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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Lawrence Auclair

Last night I was pounding on Lawrence Auclair's door, begging him to open up. But open up he could not. I am sorry to say Lawrence Auclair has died. He was the warrior watch dog for our safety interests concerning Vermont Yankee. He was a friend and neighbor for twenty years. I already miss you. Robyn Flatley


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Evacuation Plans

He curated the http://www.evacuationplans.org website. Quite an effort on his part.


Remembering Larry

Sorry to read of. I only got to know him a tiny bit around the time my friend Bill Gehman died. Larry & Bill had some similar talents & interests, both being techies from before the days of personal computing and on into the internet/online era. Bill once told me Larry had been a key person in developing the IBM PC (?) Both these guys lived primarily online, partly due to disabilities, though I think they shared each other's preference for staying at home. Larry was helpful to those few of us who knew Bill & tried to do a few things after his death, including planning a nice memorial service, at which Larry spoke very articulately. I hope there might (though maybe shouldn't expect it) be a write-up, or other informal memorial tributes for this interesting person. Any other comments from those on this site would be great, and having the tributes or memories posted online would seem a particularly appropriate venue.


Next of Kin

Does anybody know Lawrence's next of Kin? Who knows his friends, work history, etc. Can anybody shed some light on Lawrence Auclair?
would Connie Snow know him...
would HUD know him...
who was he married to? What's the name of his son?
Did people at VY investigate him?
Did he really have a rich Aunt?

Those who knew Lawrence please come forward~

you can email me thru this site.


Lawrence Auclair

Yes, I knew Larry in the late 50's-mid 60's


What's in a name? Everything~

Was he, Lawrence or Larry (not too big a stretch) but was his last name always Auclair?
Who was this man I knew since 1994? Did I know the real person or the persona?
What did he do from 1970-1990? He is a mystery.
We heard all sorts of his stories that boardered on: charming, outrageous, funny, sad, difficult, political intrigue, and sci-fi fantasy all of which were repeated often in the same conversation. These conversations were wide and repeated often but not too deep. Not deep enough~ we have no way to corroborate any of the truth of his sharing.
I want to know more....please tell me more.


Goodnight Lawrence

Let's get together and tell stories and honor the guy we knew who helped us shut down VY, who lived in our community for the last twenty years. As often happens, we are left with our stories, our experiences. I know Lawrence liked Merlot. He liked a simple meal. He liked to help the underdog. Sometimes he was quirky and unkind. Often he retold his stories till we thought we'd have to camp out all night and listen. He was long winded and brilliant. My last inner vision of him was as I leaned my head into his door and called his name. I got a glimpse of his face enraptured. And maybe, just maybe, he was greeted by the light workers and escorted to middle earth. I'd like to think this was his last thought~
"What if there was a love so vast that you could never be apart from it...
I trust that you will be met by a welcoming presence that knows you...that meets you with a deeper love than you've ever imagined in this world..."
Michael Stillwater


gathering for Lawrence~

I hope that our community will come together to say goodbye to Lawrence. I personally have appreciated this man and his life. Because of his life I have met people who are wonderful and caring. The last five years of his life he gave his all to our community. Let's get together and say goodbye to him~


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