probably not. I would grow my own if I could. Instead, I buy pipe tobacco and either puff on a pipe or make my own cigarettes and find I smoke much less than when I bought from big tobacco .. there's something to the additives that they dub "nicotine delivery system" and they're all nasty. Equally nasty are the pesticides .. strong to kill off hardy beetles.. and the equally strong mixtures they use to cleanse the leaves of the pesticides. And whatever they use to speed up the drying process. Far from an all natural product. But it used to be.

The argument shouldn't be with people who smoke, but with the industry that supplies them with the chemically treated tobacco. If pot is legalized, I don't think it's going to be long before pot also ends up commercialized large scale with god-knows-what for additives, pesticides and other industry tricks used to boost profits and more readily mass produce... dream on to anyone who thinks it will always remain "all natural" product.

But why stop with just one little ban? So it all under one piece of legislation: dryer vents; paint or solvent use on buildings; outdoor grilling, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, pot, pollen, perfumes, dust of any kind, vents for heating systems, the use of window fans.. automobiles... and tunnels.


Jesus H. Christ! You so totally missed the point!!

This is not a case of people who “will believe what they want to believe.“ Cigarette smoking mortality rates are long established. They are NOT theories! This is NOT a belief proilfe.

The “bans” you mention are not the addicted requirement of blood levels need to puff on 2-4 times an hour!! People are not addicted to “paint or solvent use on buildings; outdoor grilling, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, pot, pollen, perfumes, dust of any kind, vents for heating systems, the use of window fans.. automobiles... and tunnels…“

The issue is specifically with the cigarette smokers! The industry makes them, but the people buy them.

Cigarette smokers are twin hazards of health and fire. Cigarette smokers are the leading cause of of residential fires with thousands dead every year and extensive costs for property loss and damage. Cigarettes cause the highest health related chronic illnesses and dead more than all other known cause.

When non-smokers are trapped indoors they oftentimes live and are trapped with the smoke, as described by Kalden above. It’s is not just a “walk down main street” for her.

The smokers are more to blame than the industry because they are the ones who spread the deadly smoke, oftentimes carelessly and recklessly.

The industry is guilty as hell for the addictive and deadly substances they use. The cigarette industry is your most dangerous drug pusher in the world.


Good, strong points, Vidda.

Good, strong points, Vidda. My landlord's response to my request for him to prohibit smoking in my building (which supposedly is a "smoke free" building) was " If you continue to be bothered by the cigarette smoke I encourage you to close your windows" !. Needless to say that "encouragement" was ludicrous and not well received by me. Mean while, my inhaler use has doubled on a daily basis.


...where people, children do not always come first

I meant to edit out parts of babalu's quote above: ...The “bans” you mention are not the addicted requirement of blood levels need to puff on 2-4 times an hour!! People are not addicted or generally crave: “pot, paint or solvent use on buildings; outdoor grilling, pollen, perfumes, dust of any kind, vents for heating systems, the use of window fans.. automobiles... and tunnels…“

Kalden - I feel the injustice to you is what happens to millions of people with little or no recourse to protect themselves. Some, but not all landlords are right up there with lawyers and lobbyists - where people do not always come first.

The people who get hit the hardest from cigarette smokers are the children with in-home, in-car regular smoking. There ought to be a law to protect them and all other victims from involuntary exposure


There is a law..

Not as inclusive as you'd want, but The Vermont House passed a bill in FEBRUARY that expands smoking bans to all hotel and motel rooms, outside any state building and in cars carrying children.

Kalden; I don't know how many times a day you walk thru a cloud of smoke, but having to up an inhaler to double use sounds extreme; maybe you have an actually allergy, then? Many people think they do but few have a true allergy.

I have my doubts as to how "safe" pot really is, whether it's compared to other drugs or not. Since most people use it in secrecy to a large extent I doubt very much all the cards are on the table. the substance itself may be relatively benign, and I do believe in the medicinal qualities, but it's effects aren't always as benign as you'd want others to believe. In fact, a substance that can stop seizures is doing something to a brain that needs help is also doing something to a brain that does not need help. So I should feel safe as a user, then?

I somewhat tend to think you're a bit naive when it comes to addictions in general. You don't seem to have a problem with any particular addiction but countless others in fact are addicted to pot. Yes, they are. whether you think so or not.


Butt back to cigarettes

.. people who smoke are buttheads


Fight Smoke with Smoke

So Vidda. What if KAlden was to fire up a fat one or maybe take a few bong hits while their neighbor is smoking. Could the inhalation of pot smoke offset or counteract the awful threatening inhalation or smell of cigarette smoke? Besides would a few tokes make a person mellow out to the point where the neighborhood issues wouldn't matter any more?


First of all,MISTER MIKE, you

First of all,MISTER MIKE, you don't know a damn thing about me or my medical problems that make living in a smoke filled environment much more than a "neighborhood issue". Having 2 life endangering diseases that are both made worse by the constant exposure to second hand smoke doesn't qualify as a nuisance. Perhaps if I wasn't being slowly poisoned to death by someone else's disgusting addiction I could "mellow out". Here's a thought:
Unless you actually:
A) Have walked in my shoes and know the challenges I live with every day and
B) Are going through your 4th round of chemotherapy and trying to control your nausea and headaches while some f***ing idiot lights up their 20th cigarette of the day with the smoke coming into your living space you should consider just keeping your small minded comments to yourself.
Every time I read one of your comments I wonder how one person can exist with so little common sense or knowledge.
Sorry, Vidda -for jumping on a comment that was directed at you but since it was about me and my "neighborhood nuisance" I though it right to reply.


I got your back Kris

You have every right and more. We did our best to enlighten those who do not always see these points of view. Not even mr mike and babalu can undo that.


Kalden; As a smoker..

Most smokers, like most addicts, live in a state of denial. Like many other addicts, it's very difficult to confront them about their habit and even more difficult to convince them it isn't just a preference you have to avoid smoke, but a health necessity.
Even though I am a smoker myself, I find second hand smoke hard to deal too.
I think there are mediators who might be able to sit down with your landlord or better yet, your neighbors, and help bring about some satisfactory results for you in a way much less stressful than trying to involve rights groups. Maybe a call to the Brattleboro Community Justice Center would help. 802-251-8142

This is from their website:
"Below are the kinds of conflicts we can help address:

Police complaints
Our mediations services are:



Thank you.We, unfortunately

Thank you.We, unfortunately are past the point of mediation but I appreciate the information.


Buttheads all over the place

We know the people who smoke cigarettes are buttheads. It is after all, a question of intelligence, or more to the point, a lack of it.

From reading some of the comments following my article I’d say that some people don't have to smoke anything to be a butthead,,,,, :)

The only thing I can hope for is that you're also some of those people who don't vote.



.. Addiction is not related to IQ

.. Voting is not related to IQ

or I could say;

..we know the people who smoke pot are potheads; people who drink wine are winos. It is after all, a question of intelligence, or more to the point, a lack of it.

..the only thing I can hope for is that potheads and winos don't vote

Other than that, the words "pompous ass" have instantaneously come to mind. Being able to remain calm and rational when people are "missing" your point is after all, a question of intelligence.



I was hoping you would jump in on that. Sometimes there comes a time when you tie your string into a knot...round and round and round... :)


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