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Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Feb 20, 2003 to Feb 6, 2013

Weekend Concert Series: Bad Brains Live at CBGB

Okay, punks. Ready to stage dive? Let’s hit rewind on the time machine and head back to 1982 to see Washington, DC’s Bad Brains take to the stage at the legendary CBGB club in NYC.

Bad Brains are a weird and pleasant mic of reggae, funk, rock, and hardcore punk all mixed up together. Wikipedia says they started as a fusion jazz group, which makes a bit of sense. Bad Brains were musical in their madness.

They didn’t have it easy, though. Many DC clubs banned them around 1979. One might guess that the owners of the clubs were more worried about the customers than the band, judging by the CBGB crowd. Bad Brains did what any self-respecting punk band would do. They wrote a sing called Banned in DC and moved to New York.

Their first “album” came out roughly the time that this show was in progress, in 1982. It was a cassette.

I heard them first in college. They were described as a punk reggae band to me. I can't say I understood what I was hearing (it goes by fast and furious), but it was appealing and like nothing I had heard before.

You should probably have adult permission for this show. It isn't for the weak.



FYI, trivia fans: CBGB = country, bluegrass, blues


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In my opinion this is the

In my opinion this is the best concert ever posted on I-bratt.
Bad Brains are in my top favorite bands of all time.

I saw them at CBGB's twice. I wish I had seen this gig, because it is absolutely amazing. This band broke so much ground and shattered musical limitations. They were unmatched in terms of speed, energy, and agility. They were cited as a major influence by countless bands to come.

After I Against I (1986) I feel their classic period was over. But Black Dots (1979), ROIR (1982), Rock For Light, and I Against I are all timeless masterpieces.

HR's is one of the best vocalists ever. His frantic no-holds-barred delivery is unparalleled. He would frequently do backflips while performing.

Bad Brains define musical raw power and are the quintessential hardcore punk band in my opinion.



I was thinking you'd like this.

At CBGBs, did you jump on the stage?


Here's a photo of me from a

Here's a photo of me from a few weeks ago with my Bad Brains "ROIR cassette" artwork shirt on. That band rules so much. I played CBGB's twice and got to see about 30 shows there. Stage diving happened all the time. That club was such a hole in the wall, but one of the best ever.


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