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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Agenda 21 in Brattleboro

The Town of Brattleboro is deceiving its people.

Specifically, I note that, next week, the town will host a couple of "visioning" sessions for residents.

The lie is that these sessions are to hear what the people of Brattleboro want their town to look like years from now, so that this common "vision" can be implemented.

The truth is that Brattleboro is a member of ICLEI, the executive arm of the United Nations' Agenda 21, Blueprint for Humanity, a self-described UN effort to control all human behavior and to impose "universal design" on what it refers to as all "human settlements."

The UN is seeking -- by stealth -- to make all "human settlements" globally conform to the UN's perverse version of "sustainability."

Brattleboro's sessions will be like the thousands of "visioning" sessions that ICLEI has already held in the more than 10,000 member "human settlements," in that they will employ the Delphi Method, developed by the Rand Corporation to achieve a manufactured and artificial consensus around a pre-determined outcome.

The pre-determined outcome will be a "vision" that Brattleboro will magically share with the literally thousand of other "visions" ICLEI has already imposed on its member "human settlements." (This includes ICLEI's Master plan for West Brattleboro.)

And ICLEI will claim that the participation of a few, manipulated Brattleboro residents at the meeting offers the legitimacy for it to impose this ultimately politically ugly "vision" on the entire community.

ICLEI and Agenda 21 are not benign forces. They are wolves in sheep's clothing working in the shadows. Their goal is to establish an apparatus of rigid control, by way of local rules and regulations, in the guise of "sustainability."

The best defense against ICLEI is to tell the town government to dump them and all the material that they have provided to the town and that the town has, for years, passed off as its own work. Increasing numbers of communities who have educated themselves on Agenda 21 and ICLEI have now done this.

But bruised egos, fear of public embarrassment and lost jobs in the town offices will prevent that.

The next best thing is for as many people as possible to attend these meetings, refuse to take part in the childish "visioning" activities that will probably be provided, and ask lots and lots of questions, particularly with respect to the amazing similarity and uniformity of local "visions" and master plans globally as determined by ICLEI.

Anyone with an Internet connection should research all of the above, beginning with reviewing any lecture on Agenda 21 by Lesbian Democrat and Green Activist, Rosa Koire, author of the "Green Mask," an environmentalist's expose of Agenda 21.

Show up. Speak up. And don't be deterred by the peer pressure to shut up, which is a central component of the Delphi Method.

If Brattleboro doesn't stop ICLEI now, it might not get another chance.

Les Kozaczek
Phoenix, AZ"


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The Language of Ducks

This is cliche pie in the sky quackery.


But I would be interested in knowing who here in Brattleboro is in on the secret, who is pulling the strings? Its a small town, lots of us have been in town government and worked for all kinds of businesses and agencies. Which of us are in on it?


I assume that you are in on it too

But I missed the last secret meeting.


Agenda 21: Blueprint for Humanity

Thank you for the link to the blogger's site.

I think that more information people receive on all aspects and claims regarding AG21 the better. And it is good that we can skip what used to be the first hurdle in these discussions: convincing people that AG21 is real. (The same lack of information that currently causes people to summarily discount AG21 today also caused them previously to automatically deny it even existed.)

However, there are more credentialed and reliable sources than the blogger you link to, whose cherry-picked and largely erroneous information is misleading.

For example, the blogger fails to mention the fact that AG21 has for a long time been considered "soft law" (i.e. not voluntary) in the US, and that every department of the US government must incorporate it into anything it does.

AG21 is hardly the small matter that the blogger implies it is by diminishing its presence as being "voluntary."

It is also important to move beyond attaching cumbersome political labels to AG21; it is no more right wing or "Tea Party" than, for instance, anti people trafficking laws are left wing or socialist. It really doesn't matter who offers true information.

AG21, even as it looks like a reasonable plan without a critical reading, harms us all, and there has been absolutely no democratic or civil input into its creation and ongoing implementation.

The facts of, damage caused by, and chilling implications of AG21 warrant a closer personal inspection than I can offer here and, certainly, than has been offered thus far on this forum.

Understanding what AG21 is, where it came from and what it is designed to do is a task that anyone interested in US sovereignty, individual rights, democracy and protecting and preserving the environment needs to either rise to or not.

Obviously, arguments leveled at the substance of AG21 by anyone who hasn't accepted the civic duty of understanding that it is, by far, the most well-resourced and significant venue for geopolitical reengineering the world has ever seen, based on its scope and the technology and trans global legal apparatus supporting it) are illegitimate and cause, rather than solve problems.

For anyone interested in educating themselves on AG21 prior to judging its effect, and, I hope, choosing to resist its progress, I offer the following links.




Per your question:

"But I would be interested in knowing who here in Brattleboro is in on the secret, who is pulling the strings? Its a small town, lots of us have been in town government and worked for all kinds of businesses and agencies. Which of us are in on it?"

Did you know that West Brattleboro's Master plan is constructed strictly according to AG21, following exactly the ridiculous "visioning" session that Brattleboro is having?

Did you also know that the Brattleboro Town Planning offices employ the ICELI template for Brattleboro's town planning, and they simply rewrite chunks of it as necessary and pass it off as their own work?

This is verified easily enough by going into the town planning department and asking them. (Not a problem, as you say, in a town in which everyone knows everyone else.)

There is also a logical disconnect to complaints that people don't know when and where secret, non-publicized decisions are made.




No Worries?

If we just respond to Agenda 21 like most of the tinpot dictators in the world we shouldn't be worried. After all, the U.N. is useless when it comes to actually disciplining in rogue nations.


The UN

I think it would be a mistake to summarily underestimate an unelected, supranational body that has taken upon itself to hold the power to create global policies.

Also, without the UN, NGOs would not exist.

Just consider, for a moment, the thousands of NGOs and the range of influence and power they have, even though they have never endured any public scrutiny nor passed any public muster.

The UN also has an army that has been liberally implicated in committing war crimes and bringing horrors to the peoples it was sent to protect.

And AG21 is extraordinarily efficient in its implementation, again, without the democratic input of the people it most affects.


Hard Endings

Yeah I missed that last meeting too, I understand it was one of those damn ones that involve ritual spanking. Those are always such a pain the the a** that I usually play sick.

Ah well, may the secret society continue forever! **** Demum, veniunt porci *** ! ! !


And, also

Pugnans desperatio cum humor



I'm wondering if you believe that AG21, which is currently being implemented across the globe, including in Brattleboro, absent any democratic input or approval is worth serious enquiry.

If not, then why not?



Your sincere question deserves a sincere response

There are thousands of possible plots, actual horrible plans, and terribly designed policies in action, to consider, so that one can decide if they are worth spending any energy on opposing them.

There also a boundless, perhaps infinite number of conspiracy theories, and explanations of supposedly nefarious plans to wade through.

Which theories does one give credence too and spend any energy on?

For me, the prospect that this optional, yes, optional and voluntary plan, is part of a dire UN organized conspiracy, seems so little likely to be true, and there are so many very pressing, and easily verifiable problems in the world that need confronting, that spending energy on it seems, to me, most likely an enormous waste of time.

Could Agenda 21 be part of a terrible plot? I really don't think so, but I can't say its impossible. But it seems so unlikely, and so much more likely that it is a well meaning attempt by the UN to do exactly what it claims to be doing: helping communities work towards planning sustainability. Nothing I have read moves me from that point of view, and I doubt that anything will.


Good points, but ...

It's hard to argue with much of what you say.

And, yes, of course there are all manner of wild and wacky claims "out there" that needn't be addressed.

The issue I take with your response, however, is that your context for Agenda 21 -- that it is a conspiracy theory -- is completely of your own making.

I have never said that, and I don't believe that to be true. (To this extent, I disagree with Rosa Koire.)

Agenda 21 is a policy, nothing more and nothing less. And it is designed to benefit those who made it, i.e. the major global banking families, with the help of the likes of Maurice Strong.

But, bearing in mind the breadth, depth and effects of its execution, it dwarfs other policies.

In fact, it is a mature global policy that is already well under way.

In a country that claims to be based on democracy -- even representative democracy -- there would seem to be no place for the imposition of such a monumental public policy, even if it is a legitimately excellent policy, without at least a serious discussion about its adoption.

it is not logical to say that the policy is voluntary when the political class has foisted it upon the rest of us; it might be voluntary for the political class, but not for us. It is Federal law.

I'm not sure if you've done any research on AG21, but if you had, you'd find interesting little tidbits such as the list of activities and things that are considered "unsustainable" and, therefore, to be eradicated under Agenda 21.

Do you think that it's okay, for instance, to consider owning private property unsustainable?

And do you think it's acceptable for an unelected global body to make that decision on behalf of other people?

These things are considered unsustainable.

"The Global Biodiversity Assessment directed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) calls for urgent action to reverse the effects of unsustainable human activities on global biodiversity, including but not limited to the following…

337 – Ski Runs
350 – Grazing of Livestock: cows, sheep, goats, horses
351 – Disturbance of the Soil Surface (livestock)
351 – Fencing of Pastures or Paddocks
728 – Agriculture
728 – Modern Farm Production Systems
728 – Chemical Fertilizers
728 -Herbicides
728 – Building Materials
730 – Industrial Activities
730 – Human-Made caves of brick and mortar, concrete and steel
730 – Paved and Tarred roads, highways, rails (page 351)
730 – Railroad
730 – Floor and Wall Tiles
733 – Aquaculture
733 -Technology Improvements
733 – Farmlands, Rangelands
733 – Pastures, Rangelands
733 – Pastures
733 – Fish Ponds
733 – Plantations
738- Modern Hunting
738 – Harvesting of Timber
749 – Logging Activities
728 – Fossil Fuels – Used for driving various kinds of machines
755 – Dams, Reservoirs, Straightening Rivers
757 – Power Line Construction
763 – Economic systems that fail to set a proper value on the environment
763 – Inappropriate Social Structures
763 – Weaknesses in Legal and Institutional Systems
766, 838 – Modern Attitudes toward nature – Judaeo-Christian-Islamic religions
767, 782 – Private Property
771 – Population Growth – Human Population Density
773 – Consumerism and population figures
774 – Fragmentation of Habitat – cemeteries, derelict lands, rubbish tips, etc.
774 – Sewers, Drain Systems, Pipelines
783 – Land use that serves human needs
969 – Fisheries
970 – Golf Courses
970 – Scuba Diving
728 – Synthetic drugs
990 – Fragmentation – Agricultural development, Forestry Urbanization (impervious surfaces)

The above list is comprised of summary excerpts from the hard copy edition of the UNEP Global Biodiversity Assessment Report."

Source: http://www.freedomadvocates.org/what-is-qunsustainableq/



"The issue I take with your response, however, is that your context for Agenda 21 -- that it is a conspiracy theory -- is completely of your own making."

Sentences such as the following, read entirely like a description of a conspiracy.

"Agenda 21 is a policy, nothing more and nothing less. And it is designed to benefit those who made it, i.e. the major global banking families, with the help of the likes of Maurice Strong."

A plan by the wealthiest families of the world, carried out in part in secret, to rake in enormous profits, through the clever guise of promoting sustainability, well that would be a conspiracy.

There are conspiracies in this world. And Maurice Strong may be corrupt. But it seems like an enormous leap to say that the UN's effort to promote sustainability, is all part of this monolithic plan. Such a great leap, that I am not going to spend more time on this one.

Life is short, and concrete problems abound.


A voluntary conspiracy

It's a "New World Order" theory promulgated by the likes of Glenn Beck, the RNC, the Tea Party, the Heritage Foundation, the John Birch Society, neo-nazis, and others who see a socialist conspiracy in everything from the minimum wage to the national park system.

"To those who don’t closely follow the carryings on of fringe conspiracists, Glenn Beck might be the most recognizable face of the modern Anti-21 movement. Particularly during his reign at Fox News, Beck used his cable TV soapbox to scare his loyal viewers. “Those pushing...government control on a global level have mastered the art of hiding it in plain sight and then just dismissing it as a joke,” the SPLC quotes Beck saying around 2011 while waving a copy of the 294-page Agenda 21 document on his show. “Once they put their fangs into our communities and suck all the blood out of it [sic], we will not be able to survive.”

"The demonization of Agenda 21 began among extremist groups like the John Birch Society, the same outfit that was effectively ejected from the conservative movement after accusing President Dwight D. Eisenhower of being a communist agent. The Birch Society and an array of other radical-right groups see Agenda 21 and virtually all other global efforts as part of a nefarious plan on the part of global elites to form a socialistic one-world government, or “New World Order.”

"Conspiracy theories about the Agenda 21 sustainability plan come principally from propagandists of the antigovernment and property rights movements. But neo-Nazis, never content to let a good plot theory lie idle, have joined in, too.
"Consider James Wickstrom, who in other contexts has said that he would like to murder Jews by beating them and throwing them into wood-chipping machines. He dedicated an hour of online video to vilifying the Jewish “internationalists” he sees lurking behind the non-binding United Nations plan adopted in 1992.
“Agenda 21 is very evil,” says Wickstrom, a key proponent of the anti-Semitic theology of Christian Identity. “It’s extremely evil because it comes from the dark side. You see, the light side is Yahweh the Christ, which is truth, always truth. Then you have the dark side, which is Jewish international communism.”
"The people behind RealJewNews, an outlet dedicated to attacking Jews, see it the same way. To them, President Obama and his allies, working to promote Agenda 21, are now in the final stage of implementing the “Jewification of America.”

Of course, it's not just the extreme right that's susceptible to wacky conspiracy theories, as has been pointed out by the original author of this thread. “Any time you get some sort of UN program that suggests any kind of change in the way people live, even if it seems outwardly benign and even voluntary, it’s going to be taken up by people with a conspiracist bent,” Michael Barkun, a Syracuse University political scientist and scholar of conspiracy theories, told the SPLC.

But according to the SPLC:
"Agenda 21 is not a treaty. It has no force of law, no enforcement mechanisms, no penalties, and no significant funding. It is not even a top-down recommendation, seeking instead to encourage communities around the world to come up with their own solutions to overpopulation, pollution, poverty and resource depletion. It is a feel-good guide that cannot force anyone, anywhere, to do anything at all."


How Educated Are You on UNAG21?

To Maus Anon:

Have you read and/or investigated UNAG21? (For yourself, I mean. i.e. not relying on other people's misinformation, agendas and prejudices.)

Also, do you agree that owning private property is an unsustainable act?

Also, do you agree that most dams should be demolished, and that the population of the United States should be moved into megacities, leaving more than two thirds of the US' landmass as "wildlands" that are unavailable ordinary people?

Also, do you accept and support the notion that regional governments, which have never been elected by anyone, and which are unaccountable to no public nor civic body, should exist as a parallel arm of government?

And do you agree with the abolition of states and the creation of regions, that are answerable to the UN, and that pay no attention to state and/or national borders?

My point here is that all of this massive geopolitical reengineering -- and much more -- is explicitly called for in UNAG21.

And complying with UNAG21 is NOT voluntary to the people who have to live according to it in the US, since it is de facto law in the US.


If your municipal government wants to close the well for your home on 20 acres per the terms of UNAG21, to force you to move into a downtown "human settlement" you have no choice but to move.


"A plan by the wealthiest

To Rolf:

"A plan by the wealthiest families of the world, carried out in part in secret, to rake in enormous profits, through the clever guise of promoting sustainability, well that would be a conspiracy. "

There is nothing unusual about powerful people consolidating their power, in this case, across generations.

If this claim is supported by the historical record, which it is, then it is a conspiracy. If not, then it is not a conspiracy.

The dismissive description "conspiracy theory" simply does what it is designed to do: it shuts down conversation on important issues.

"the UN's effort to promote sustainability"

You are presenting a circular argument by offering the UN's alleged effort to promote sustainability as a support for the claim that UNAG21 is about promoting sustainability.

My point is that the UNAG21 has nothing at all to do with promoting sustainability. It is a political document, not an environmental document.

Only someone who has never investigated UNAG21 would think otherwise.



It's probably all part the scheme by Heterosexual Republican President George W. Bush to enslave us in a socialist mega-country by secretly signing into existence the North American Union. As far as we know, we may be enslaved socialists living in the North American Union right now.


SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

What part of secret, do you not understand ?



Do you think that it is unreasonable to suggest that politicians and policy makers make unpopular decisions in secret?

If so, I think you're in the minority.




Or it could be an actual process of global reengineering that is being implemented -- including in Brattleboro -- as we speak.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other?


6 = 12÷2

I think we're in complete agreement.


Is owning private property unsustainable?

"Also, do you agree that owning private property is an unsustainable act?"

Les, this is a key and very concrete question in this town. I am starting to think that it is unsustainable. Have you seen the tax rates around here? The cost of heating a piece of private property? The cost of educating children conceived on private property? The cost of painting and re-painting an old wooden house on - you guessed it - private property.

On the other hand I am never stressed as I drive around on our collectivist highway system. The public funded swimming pool is quite affordable. The socialized US military seems to always head off in any direction they want without needing additional funds from me. And on and on.

You may be on to something here: Private property is killin' me and things I fund with everyone else seem to just keep on keepin' on.

Maybe this whole thread on iBrattleboro is unsustainable. Is there an Agenda 22 in the works?


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