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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Pete Seeger: A Force of Nature, A Presence of Love



My friend Pete Seeger

passed on to the other side,

but he did not die,

that is not possible.


He is a force of nature,

made from the strength of love.


He is a chorus of morning

birds heralding in the spring.


He is a force of life,

championing peace and

social justice.


He is a presence of love,

with his songs and sing- alongs

that made people happy.


He is a force of clarity,

who saw the destruction of

his beloved Hudson River,

and created a movement to

heal this mighty river.


He is a voice of justice.

In the Civil Rights museums,

Pete’s picture is there, singing,

and inspiring us all.


Throughout the world many

know him as the troubadour

who sings for freedom and

human rights.


Last summer, I saw him singing

At the Clearwater Festival on

the Hudson River at sunset.

While leaning on his wooden staff,.

He stood as tall and as beautiful

As the Palisades, and his voice as

Strong as the river he so loved.


Pete dying?

Hell, no!


A force of nature never dies.

It lives on in our memory and deeds.

It inspires our action and lives.


The songs of freedom and joy,

his message of peace, and his

life of dignity and grace will

always endure.


That is the force of nature,

this presence of love

known as Pete Seeger.


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Pete Seeger is my hero. Rest

Pete Seeger is my hero. Rest In Peace to a true legend and inspiration. So glad I got to see him perform live in Brattleboro. That was one of the best experiences of my life.

Everyone should check out the DVD documentary about him "The Power Of Song" It's excellent.


Pete Seeger

Thank you both for posting on this remarkable man who gave so much to the world community.

I have a hard time conceiving of the words 'rest in peace' alongside the name of Pete Seeger. That would suggest that a banjo was not available! Pete Seeger without a banjo would be like John Henry without a hammer. It's not happening in my mind.

My guess is that wherever he is he's already noticing some new cause that needs funds, some injustice that needs light shown upon it or some sorrow that needs the joy of music and dance to surround it with love.

One thing is certain for me, Pete Seeger is right here among us. One of his constant themes was the passing on of tradition, music and collaboration among brave souls everywhere. Speak up! Sing out! Get organized! Find eloquence in song or picture or story! The man created a legacy that will continue to challenge us long into the future.

I was once traveling in Siberia and a Russian asked me if I knew Pete Seeger? I replied that I had been to his concerts and knew his music. The Russian replied, "He was here once!" I am sure that this is being said all over the world today.

Andy Davis



Didn't he have roots at the Crowell Estate in his childhood and in Brattleboro ( one of his inspirations)? I hope Bob Dylan can forgive him for unplugging him at the Newport Folk Festival finally.


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