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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Drive, Walk, and Ride Safely

Brattleboro is getting a first dose of real winter weather, and conditions for walking, biking, and driving are poor. Take your time, go a bit slower, and get to your destination safely.

Just this morning I was walking near Western Ave and Cedar and BANG - two cars collided. (Another guy and I were close enough to check on everyone. We also directed traffic for a moment until the police arrived.) Both drivers were safe, but they are both looking at lots of car repair.

If you don't need to go out, by all means stay in. And watch the forecasts. More snow and rain is expected this week, along with cold temperatures.


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Grader and sand trucks passed not too long ago (after accident) people get way too comfortable with speeding through this intersection not to say this was the cause of this particular accident, but I agree, play hooky if you can or hold off until roads are properly dealt with, not worth this kind of additional trauma or set back to the holidays finding yourself suddenly without wheels to get around.


Dear Santa, new front end, please...

Good seeing you out there, too!

Rootrunner called the police... it takes a village. : )


More snow...This is the

More snow...This is the start, can't believe another winter is here.


To the shovels!

Dust off the shovels, find the windshield brush and scraper....

Sure looks nice. I like seeing snow when it is cold... as a way to know that it is indeed cold out. Sometimes those sunny snowless days are deceptive.



That was short lived, now in melting mode. boo-hoo back to work/grind, but great to have coverage noticeable enough to warm up and reactivate my shoveling back muscles, Crowell Park looks like a nice winter wonderland out there with giant Christmas trees abound. Great job taking charge and directing traffic out there in the vortex of he- double hockey sticks of an intersection for the interim Chris, motorists and pedestrians alike thank you!.


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