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Welcome to iBrattleboro!

Welcome to iBrattleboro!
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Crack This Word Puzzler and Get a $20 Gift Certificate at Mocha Joe's

Crack this word puzzler, and get $20 Gift Certificate for Mocha Joe's. Below is a word puzzler for your fun.Crack it, and you will see a brief and grammatical correct message. Whoever solves it first, should email me for the prize at rolf . ParkerHoughton at gmail .com

If you can't crack this word puzzle, but still would like to get $20 worth of coffee for only $15, you can
donate to the campaign to help farmers in Cameroon obtain organic certification. See the attached video for an explanation of the campaign.

As for the coded message below, if you translate it correctly, you will find two, perfectly grammatical
sentences. Whether there is any wisdom to those sentences, you can decide, but, only if you can translate the passage.

And now, without further ado, here is the mystery message. I found it in T. P. James' diary. Maybe.

“Some messages are hidden

are hidden some, some very well hidden some

very honestly hidden.


Can you see, see hidden words,

some messages?


See hidden parts? You? Messages Magic,
some forever buried.


You confused

you some

can very honestly see

clear messages honestly.


Very words

can messages, words hidden some, confused

are you ? Words see

confused messages

Clear you words see

confused can hidden are

you confused?

You, some ?


Can very honestly see hidden honestly


Confused messages

some very buried


You clear

confused can hidden some hidden

Some messages magic well can confused

clear messages honestly

Some very buried you words well some

very honestly hidden.


are hidden some some

very well hidden some

messages honestly

Some hidden wisdom honestly hidden
confused some.”


No clues for now. If you get the main idea, I think it will be easy for you to translate the rest.

I blame T. P. James if there are any errors. He may be the Dean of the University of Brattleboro, but he
aint perfect.  


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Did I mention how much fun I had ?

Did I mention how much fun I had, hiding that message, in plain sight, so to speak?

Well sort of in plain sight. Sort of not.

But it's there, waiting.





To solve this puzzle, you will want to copy the text off of the page. You are not going to solve this by simply looking at it.

It is going to take some pencil scratching as well as contemplation.




There are a few words used only once.



Indeed, there are a few words, used only once.

That could signify something or other, linguistically.


Hint for Puzzler:

Please feel free to write in questions about the puzzler, but its not fair for me to answer questions via email. Everyone should have the same benefit.

With that in mind, this puzzler will not be solved by simply rearranging the words.
But, paying very careful attention to the words, and the number of different kinds of words, now that would be very useful. That is an enormous clue. I fear I may have said too much. It is close to 3 AM as I type this,so night owls may have a slight advantage. Oh well. C'est la vie, as they might say in Cameroon.

Again, if you think that coffee might help your struggling brain, well then maybe you should really consider getting some from Mocha Joe's, via the $20 gift certificate that you can now get by donating only $15 to their campaign for Cameroonian farmers. Now that seems like a no brainer. Helping farmers who want to grow their coffee organically, and helping yourself to 20 dollars worth of coffee for only 15 dollars. The only puzzler there is why WOULDN'T you go for that classic win \ win situation.

To see the video that explains the campaign to help the farmers and get your reward, just click the link below.



This is a good, tough

This is a good, tough puzzle.

In one attempt at solving it, I was able to extract the letters TP, but could find no sense in the rest of what was left.

In another, I come up with sentences that are similar to the ones in the puzzle, but not so Gertrude Steinistic.

Are there words to be discarded entirely in the solution, or are all included?


You are getting too close

I may given away too much with my clue.

And by the way, my mention of T. P. James was just a lark. It has no beating on cracking this code.


More than 10

More than 10

Less than 30.

That is a HUGE clue.

No winner yet.


Still trying

Hmmm. Still stumped. I've counted words, crossed out words, and looked at it every which way.

My latest unsuccessful solution gets me to something buried in a magic well.


What is a common number related to english language decoding ?

What is a common number related to english language decoding ?

Take the Square root of 2 times (6 + 7) .
Multiply that answer by the square root of two.

What do you get ?

An enormously important nudge.


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