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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
It's a local news source by and for the people of Brattleboro, Vermont, published continually. You can get involved in this experiment in citizen journalism by submitting meeting results, news, events, stories, reviews, how-to's, recipes, places to go, things to do, or anything else important to Brattleboro. Or, just drop by to see what others have contributed.

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The Op/Ed opinion section

Blaming God for 'All-Living-Things' Massacre in Jericho Set Hair Raising Precedent


Another slaughter of men, women and children in the land of the Bible. Probably many have heard the voice of God demanding it. The Jewish Bible is in the Christian Bible. Intelligent understanding of sacred scripture might make it more difficult for the mega genocidal thieving and enslaving amoral private speculative banking backed neocolonialist media and military to overcome Mankind's natural spirituality and humanity


The Right To Remain Silent

……………. “the candidates being considered for Town Manager is a confidential personnel human resources matter. The names of the candidates are therefore not made available to the public.”

Furthermore, the name of the new Town Manager after they have been hired will not be made public pending notification of next of kin who may want the applicant to find employment closer to home because property taxes in Brattleboro are unaffordable.


"The Suicide Tourists - Going To Switzerland"

Years ago one sunny morning, a messenger in my office came back from a delivery. He looked dazed and moved slowly to sit down. When asked what was wrong he replied that a man had landed with an explosive sound on the sidewalk in front of him on 34th Street. He had just jumped from the upper level of the Empire State Building. The man’s heart burst from his body and landed 10 feet from where our messenger was unchaining his bike. I asked one of our supervisors to take him home.

Too often successful and attempted suicides are unnecessarily violent. The fact that other people are affected by someone’s suicide is compounded when they are particularly brutal. And, too often many suicides are gruesome because they have no way out other than ending their life violently.


Please Write-In Dean Corren for Lt. Governor

Please get out and vote in the Democratic Primary next Tuesday, August 26 [or vote in advance at the Town Clerk's office] ... and please WRITE-IN the name of Dean Corren for Lieutenant Governor! We in the Windham County Democratic Committee voted without dissent on Monday, August 18 to give him our FULL SUPPORT. Dean Corren needs your write-in vote as a Democrat in order to run as a Progressive / Democrat on the November ballot.


The Biggest Political Error Vermont Will Ever Make

Book: The New Nuclear Danger 2002 by Dr. Helen Caldicott page 203: Three Tennessee Valley Authority commercial nuclear reactors ---
Watts Bar Unit 1 (near Spring City, TN) and Sequoyah Units 1 and 2 (at Soddy Daisy, TN) --- have been chosen as the "preferred" sites to manufacture tritium for U.S. nuclear weapons. The decision breaches the longstanding policy of not producing bomb material in civilian nuclear power plants. According to Robert Tiller of Physicians for Social Responsibility, "Our leaders are upset that Iraq might use civilian facilities to produce components for weapons of mass destruction, but the United States is now committed to do that very thing --- turning a civilian reactor into a bomb facility."


Too Urban?!

Too Urban?

It's seeming that the Elm Street parking lot is quickly becoming the favorite choice for the location of the Brattleboro skatepark. It's an odd turn of events considering this location is not supported by BASIC or the larger skateboarding community. It's a little bit confusing because when the new Selectboard pulled the $50,000 dollar designer rug out from under BASIC and roped everyone back to the start line it was to “ensure due public process and identify the most ideal location for a skatepark.” Is the Elm street lot the best location for a skatepark?


Turtle Island Park

What distinguishes the Jicarilla Apache from the Seminole, the Tlingit from the Zuni, the Pit River from our local Abenaki is less a matter of substance, and more of style. Style derives from form, and form comes from elements and conditions that dictate the hows and whats of daily existence. 

Some tribes thrive by way of the waters, others thrash in the dust and become stalkers of the wind and brush. People hone their ways based on a vast palate of diverse currents. Some travel by great longboats hewn from massive redwood trees, others tame equine energies.


Memorialize US Military's Worldwide Genocidal Crimes Against Humanity Awaiting Special Trial in ...

   It's now 2022. During the last eight years the economic, political, military balance of power has shifted. Emerging economies led by China, India, and Brazil have the greatest productivity and financial growth. With the dollar ceasing to be the world's trading currency, the US lost ability to print new money to cover debts and threaten sanctions. A reconstituted UN has set up a special court to try US & NATO for genocide.


The Vermont Primary Election Is Coming Up On August 26th - Vote Dean Corren for Lt. Governor

During four terms in the Legislature in the 1990’s Dean co-authored the single payer healthcare bill, and introduced the first bills for marriage equality and death with dignity. All of these are now law and highlight Vermont’s national leadership.

After the Legislature, he was the Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders and since then has worked in renewable energy developing systems that generate power from tides and river currents based on a technology he patented. 


Water-Cooler Diplomacy

I liked the forced integration in the 50’s and 60’s because it had a jarring affect on American consciousness. Segregation was outlawed, and integration became the rule of the land. And, that watershed moment is a mighty and essential part of what changed our country for the better. Integration-by-law had and has a widespread effect on changing attitudes to this day.

No matter what blacks and whites thought of each other, the lawmaker’s gave them a way to violate their own bias behavior. Many American’s immediately became aware of how their thinking was changing.

What the Lincolnesque 1964 Civil Rights Act elementally did was take starkly dissimilar peoples and said, “Yes, you must be allowed to drink from the same fountain!”


Reality-Check Chronology of US Speculative Investment Banking Instigated Genocide

This chronology of genocide represents an updated outline of Howard Zinn's People History of the US. and is dedicated to Nuremberg Principles law.A 4th of July resolution appropriate to one's own personal humanity would be to escape from the farcical but deadly and insidious false propaganda and psyop of the financial-industrial-military-complex owned mainstream media that has created egoistic and deadly indifference.


Complain? No! Stop Israel's Genocide! Demand Special Nuremberg Court! Netanyahu Arrest!

Working, with former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's support, to seed confidence that Nuremberg Principles law will soon come down on citizens of US, of NATO nations and the still contested state of Israel, which exists primarily on seized, stolen and ethnically cleansed land, are freaking sick of reading, even during ongoing genocide, excellently and professionally written, moralistic journalism of horror and helplessness  


Testosteronic Freaks

As a lifelong opponent of all things patriarchal I remain steadfast against the father-centered family, father-centered society, and father-centered government. For thousands of years the Jews, Christians, Muslims and their derivative cults are the movers behind too much of what is wrongheaded with humans. They claim life is in their beliefs but in its stead they have provided for generation after generation an unrelenting “death-culture” of willfully gross proportions.

Because of their self-sameness I mainly refer to them only as “Jukrislim,” all one of a single group of people. Therefore, the infighting the Jukrislims do is nothing less than cannibalistic in my view and they are destroying themselves and the rest of us inside out.



I have always considered myself to be a zionist. It seemed fair to me that the Jews of the world ought to have a homeland and that a logical place for it would be the place described in the bible as the home of their predecessors: the Hebrews.

 I knew many Palestinians when I lived in Saudi Arabia. They were all professional people holding responsible jobs in the Kingdom and they rarely ever spoke of Palestine. Actually, most of them had earlier moved to other countries like Jordan and got their educations in Europe or the USA.  It never occurred to me that they might have been forced out. One friend, an engineer/contractor, was from Jerusalem. He revealed that his grandfather was the Grand Mufti. I had no idea what a Mufti was, but I later found out that he had the right last name. He, too, never mentioned life in Palestine.


"Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em"

At 5:30 on the morning of October 28, 2011 our Brattleboro Fire Department responded to a fire alarm in the Elliot Apartments complex on Elliot Street. A 76 year old cigarette smoker had ignited a fire that killed her, injured and hospitalized two others, temporarily displaced 55 tenants for the day, caused extensive burn damage in one apartment, created serious water damage in apartments below and caused costly and time-consuming repair damage.

All of that just because of one careless cigarette smoker…

An estimated 7,600 smoking-related fires in residential buildings occur each year in the United States. Each and every year cigarette smoking-related fires are a leading cause of residential fire deaths.


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