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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

UFO's Over Elliot Street, in Brattleboro, Vermont, . . . in the 1870's

This photo should really put a stop to nay sayers, scoffers, and the like. A hand scrawled note on the picture states, "Three Air Ships Over Elliot Street, Brattleboro, Vermont, April 5, 1872"

This photo closely resembles one in the Brattleboro Historical Societies' collection, but I think it rather odd that in their photo, the UFO's have been deleted.

I would ask any doubters to explain how I went back in time to create this photo, and in an era before Photo Shop was thought of, or could in fact even be thought of !!!!


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If, in fact, there were

If, in fact, there were spaceships or UFOs in the vicinity of our lovely hamlet and, if they contained aliens of some sort who perhaps -upon close viewing-decided to make Brattleboro their home ..well...that could explain a lot...


What pray tell

What pray tell, do you mean by, "IF" ?


I believe in living one's

I believe in living one's life with a generous dose of healthy scepticism..


Here is a link to the flickr

Here is a link to the flickr page, and its larger image for those in need of it.


And here is the link to the modern photo, that my boy took, in 2014, OF THE VERY SAME OBJECT SEEN IN THE SKY ABOVE BRATTLEBORO VERMONT.




They do not look like flying saucers to me. I think they are flying hats.


HATS ?????

How could even a single hat get that high up in the sky ?

Also, it does not resemble a hat. It resembles a lid to a crockery jar. I should know, I have such lids in my kitchen.

According to NASA, the nearest star is 4.21 light years away, or, in other words, more than 24 TRILLION miles away.

See http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/cosmic/nearest_star_info.html

On earth we don't deal with trillions when it comes to distance, because we could never travel that far. A trillion is a thousand thousand million.
So, if you went a million miles, you would need to go that same distance a thousand more times. And then, you would need to do that whole massive trip you just completed, a thousand more times. And that would be 1 trillion. To get to the nearest star, you would need to now do all of those thousand thousand million of mules, 23 more times. WHAT HAT COULD POSSIBLY TRAVEL THAT DISTANCE?

Forgive me if my tone appears tired or rude. It is hard work tracking down these photos in the University of Brattleboro's archives. and I get worn out from it.


Yes, hats!

Back in those days, people would give three cheers and toss their hats in the air. They were quite adept at it, and could achieve great altitudes. It was a precursor to the frisbee.

As Rolf himself has pointed out, the photograph is not fake, so it makes no sense to argue with the evidence right there before our eyes... there are three hats flying above the Main Street buildings.

(And I am not trying to debunk interstellar spacecraft, flying saucers. But flying saucers are a completely different phenomena, and should not be confused with flying hats.)


That is riddiculous !

Look, why are you obsessed with hats?

As I said, if you need to describe the UFOs at all, ( instead of merely referring to the picture), and you feel the need to use a simile in your description, why not say that they look like a crockery jar lid ?

If you need proof of how closely they resemble a crockery jar lid, and not a hat, I can provide a photo of one of the previously mentioned lids that I have in my kitchen ! ! ! Then, will you stop making this fruitless comparison between those UFOs, and hats?

Speaking of similes, this conversation, or at least one half of it, reminds of many political conversations here on a chat board on the internet. So unnecessarily dismissive. And loaded with incomplete sentences. Fie! Fie, sir I say.


What can't this be a civil discussion?

You have hurt me to the quick... almost shattered my trust in ibrattleboro. I feel that your comment, particularly the final two sentences, border on personal.


Civility requires that you agree with my point of view

I believe that the generally accepted formula for establishing civility in conversations on chat boards is that if you agree with a person, then you are civil to them.

Since you do not agree that the UFOs that I documented, look like UFOs, (or even like the crockery lids in my kithcen) I can choose to not be civil with you.

That is the nature of conversation now a days. I am just playing by the rules. Unlike some people I know, who seem unable to play by any rules what so ever !


Fact Or Fiction?

VIDEO: US Military Controlled UFO Attacking Taliban Camp http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38456.htm

The clip shows a triangular shaped airborne craft opening fire on an insurgent position, sending a huge plume of smoke into the sky
This incredible video shows the moment a UFO attacks and destroys a Taliban base in Afghanistan.
It certainly appears to be an object, looks like it is flying, and it is unidentified. Is it a secret weapon or is it a hoax?
I can’t believe it’s extraterrestrial.
A few years back I saw aerial photographs of similar craft on the ground at a military base in Australia.


The bar to creation of a realistic video of a ufo low

The cost of software to create videos of "ufauxs" is not much more than the cost of the software to create fake photos.

The knowledge base needed is not that large.

But in general, most people find fake video harder to doubt than fake photos.

Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut, plus After Effects or Maya is all, more than all that is necessary.

It really is a problem, all kidding aside. People will believe ANYTHING if packaged correctly.

I am not saying the video you provide is definitely a hoax. But it is certainly a possibility. Seeing is believing, but it is not knowing.



It could very well be fake.

It could very well be fake. However, rumors of secret triangular USAF craft have been surfacing for years. I don’t think the pix I saw in Australia were fake.
In August 1980, the Carter administration publicly disclosed that the United States Department of Defense was working to develop a stealth bomber, later to be known as the B-2. It was not publicly displayed until November 1988 in Palmdale, California, The B-2's first public flight was on 17 July 1989. And how long had it been in development before Carter admitted it?
The picture at the link below resembles the UFO seen in the video:
Mystery Plane Seen Over Kansas Likely U.S. Military Aircraft (US Naval Institute)
The mysterious triangular-shaped aircraft has made several appearances over the skies of the continental United States — with the most recent sighting being over Wichita, Kan. last week — is likely a U.S. military aircraft, according to information from military sources.
Though a preponderance of evidence points to a classified U.S. military aircraft, there is still a limited amount of information on the type of aircraft or any other characteristics. Photographer Jeff Templin captured this image of the aircraft with a high-powered 400mm lens when it was flying almost directly overhead. Templin said that he observed the aircraft make several S-turns, leaving a contrail in its wake.

Yes, it's certainly a possibility that Templin's pix were fake, too.


Other triangular jets

There is this one as well . . .


This is a flying wing made, I believe, by Boeing.


The thing about perspective is. . . we don't have any

You are right, it seems doubtless some "UFO's" are merely military vehicles or other governmental high tech creations.If you saw an X-48B from below, you would never be able to tell whether it was as big as a 747, or as small as a small drone. That's the beautiful thing about objects set against the sky. There is no reference point, so no way to tell how large it is.

Here is another amazing (as well as lovely to look at) flying wing, the YB 49, dating all the way back to the late 1940's or early 50's. It looks other wordly even today.



I remember seeing that in

I remember seeing that in newsreels when I was a kid.


Crop Circles?

What are those circular designs on the desert floor?


I believe that is what you see from above when

I believe that is what you see from above when you irrigate the dessert.



What does it mean that VT has one of the highest per capita

According to the Washington Post Article which has lots of cool graphics, Vermont has one of the highest per capita UFO sightings of the states.


What does that mean ?

I personally think it means that there are a lot of people here who look to the skies and think, "That light came from somewhere else", and probably nothing more than that. Its part of our culture.


Most per capita everything

I think it just means we have a small population. It would mean a lot more if we had the highest number of sightings per hectare of airspace.

A few years ago I saw one of the universally-sighted UFOs with non-blinking green lights that form the shape of a triangle. I don't know what it was, but the whine of turbines that I could hear from the low-flying craft as it passed over a narrow gap in the trees would suggest a terrestrial origin.


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