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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Halloween Costume Ideas From Previous Years

It’s almost time for Halloween, and here on Cedar Street that means hundreds of kids in costumes of all varieties.

For many years, we’ve kept a list of the costumes that were worn to our door. If you are having trouble thinking up a costume, perhaps a look through some of the older lists will spark some ideas. I’ve provided some links below.

I have heard a few news stories about communities around the country “cracking down” on “inappropriate” costumes. This seems silly and wrong for Halloween.

To the kids coming to our door - nothing is inappropriate. Be a scary clown if you like. It’s the correct day to do it.

We’re stocking up on treats, and looking forward to this year’s costume choices.

2015 Halloween Costume List

2014 Halloween Costume List

2013 Halloween Costume List

2012 Halloween Costume List

2010 Halloween Costumes 



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Fun Night

I always enjoy reading your lists of costumes- we get a lot of the same ones since we're on the end of the "Tree Street" route. The jelly fish with the LED lights was one of my favorites as was a very tiny Garden Gnome who came last year. Pretty creative stuff going on and I love the fact that so many of the parents dress up, too. One little Princess last year came and sat down next to me on the porch steps- took off her shoes and proceeded to critique my candy offerings. Thank God I had the good stuff! The first year I moved here - being used to only having about 2 dozen kids come to my neighborhood in Boston- I thought I had bought plenty of candy. Ran out within the first hour and had to run upstairs and grab 100 calorie bags of Wheat Thins and bananas- everyone - including me - was very sad about that. One little Spiderman looked in his plastic pumpkin- took out the bag of Wheat Thins- handed it back to me and said
solemnly " I don't really like your stuff." I know, kiddo, I know...
Suffice to say I learned my lesson.



That "first year" can be quite a night for the unprepared. We try to warn new neighbors, but no one really believes you when you tell them to expect 200 kids. Live and learn.

Our first year we ran to the corner store repeatedly to refill, then turned out the lights and hid. Now we just start collecting bags of candy early and try to stay out of it ourselves. Some testing and sampling is necessary, of course...


Well, yes..of course you need

Well, yes..of course you need to sample some random pieces of candy. You wouldn't want some poor little Batman or Elsa to get that one Milky Way mini that had no caramel in it! I try to buy candy I don't like too much- I've discovered that Skittles are a hit but they are not something I'd ever indulge in. The Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and mini Snickers are a different story altogether. I also do some non candy treats like spider rings or stickers for the kids who are either too little for candy or who have allergies. Hope we have some decent weather on Monday night- meaning not like last night!
Have fun!


I used to linve on Spruce Street

Every year, it was so much fun! Later I would chaperone my offspring and friends, visiting some of my old neighbors. As the kids grew old enough to walk around on their own, I'd end up hanging around catching up with those friends and helping to hand out treats.


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