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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Save the Chickpea Flour

Do you purchase chickpea flour (besan) at the coop? Unbelievably, this extremely versatile and delicious product is one of the numerous items that the coop is planning to discontinue.  If you want to see chickpea flour remain in the bulk bins, please let Sabine or Bronwyn know.


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Chickpea What?

I have never bought or used chickpea flour. Could you describe why you like it so much?


soaps, perhaps

In the Co-op today and someone working there said the bulk liquid soaps may or may not continue on the shelves. Sounds like a few items are being examined as to whether they should stay.

Bulk section is rearranged now, btw.


Some answers

I can't speak to the chickpea flour, per se, but I can tell you that we have a prepared product at Dottie's which is a mac & cheese chickpea pasta - the brand name is Banza ~ I have made it; I added onions and peppers - the kids liked it! (Fill out a Feedback form for the Co-op to request favorite items.)

Also, a customer came into Dottie's asking for Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and not having any, I sent hom over to the Co-op. *Then* I saw this post, so I had to check. The soaps *are* still there in the bulk secton, but they were moved over to shelves near the window.


Soaps still being debated...

Yes, it was at the new soap location that the employee said they may not be in the store for much longer. Very current info! : )


Bulk Dept. Reset

I helped with inventory in the bulk dept. on Sunday, and was astounded to see the new reset. It looks pretty, what with the isles all askew, but they have dropped a large number of products, such as the chickpea flour and my beloved amaranth grain (tastes great, very high in protein). I asked Bronwyn and other staff what the reasoning was behind the big change. She said it was all about sales; Sue said that she loved being able to see through the whole dept. at a glance. I don't really get it - how is dropping products going to increase sales? I'm sure that there's a logic to it, maybe something having to do with reduced labor costs or shrinkage. Will have to explore more.

Six flavors of jelly beans in bulk, but no more chick pea flour or amaranth.


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