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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Beloved Boston Mayor Dies

Tom Menino, Boston's longest standing mayor has died from cancer. He was a wonderful, compassionate mayor and man who loved his city and the people who lived in it. He was a strong urban leader and felt that before a city could address the needs and wants of tourism the well being of it's citizens had to be addressed.

I lived in Boston for 38 years and he was a rare bird in City Hall. Not perfect by any means but ethical, level headed, smart. He didn't back down and he always belived that Boston didn't need to prove anything to anyone. There was seldom a community event that he wasn't at, mingling, playing with the kids, asking people what they needed; how their lives were.

He was a loyal and out spoken friend and ally to the Boston LGBT community. A good man. He will be greatly missed and remembered with much fondness and admiration.


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I've heard more praise and compliments about this one man in MA politics than any other. Boston was lucky.


For him to be in a political

For him to be in a political office for more than 3 decades and still be so beloved and admired really speaks to the kind of man he was. We were very lucky ,indeed. His kind don't come along very often - especially in big city politics.


Remembered for good things

He's also one of those few that isn't remembered primarily for a big scandal or corruption. (Might be in the mix, but it isn't his legacy).

I submit my other former mayor, Marion Barry, as evidence. Or… (the list is long).

I heard a story on the news about Menino riding around after being first elected, pointing at potholes and saying they'd be fixed.


He became mayor after I moved

He became mayor after I moved to Boston in my early 20's. Unbelievable how long he stayed in office. The people truly loved him. Mumbles, as we affectionately called him, was a true man of the people. I can't tell you how many times I met the guy, drank with him several times, very open person, salt of the earth. Sure there was some shenanigans while he was in office (Big Dig), but overall he did a fine job running Boston. RIP Mayor and thanks for all you did for Boston.


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